10 Best Curling Iron Reviews With Ultimate Buying Guide 2018

Top 10 Curling Irons For Serious Curly Hairstylist of 2018

Top Rated Best Curling Iron

Welcome To, Best Curling Iron step by step beginners Buying Guide. Girls cannot resist their temptation for curls. Although, types of curly hairstyle differ as per choice. Girls love to flaunt with luscious and incredible hair styles. You may get attracted to bouncy curls or crave for tight retro curls. Please read on to check out Best Curling Iron reviews about the top rated curling irons available in the market.

Most celebrities love to embrace curly hairdos. From Marilyn Monroe to Beyonce, no one can deny the incredible feel of curly hair styles.

The time has gone when you have to visit a salon for curly hairstyles. Best Curling Iron is the one stop solution for curly hairstyles. Once you get the best iron, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on hair styles.

You must realize the importance of curling irons. The mission is to get Best Curling Iron among hundreds of hair care brands. Every day, new curling iron gets introduced in the market. Various types of curling irons are present, which differ as per versatile features. Such that, you may find ceramic curling iron, professional curling iron, clipless curling iron, rotating curling iron and much more.

We care about your precious hair. That’s why we are going to introduce the best hair curling iron to you. So, you can have the best value for your money!

Top Rated Best Curling Iron To Buy Right Now

Our Top Pick Best Curing Wand Irons reviews, specification, Comparison and consumers Report 2018 From The Market.

1: – Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Sultra best curling ironUndeniably, Sultra The Bombshell is the Best Curling Iron. Simply, it is basic iron, but with modernized and advanced features. In one sentence, it heats up faster and easier to use!

When it comes to the Clipless curling iron, you cannot find any iron better than Sultra. The design features are amazingly ergonomic. Despite a larger body, it fits easily in your palm. The outlook follows the aesthetic theme, as it owns the black outlook. We can say, Sultra is a professional curling iron!

Sultra Bombshell owns the exclusive heating technology that is ThermaTru Ceramic Technology. That’s why you use this iron every single day, without any heat damage. Infrared technology supports the heating technology Because of infrared rays; your hair won’t get damaged due to heat exposure. There is a dual heater technology to avoid hot spots. Honestly, regarding ceramic curling iron Sultra is a tough competitor!

The brand is completely focused on the user experience. It comes with a heat resistant glove. So, during styling, you can create curly hairstyles without damaging your hand! Sultra curling iron features high-performance 1-inch rod. You can have any curly hairstyle. But it is ideal to make bouncy and Beachy curls!

The only thing you need to remember is the constant heat of 380 F degrees. It is pretty high temperature, so you got to be very careful. That’s why always wear the heat-resistant glove to keep yourself safe! Sometimes, you may forget to shut down the iron. Don’t worry; it has an auto shut off feature.

You cannot find any professional iron without swivel cord. This cord can rotate 360 degrees. So, you can use Sultra and move easily during styling! Sultra The Bombshell is hard to ignore because of its powerful and professional features!

2: – InfinitiPro by Conair Curl Secret Hair Styler, Purple

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret best curling ironFinding the Best Curling Iron for long and thick hair is difficult. The biggest problem regarding thick and long hair is improper handling. Achieving perfect curls are little difficult. But Infiniti Pro By Conair is the top rated curling iron!

The designers understood the problem with thick hair. That’s why they come up with a unique design that became the best style solution ever. Instead of a curling wand, we got the specialized heating chamber. This heating chamber is the most important component of this curling iron.

No doubt, Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Curling Iron has an impressive outlook with the purple color scheme. Any girl would love to have this product. Although it looks little bulkier, due to ergonomic features, it will fit in your palm perfectly! It means seamless styling!

Now no need to worry about your hair. You just need to place your hair inside this Tourmaline Ceramic heating chamber. It acts as rotating curling iron too. Once the hair gets attached, the motor will roll them automatically. The super-efficient ceramic generates strong heat for instant results. Tourmaline spreads the heat evenly on the hair surface. Tourmaline is the natural source of ionic technology. That is the reason, why you get shinier and static free curly hair!

The long lasting curly hairstyle is guaranteed with Infiniti Pro. To attain such quality, we have two temperature settings and three timer settings. The temperature goes up to a maximum of 400F degrees. Due to three different timer settings, it is a highly compatible device. Use a lower timer for fine hair and vice versa!

Its charms are not limited to heating only. It has energy efficient features. Because of sleep mode and auto power reduction feature, you can save power too! Of course, there is a tangle free swivel cord. For long and thick hair, Infiniti Pro is the best choice and hard to ignore!

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3: – Sedu Revolution 1″ Clipless Curling Iron (25mm)

Sedu Revolution Clipless best curling ironSedu Revolution is a top choice regarding Clipless curling iron.  At first, you may consider it as basic, or general hair is curling iron. Don’t get fooled, its features and performance are flawless!

Just look at its aesthetic and decent outlook with a black finish. The design features are compact but ergonomic. So, the user will love to hold this iron over and over. It comes in handy in the salon, where the stylist has to use iron multiple times. Due to ergonomic features, your hand won’t get tired!

It possesses unique ceramic heating technology for accelerated heating. Ceramic is also known for consistent heat dissipation. The heating barrel has a super polished surface for the smoothest, long lasting curls. Tourmaline will divide heat uniformly on the hair surface. The real deal is negative ion technology. These ions repel the static charge and seal the natural moisture. It means you will get shiny and frizz free hair style!

When we say professional curling iron, it means adjustable temperature control. You have multiple heat settings up to the maximum of 350F degrees,

To enhance the user experience, it comes with heat resistant glove and a kickstand. There is an auto shut-off feature to avoid any accidents. The styling would be miserable without swivel cord. Luckily, this curling iron has a tangle free swivel cord!

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4: – The Beachwaver Beach Waver Pro Curling Iron

The Beachwaver best curling iron

As the name suggests, BeachWaver Curling Iron is a popular iron to create voluminous curly hairstyles!

Don’t find the design and outlook fascinating! The whitish and silver outlook totally show a professional feel. Due to streamlined body features, handling of the iron is super easy. There is a small clamp attached to the barrel. You can hold hair for perfect outcome, using this little clamp!

Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Curling Iron is also famous as a rotating curling iron too. You got buttons for left and right directions. It means you have multiple styling options as inward or outward curls. The outcome is limited to your imagination. Otherwise, you can create any hairdo using it!

Now coming to the barrel, which features ceramic tourmaline heating technology. Everyone knows that ceramic materials are popular for strong heat generation. It releases heat, but without causing any damage to the hair. The tourmaline addition enhances the performance. For premium performance, we got gold powder infused barrel surface for constant heating! One thing is clear; you are going to get soft curls but without any frizz or hair damage!

The temperature varies between 310ºF – 450ºF degrees also It includes a bonus feature of an auto shut-off technology. After 30 minutes of idle use, the device will stop working automatically. To ensure the safety of the user, it comes with cooling safety stopper and rubber stand. It includes extra long swivel cord. This cord is a tangle free cord that allows free movement while styling!

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5: – Irresistible Me Professional 2-way Auto Rotating Curling Wand

Irresistible Me Best Curling IronIf you want to bring salon at home, then buy the Irresistible curling iron. What makes this iron so special? Well, this is a top rated product in categories of 1 inch curling iron, ceramic curling iron and rotating curling iron!

You will be impressed with the professional outlook of this iron. Just look at it! Isn’t soothing and ravishing, the black outlook represents aesthetic spirit. Now coming to handling, due to an ergonomic shape, it is easier to hold this iron!

The top notch heating system is the part of this iron. Here, we have super awesome ceramic tourmaline barrel. High-quality ceramic will provide a strong beam of heat instantly. Ceramic makes sure that each follicle will receive optimum heat. Tourmaline gives a smooth finish to the barrel so that hair won’t get stuck in the barrel. Tourmaline also brings ionic technology to eliminate frizz effect.

The special part is the rotating feature. Due to rotating function, you can create multiple curly hairstyles with this iron. Whether you want inward curls or outward, Irresistible will do the work. You just need to roll the hair around this barrel and leave the rest of the work to the iron!

It comes with variable temperature control. Due to multiple heat settings, this iron is viable for every hair texture. The temperature can be set up to a maximum of 410F degrees. It works great for all hair kinds, but ideal for medium to thick hair texture!

The brand cares about its valuable users. To avoid accidents, it has an auto shut off feature. How can we forget about swivel cord? It has a tangle-free cord with professional length so that you can have tangle-free movement!

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6: – Herstyler 3P Curling Iron Set, Dual Voltage (Set of 3)

Herstyler 3P Curling Iron SetDo you want limitless styling options from a best hair curling iron? Then why don’t you check out HerStyler 3P Ceramic Best Curling Iron!

Where every curling iron comes with a general barrel shape, HerStyler offers three different barrel shapes for multiple style options. You must wonder, how hhairstylistsmake different hairstyles with the same iron? Then several barrel shapes are the secret!

Let’s review this ceramic curling iron from the start! The black aesthetic outlook is pretty impressive and professional. Professional hairstylists do not prefer irons with loud color schemes. The handle shape is pretty unique and beveled for controlled handling. Your hand won’t get tired of using this iron!

Now coming to heating technology, which is based upon the ceramic barrel. The brand has a utilized premium heating barrel for the efficient heating experience. In salons, stylists do not want to wait and expect instant results. That’s why HerStyler is fully determined to give the best heating experience with smoothness! Because of three different barrel shapes, the user can create any hairstyle possible!

This iron is compatible with any hair kind. Whether you own fine strands or coarse hair, HerStyler will be perfect for you. There is a temperature control which offers heating up to 400°f degrees. Now no more guessing about temperature, you can precisely set the desired temperature!

There is a tangle free swivel cord. The special thing about this power supply cord is 360 degrees rotating. No more twisting, no more pain, now enjoy seamless styling experience!

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7: – Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

Hot Tools Professional best curling ironCurling the fine and straight hair is not an issue. But molding thick and long straight hair is not that easy. The coarse, straight hair acts like wire strands and hard to flatten. If you are tired of using a useless curling iron, must check out Hot Tools Professional Best Curling Iron! Hot Tools totally understands difficulty associated with long and thick hair!

Let’s talk a little more about thick straight hair. Due to coarse nature, ultra high heat is essential for the flattening of follicles. Without flattening of follicles, it is not possible to make curls. Most brands do not focus on thick straight hair. As a result, the user faces so much difficulty while styling. Even curls created do not stand for long time. Just imagine, you are getting late for a party just because of your thick straight hair, as your iron does not work well! In this situation, Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron is an ideal solution for you!

Everything about Hot Tools products is unique and incredible. Such that, the design! The outlook is classic with the golden and black finish. The handle is designed to offer a pain-free styling experience. There is a clamp attached to the heating barrel. You can make precise and accurate curls due to this clamp. You just need to put the hair inside the clamp and you are done!

In the market, the prevalent heating materials are ceramic or titanium. But there is one heating material which is super efficient and unique. We are talking about 24 karats gold-plated technology and Gold plated technology speeds up the healing process. Due to gold plated technology, barrel surface is super smooth. Your hair won’t rip off ever when you are using Hot Tools best hair curling iron!

It is energy efficient curling iron. It uses only 85 watts of power. Within short times, it can heat up to maximum temperature! Now coming to temperature control, which is variable up to 430 F degrees. There is an on/off switch for heat settings. The barrels size is 1 ¼ inch, which is perfect for long and thick hair. Within a few minutes, you can have desired curly hairstyle! It has a temperature memory system, a rare thing to encounter. It will memorize the temperature once you set it! It means no more hassle of setting temperature every single time!

When the machine is so powerful, it means we need a heavy duty swivel cord. Here, we have 8-foot long swivel cord for best user experience.

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8: – Bed Head Wave Artist for Deep Waves

Bed Head Deep Waver best curling ironBed Head Best Curling Iron is the top notch triple barrel curling iron with a specialized design!

If you own long and thick hair, Bed Head Waver is perfect for making bouncy and soft curly hairstyles!

The best user experience is the main focus of this professional curling iron. People think to deal with straight hair easy. Well, that’s not true in the case of coarse straight hair. We have seen women struggling with general curling irons to curl straight hair. That’s why Bed Head brought the best curler ever!

Let’s start with the design. The outlook is stylish and incredible. The blue and silver color scheme looks so cool and soothing. Now coming to the best part, instead of three barrels, we got specialized and infused structure of three barrels. Because of this design, the curling process has become so easier with Bed Head Waver. You cannot find any Waver better than Bed Head!

Bed Head Waver is the competitive name in the category of a ceramic curling iron. The barrel structure consists of tourmaline ceramic technology. The ceramic will provides strong heat generation within no time. Tourmaline makes the barrel surface super smooth. That’s why your hair will never stick to the barrel. In the end, you will receive healthier and shinier hair! Tourmaline seals the natural moisture and oils of the hair. That is the reason why the natural luster gets protected!

The temperature reaches up to a maximum of 400 degrees. This way, it is viable for every hair kind with a longer length. Avoid using it on short hair! It heats up quickly, so does the recovery! Yes, within no time, it can recover heat up to maximum! Of course, there is a flexible swivel cord with professional length! So No more hassle When Straightening Your Hair.

One Sentence for Bed Head, For long lasting curls, it is an ideal choice!

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9: – NuMe Classic Curling Wand

NuMe Classic Curling WandNuMe brings the Best Curling Iron in the shape of NuMe clipless curling iron!

Most people are confused about curling wands and irons. The most basic difference is the holding clamp. Curling irons possess a clamp to hold hair during styling. Clipless Iron does not own that clamp. Apart from that, there is no major difference. Regarding performance, both types work amazing!

NuMe curling wands considered as the styling breakthrough and one of the best clipless iron with a compact design and high-performance features!

Let’s start with the design. The outlook follows the aesthetic theme due to the black color scheme. The major reason why professionals prefer this iron. Body shape is compact and ergonomic in nature. Ergonomic features enable the user to have control over handling. The professional hair stylists do not want to style with a painful experience. So, regarding salon quality outcome, ergonomic body is a must!

NuMe also falls on the list of the best ceramic curling iron. Its barrel is made up of high-end tourmaline ceramic technology. Ceramic is famous for instant heat generation. It produces heat but does not damage the hair. Tourmaline addition enhances the performance of ceramic. It transfers the heat evenly on the hair follicles. Tourmaline also brings the Negative ion technology. Negative ion technology is the only way to remove the frizz from hair. It also locks the natural moisture of the hair for the shiny outcome!

The heating system is associated with infrared technology too. You can use it every single day because infrared technology will prevent any hair damage due to heat exposure!

The adjustable temperature control brings compatibility. It heats up to 410°F degrees. So, no matter what hair texture you own, NuMe will work for you! For best user experience, it has a heat resistant glove. Always wear the glove to save yourself from the heat! In the end, we have a heavy duty swivel cord!

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10: – Remington Ci6219 Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron

Remington Ci6219 Best Curling Iron

Please welcome Remington Best Curling Iron! Honestly, professional hair stylists can swear upon Remington Curl Perfect Style Solutions!

OMG! It owns the best design with the best outlook. The black and red color scheme look so radiant and attractive. The handle owns an ergonomic and beveled design for comfortable styling. The most amazing part is the barrel guide. Yeah, now you will get uniform and precise curls due to this barrel guide. Just follow the pattern on the guide and roll hair around the barrel! You will get perfect and incredible curls!

Just like any professional curling iron, we have the ceramic barrel. The brand did not compromise on quality. That’s why we have the best piece of ceramic.

The temperature control is completely variable. You have the freedom to pick any temperature up to 340⁰f degrees. It works amazingly on every hair texture. For medium hair texture, it is an ideal hair care solution!

The heating system is so advanced that it heats up in 30 seconds. Woaahhh! You can imagine how much time you can save with this tool! The bonus feature is the swivel cord. This cord can move in any direction. It means you don’t have to bear the hassle of hand twisting. Easy movement and easy styling!

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Different Types Of Curling Irons On The Market:

Please check out most popular types of Best Curling Iron here:

  • Spring Curling Irons: Spring curling iron is popular due to a specialized mechanism for precise styling. It owns a clamp attached to the heating barrel. There is no need to hold the hair during styling. Just roll the hair around the barrel and fix them with the clamp. The best part, you can use the clamp with your thumb due to unique placement at the heating barrel. This way, your hand won’t get burnt! Read More
  • Marcel Curling Irons: Marcel is curling iron and spring curling iron share the same design. The only difference is that, in spring curling iron, you need to use the thumb for handling the clamp. But in the case of Marcel curling iron, you need to use your hand. These curling irons are perfect for professional use.
  • Clipless Curling Irons: As the name suggests, the clipless curling iron is any standard iron without the clamp. You just have a curling wand to do the styling. To avoid the heat damage, it comes with a heat resistant glove. So, when you hold the hair during styling, the glove will protect your hand from the heat! Read More about Clipless Curling Iron
  • Spiral Curling Irons: Spiral curling iron owns unique spiral barrel shape. Due to a spiral shape, the outcome of curls will be uniform. We can say, spiral curling iron creates tidier and retro curly hairstyle! Read More about Spiral Curling Iron
  • Wavy Curling Irons: Wavy curling iron is perfect for making Beachy and bouncy curls. It is much alike spiral curling iron but owns different heating barrel shape. Instead of the barrel, it has infused structure with bumps. It is an ideal choice for long and thick hair textures!
  • Rotating Curling Irons: Now save yourself from the hassle of wrapping the hair around the barrel. Due to the rotating heating barrel, you just need to attach the hair using the clamp. The rotating curling iron will roll the hair automatically! Read More about Rotating Curling Iron
  • Hourglass Curling Irons: Hourglass curling iron looks just like an hourglass. With such design, you can have both loose and tighter curls!
  • Cordless Curling Irons: Cordless curling iron runs on a battery. This iron works best for travelers!

What Is The Best Curling Iron?

Every curling iron is the Best Curling Iron if used on right hair texture. There are certain points you need to keep in mind before buying any curling iron:

  • First of all, you need to examine your hair texture. The hair comes in four textures that include wavy, straight, curly and coily!
  • Each barrel shape produces the distinct type of curls. You need to decide, what do you want!
  • Once you have decided, now look upon the heating material. Best heating materials include ceramic, titanium and gold plated technology.
  • Always choose a curling iron with variable temperature control. So, it will be useful for every hair texture!
  • Don’t forget about safety features. Pick iron with auto shut off feature and cool tip.

How To Use A Curling Iron?

Different types of Best Curling Irons are available in the market. You may want ceramic curling iron or travel curling iron while professionals demand professional curling iron. Regardless of the type, some general rules are present that should be following during the styling.

For the convenience of the users, we have explained general and basic guidelines to use the best hair curling iron.

  • Heat Up The Curling Iron: First of all; you need to heat up the iron up to the desired That is the most important step that most people ignore. Always remember, a wrong temperature can damage your hair permanently. You should use lower temperature settings for fine hair. Coarse and thicker hair demand ultra-high temperature range.
  • Comb Your Hair Thoroughly: You must comb the hair thoroughly. Make sure that hair is tangle free. If you had a shower, the first blow dry the hair. Don’t use a curling iron on wet or damp hair ever!
  • Apply Heat Protectant Spray: Heat exposure can cause serious damage to the hair. Although, infrared technology protects the hair. But you still need to do extra care. That’s why to apply some heat protectant spray. It will act as the buffer between the iron and locks. This way, your hair will look shinier and healthier!
  • Divide Hair Into Sections: Avoid using the iron on larger hair Otherwise, styling will be done partially. That’s why to do the section your hair before the styling. From bottom to top, divide hair into a smaller section of 2-3 inches. Secure each section with clips or pins.
  • Curl Your Hair: Now roll your hair over the heating barrel. Be careful, use the heat resistant glove to avoid heat damage. Another thing, roll the hair without overlapping. Overlapping will reduce the heat so that poor quality curls will be the outcome!
  • Pin-Up the Curl: if You are not complete The curl you made above will lose quality quickly. For long lasting results, pin up the curl quickly. This step is necessary for perfect and strong curls!
  • Repeat The Steps: You need to repeat the above curling steps till your last section is complete!
  • Shake Out All Curls: Once every hair section is complete, remove hairpins from every curl. Now toss and shake all the curls. Look, if any section of hairstyles is not complete, then fix it!
  • Final Touches: People make a big mistake of using a comb on curls. Don’t ever do that, otherwise; your hard work will be a waste. Just tousle the curls with your finger for more natural looks!
  • Use Hair Spray: Final and last step are to use hairspray. Using Hair Spray spray is essential for the long lasting result!

Final Recommendation

Successfully, you have read the detailed guide upon Best Curling Iron Reviews. Curling iron has become the most important styling tool for both women and hair stylists. Everyone seeks the best quality for their money. That’s why we presented Top Rated Best Curling Iron reviews in the above article. We understand that one tool may not be viable for all hair care problems. For gentle and soft styling at home, ceramic curling iron works best. The professional hair stylists always demand professional curling iron. The travel maniacs with styling taste seek travel curling iron. For Beachy and wavy curls, we require triple barrel curling iron. Now you get it; the choice is highly dependent upon the needs. So, we decided to bring the best range of products as per performance, design, handling and safety. We made sure that whatever you choose from the above list is the best product. We presented tools with variable temperature control. The major factor regarding versatility. The final verdict is that each product in the above list is the winner as per the category. You will get the best value for what you pay! Now bring the salon to your home!

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