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Top 3 Troubleshooting Tips For Flat Irons

Troubleshooting tips for Flat irons

Flat Iron is a very creative and helpful hair styling tool that helps you to have frizz-free smooth hair. It contains two plates that get heat up when you switch it on and transforms your curly hair into sleek and straight as soon as hair goes through between these heated plates. Although there are many famous hair straightener brands promising manufacture reliable flat irons that won’t get damaged easily. But as everything has to be expired one day so any brand’s flat iron can also be damaged so before throwing it out, you should apply these top 5 troubleshooting tips for flat irons on your device to check if it can back to work.

  • Go through Flat Iron Manual Guide

Before starting your inspection to diagnose the issue and troubleshoot, you should read your flat iron manual to understand design and overall components, etc. that can be helpful to repair diagnosed issues.

  • Ensure Flat Iron switches are fully engaged

Excessive use of switches can loosen its grip and in result sometimes you can experience no power or not working flat iron. In this case, ensure flat iron switches are fully engaged in the proper position, this won’t take anything extra expect your attention to put it properly to overcome this problem.

  • Ensure Flat Iron cable isn’t damaged

Due to exposed wires, cord separation and different types of cuts power intermittently lost from flat irons. Unplug your device properly and ensure it is completed off before repairing cord. By using electrical tape, you can easily secure and wrap wires together in case of minor cord damages. If damaged is advanced level then you can cut cord properly and strip off the ends with the help of utility knife or a wire cutter. Naked wires ends should be solder together then fill up the gap.

Tips To avoid possible flat irons damages:

Learn all about possible problems and common tips to avoid them to prevent permanent damage.

  • Water: Keep your flat iron away from water such as don’t straighten your hair near a bathtub, sink or toilet to avoid any accidental flat iron damage due to water.
  • Cord: Always properly twist and tie after use of flat iron to secure it from accidental cord cuts.
  • Power: Don’t hold your flat iron by a cord to avoid any strain on the wire.

Top 5 Common mistakes when straightening your hair

Top 5 Common mistakes when straightening your hair

Most Common 6 mistakes made while Straightening Hair at home

Using flat iron in right directions can keep you safe from damaging your hair.If you don’t have sleek and straight hair naturally while your love to have then sooner or later using flat irons can be your habit but avoid these 6 most common mistakes

Mistake #1: Forget pre-treating hair

To keep your hair healthy & hydrated, you shouldn’t forget to pre-treat your hair before using flat iron such as thermal hair protectant  spray can be used on wet hair to avoid any hair damage due to overheat.

Mistake #2: Setting heat up to highest

Temperature Heating high and low works according to your hair type and texture, such as if you have very frizzy or having stubborn curls then you can apply the highest heat else for normal smooth, healthy hair. You should maintain heat under 300 degrees to avoid any hair damage, however, setting at lowest temperature will also waste plenty of your precious time so it won’t be a good choice at all.

Mistake #3: Working on damp hair

There are still crazy girls who think managing dry hair is easier then slightly wet while styling, let us confirm you that trying the flat iron on your damp hair will be your biggest mistake as it can be much risk, also you won’t get desirable end results.

Mistake #4: Haste makes waste

If you’re in a hurry, never think straightening your hair without sectioning going to help you. If you want to Save your time; the best solution is to distribute your hair into different sections and straightening Flat Iron on section properly to have all hair well straightened.

Mistake #5: Being lazy in cleaning your flat iron

If you are a frequent user of flat iron, then you should opt habit of cleaning your flat iron too as it can be greasy, dusty and oily which can harm your hair. Don’t be lazy to clean flat iron when it is switched off and cooled too by using a cotton swab with warm water.

Mistake #6: Hot flat iron can burn your favourite fabrics

Even flat irons made for styling hair but work like real irons so can burn fabrics if you put and forget to remove for longer such as you should take care of your hair ribbons and other stuff while your flat iron is hot.

Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners FAQs

Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners FAQs

Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners considered best hairstyling tool as you can get desired sleek and straight hair without the use of any chemicals or expensive hairstyling products. Flat irons are equally beneficial for men and women to get rid of their ugly frizzy and curly hair which are not easy to manage usually. Buy flat iron once and save big money by getting rid to go to hair salon visits and buying other branded hair beauty products etc. Let us answer all possible questions that may come in your mind while taking the decision of buying flat irons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Straightener

FAQ: Which type of flat iron will suit me best Ionic, Tourmaline, Metal or Ceramic?

At the moment when you are looking for best flat iron for personal use, the very quick question can come in mind that which type of flat iron can be the best choice for you according to your hair type as there are some flat iron types available in the market. You need to pick the high-quality plates material Flat Iron. Most famous materials used on flat iron plates are ionic, tourmaline and ceramic. However, some companies use a combination of famous materials such as ceramic and tourmaline are superb for frizzy, curly or stubborn hair as these can be warm up to highest temperature. Metal plate flat irons are good for normal to less curly hair, and these are cost effective too than ceramic or tourmaline.

FAQ: What flat iron size would be suitable for my hair?

Flat Iron plates width sizes vary small to large where small plates Flat Iron plates width could be about ½ inches while large flat iron plates width can be up to 2 inches. Mini flat irons or lesser width flat iron plates are suitable to style men or women with short hair while long hair you would need wider plates to straight your hair easily. So you should keep in mind your hair length while purchasing new flat iron.

FAQ: What heat setting should be preferred while buying flat iron?

There could be two type of heat settings available in flat irons, such as fixed and adjustable. Adjustable heat settings flat irons are good for individuals having less curly, wavy or normal hair as heat can be adjusted accordingly while fixed heat settings flat irons are good for extra curly hair as such flat irons get heated up to the highest temperature.

FAQ: What other features should be under consideration while buying flat irons?

Flat irons can have plenty of features as it depends on brand to brand but most frequent and useful features come:

  • Built-in combs and brushes to straighten stubborn curly locks while styling.
  • Automatic ON/OFF heating functionality vs. boosting and heating up functionality
  • Digital display to set temperature.

FAQ: Will flat iron with interchangeable plates be considerable or not?

There are flat irons with interchangeable plates to convert them into wave irons and crimping irons from flat irons. That can be a good choice if you are fond of trying different hairstyles with taking a cost-effective decision.