Best Babyliss curling wand Reviews With Buying Guide 2017

What’s The Best Babyliss Pro Curling Iron On The Market?

You must get a Babyliss Curling Wand if you want premium quality curly hair style. When we are seeking hair care products, you cannot avoid Babyliss. For decades, this brand is bringing best collection of curling irons, flat irons, and curling wands.

Well, the list of Babyliss products is so long. As this post has been composed especially for curling wands. Here, we will describe which are the best Babyliss Curling Wand from Babyliss Pro. We will discuss each product in details with its features and specifications.

Thing Should Be Consider Before Choosing The Babyliss curling wand:

Before we move to individual reviews of Babyliss Curling Wand. Let’s discuss general features of these products in detail. So, in case, you don’t have time for full-fledged reviews. You can have an idea through this section.

Barrel Size:

First, understand why barrel size matters! You must know that heating barrel is the most important part of any curling wand. The size of that barrels matters a lot. It has different effects. Such that, a bigger barrel will create loose curls. While for creating tighter curls, a smaller barrel is required. In a case of Babyliss curling wands, a majority of barrels own size of 1 ¼ inches. This size is suitable for creating loose curls on longer hair.

Barrel Shape:

After barrel size, next comes the barrel shape. In the market, we can see hundreds of shapes for producing various types of curls. In Babyliss products, we get to encounter only two shapes. First is the cylindrical shape you can find in any curling wand. Next, we have a conical shape; it creates curls which are loose near the ends but tighter near the scalp.


When it comes to Babyliss Curling Iron. Titanium and ceramic are the first choices for developing heaters. Babyliss and titanium have a very close relationship. Using the titanium is the sign of top notch quality. Because titanium is highly conductive metal with supreme durability. Next, we have ceramic which is known to be the consistent heater.

Adjustable Temperature:

Babyliss is fully determined to present versatile styling tools. Adjustable temperature control is a notable fact about Babyliss Curling Wand. You can create curls with any hair texture. That’s why all three curling wands discussed here own variable temperature control.

Top Rated Best Babyliss Curling Wand To Buy Right Now

Our Top Pick Best Babyliss Pro Curling Iron Features, Specification, Comparison and Consumers Reports 2017

1: – Babyliss Pro Professional Nano Titanium ConiCurl Iron

Babyliss-Curling-WandFirst Babyliss Curling Wand we have is Babyliss Pro ConiCurl Styler. That is a symbol of world class technology. Just look at it! Isn’t the most stylish curler you have ever seen!

Babyliss Pro Curling Iron does not compromise on anything, whether it is design or performance. You can see how amazing is the outlook. Perfectly stylish and attractive! The design is flexible and ergonomic to make styling easier.

As said earlier, Babyliss and titanium have tied a bond. Here we have a titanium heating barrel. Titanium being the super metal owns great properties. Such that, it is highly conductive. With low power consumption, it releases intense heat instantly. Second, it is a durable material. With a smooth finish, you won’t face any scratches on this curling iron.

Babyliss Pro BABNT125TB Professional Nano Titanium ConiCurl Iron Styler, 1 to 1/4 Inches, Sol-gel technology has been utilized to make the heating procedure smooth.

Word of advice doesn’t pick any heating tool without flexible temperature control. A professional tool should own adjustable temperature settings. So, a stylist can use it for various hair textures. Here we have, heat settings up to 450 degrees.An additional feature includes swivel cord. This cord is capable of rotating at 360 degrees without any complication.

Babyliss Pro Professional Nano Titanium ConiCurl Iron Styler Features:

  • A professional styling tool
  • Attractive outlook
  • Flexible and ergonomic design
  • Nano titanium heating barrel
  • Intense heating instantly
  • No snagging or ripping of hair
  • Sol-gel technology
  • Adjustable temperature controls up to 450 degrees
  • Swivel cord
  • Suitable for every hair texture

2: – Babyliss Pro Nano Tools Rotating Curling Iron

Babyliss-Curling-WandThe list of Babyliss Curling Wand is so long. But we will discuss only the best of them here. Now please check this Babyliss rotating curling iron! You need to take a moment to embrace its awesome white outlook. The metallic colors with white make the perfect combination.

Like any other professional iron, it has an ergonomic design. That’s why professionals love to use Babyliss products in their salons.

The heating system made by Nano ceramic technology imported from Japanese KIYOSEKI. You must be aware that ceramic is exceptional heating material. It can release heat instantly on consistent terms. No user ever complains about hot spots in case of ceramic irons.

Babyliss Pro Nano Tools Auto-Rotating Curling Iron, White, 1-1/4 Inch, temperature control system is adjustable as per the needs. A professional tool can handle every hair texture. From fine to thick, any texture needs to be done with professional curling wands. That’s why this tool offers Rheostat dial for picking heat up to 430 degrees. Undeniably, this is a vast temperature range.

For comfortable styling, it features a rotating barrel. The rotator and thumb are the combinations of silicone for preventing heat damage.Don’t forget about the tangle free swivel cord.

Babyliss Pro Nano Tools Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Features:

  • Best Professional Curling Iron
  • Stylish design
  • Ergonomic and flexible design
  • Nano ceramic technology
  • Rotating barrel for reducing styling time
  • Intense heating with uniform distribution
  • Rheostat temperature dials up to 430 degrees
  • Silicone rotator and thumb rest
  • Swivel cord

3: – Babyliss babnt150s Nano Titanium Curling Iron

Babyliss-Curling-WandIn the last, we have Babyliss Spring Curling iron as Babyliss Curling Wand. Well, it has most advanced and convenient design. The components are added to raise the convenience bar.

Babyliss Pro Curling Iron design is totally ergonomic for easy styling and handling. But we have a clamp for holding the hair during the heating process. That ensures accurate curling of hair.

Please welcome, nano titanium barrel again. The shape is totally cylindrical for creating perfect curls. Titanium delivers intense heating quickly for reducing the styling time. You will be impressed by its top-notch performance. It leaves smooth and shinier curls!

The temperature control is adjustable up to 450 degrees. No matter, what hair type you own. It can deal with every kind.

Babyliss babnt150s nano titanium Curling Iron, 1-1/2 inch, 450 degrees spring Curling Iron, Sol-Gel Technology makes the barrel smooth for avoiding snagging.Don’t forget about the swivel cord.

Babyliss babnt150s nano titanium Curling Iron Features:

  • A professional curling wand
  • Reputed brand
  • Nano titanium curling barrel
  • Clamp for holding hair
  • Intense heating quickly
  • Smooth and shinier curls
  • Temperature up to 450 degrees
  • Instant recovery of heat
  • Swivel cord
  • Sol-gel technology

Best Babyliss Curling Wand: Final Verdict and Recommendation

After reading above Buy guide on Babyliss Curling Wand. You must have no doubt about Babyliss. One sentence, if you see a Babyliss iron. Buy that iron blindly. You will never regret buying a Babyliss Pro product. Babyliss is the second name of perfection and quality. Babyliss Pro Curling Iron Brand has faced the industry with the best range of flat irons, curling irons, and other hair care products. Well, you can choose any of the above-discussed products. The difference comes whether you want titanium or ceramic iron. Once you have made the decision, you can purchase any of them.

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