Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron Reviews And Buying Guide 2016

What’s The best Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Straightener On The Market Right Now?

conair infiniti pro flat ironMust check Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Ironif you are looking for inexpensive but high-performance Best Flat Iron hair straightener tool. Flat iron is bit different hair care product. Obviously, it costs little more other than creams or pomades. But still there are categories of flat irons by price. All girls and women would agree on the point that cheap flat iron is just a waste of money.

Here I am talking about a brand which has affordable tools. It means you don’t need to purchase expensive tools for satisfying styling needs.

This post has been written especially for Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron reviews and Beginner’s Buying Guide. Here we are going to discuss brands and its best selling product.

So let’s check them!

What Is Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron Brand?

Before we check Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron, let’s have a look upon Conair brand. As said earlier, this flat iron hair straightener brand became so popular due to its affordable products. The price is the compelling part. What attracted customers is the highest quality performance at a lower price!

Usually, top brands charge too much for their products. They are bringing top notch quality to their products. But Conair somehow managed to use innovative technology. So the brand can manufacture flat irons which easy to buy for the customers. We can say customer satisfaction in all aspects are the motive of Conair.

For sure, you are getting curious to know about Conair’s best hair straightener products. You are looking for affordable priced top flat iron; that’s why you review this article.

So without wasting another moment, let’s check them out.

Top 5 Best Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron To Buy Right Now

Top Rated Best Conair Infiniti Pro hair straightener Features, Specification and Consumer Reports 2016

1: – Conair Infiniti pro tourmaline ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

Let’s start with the first product from Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron Reviews. People get mad about it’s stylish and elegant outlook. It’s stunning and sleek.The luscious purple color theme is unavoidable.

Regarding performance, Infiniti Pro by Conair 1-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic steam hair straightener has better than its awesome outlook. As said earlier, people adore this brand due to salon quality features at affordable prices. Ceramic tourmaline heating paddles make that possible. Ceramic is the most famous element for heating. For this iron, ceramic has been infused with tourmaline. Tourmaline, the famous gemstone, saturated with negative ions. Tourmaline provides a smooth surface plus Ionic technology for frizz free hair.

It has the variable temperature control with 30 settings up to 455 degrees. It is compatible with almost every hair type.

It is super fast and heats up in mere 15 seconds. Just imagine how much time you can save using this tool.

For hair treatment, it comes with the bonus of Argan oil. How we can forget about swivel cord! This tangle-free cord helps a lot in flexible styling.

Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Features:

Here is the summary of its features:

  • Ceramic tourmaline heating paddles
  • Intense and uniform heating
  • Frizz-free hair with less damage
  • Tourmaline provides a smooth 3X smooth surface for easy gliding
  • Swivel cord
  • 1 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Adjustable temperature controls up to 455 degrees
  • 30 heat settings
  • Heats up in 15 seconds
  • Floating plates for making curls, flips or waves

2: – Infiniti Pro by Conair Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

Anyone can fall in love easily with Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron. Next, we have a Conair Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 1/2 Inch in the list.

One thing is common about Conair Infiniti Pro hair straightener; that is ceramic tourmaline heating paddles. Ceramic and tourmaline alone are not strong elements. But when they are in infused shape, it is the best combo for heating plates Because ceramic ensures intense and deep heating. While tourmaline adds negative ion technology for eliminating static charge. Tourmaline also makes the surface super smooth.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Professional Tourmaline Ceramic steam hair straightener gives access to the high-temperature range. If you own coarse hair, then must use a Conair professional flat iron. It can reach a temperature up to 446 degrees.

To save time, it can heat up in just 15 seconds. No doubt, why professionals prefer this tool in their salon kits.

For better styling results, it owns floating plates. Don’t forget about the tangle free swivel cord.

Conair Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Features:

Here is the summary of its features:

  • Professional flat iron
  • Ceramic tourmaline heating plates
  • Smooth surface for easy gliding
  • Intense heating
  • 1 1/2 Inch Plates Size
  • Ultra high temperature of 446 degrees
  • Instantly heat up in 15 seconds
  • Swivel cord
  • Floating plates
  • LED indicator light

3:- Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Silver Steam Hair Straightener

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

Conair Nano Silver Steam Flat Iron hair straightener is the top gun Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron. The most innovative technology and design have been using this tool.

First of all, have a look at it! Isn’t fascinating! The design is so awesome and ergonomic in nature.

Now come to the main part of the heating system. The heating paddles are composed of ceramic tourmaline. But what’s more, special is nano silver finish. Ceramic tourmaline paddles provide deep and intense heating. While nano silver makes the process extremely smooth.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Silver Steam Hair Straightener is a very high-performance hairstyling tool. Professionals prefer using this tool in critical and difficult styling options.Infiniti Pro by Conair Nano Silver, steam hair straightener, has five ultra-high-temperature settings up to  395 degrees.

There is one unique thing about it. It has an optional water reservoir. It means you can use steam to lock moisture on the hair for a shinier finish.

Conair Nano Silver Steam Hair Straightener Features:

Here is the summary of its features:

  • Ceramic tourmaline heating paddles
  • Nano silver finish
  • Smooth surface
  • Retractable detangling combs
  • Optional water reservoir
  • Variable temperature controls up to 395 degrees
  • Ionic technology
  • 1  1/2 inch Plates size
  • Bonus Heat Instrument Case
  • 9 ft Tangle free Swivel cord
  • Ergonomic design

4:- Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener


Here we have versatile Infiniti Conair Pro flat iron. It has ceramic heating plates which infused with tourmaline. As an outcome, you get perfectly straight hair with shine and silkiness.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener 2-Inch has adjusted the temperature up to 400 degrees among 30 settings.

It has 2 inch wide plates which are compatible with long and thick hair.The unique features include Tangle-free rotating barrel and bristle brush.

Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Features:

Here is the summary of its features:

  • Ceramic tourmaline heating plates
  • Tangle-free rotating barrel
  • Coated Plates Rotating Spin Attachment
  • Within 30 seconds Instant heat up
  • LED indicator light
  • Auto shut up features
  • Adjustable temperature controls up to 400 degrees
  • 2 inch heating paddles
  • Removable Bristle brush

5: – Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2 Inch hair Straightener

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

The Last on the list of Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron, we have Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Hair Straightener. Most of the features are similar to sibling product.

Like ceramic tourmaline heating paddles for uniform heating. Tourmaline provides a smooth finish and ionic source for frizz free hair.

The temperature can be set up to 400 degrees from 25 settings. With turbo heat control, the temperature can be increased up to 36 degrees.

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat Hair Straightener Features:

Here is the summary of its features:

  • Ceramic infused with tourmaline paddles
  • 2 inch extra wide plates for stubborn hair texture
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Easy gliding
  • Ergonomic and unique design
  • Temperature settings up to 400 degrees
  • 25 variable temperature settings
  • Heat up in 30 seconds
  • Auto shut up features
  • 6 ft Swivel cord

Why Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron One Of The Best Flat Iron in The Market?

Following are the features that make Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron best brand to consider:

  • Ceramic tourmaline heating plates
  • Variable temperature controls with versatile ranges
  • Additional features like Nano silver finish
  • Accessories like Detangler, rotating barrel, bristle brush
  • Swivel cord
  • Ionic technology
  • Fastest heating and recovery

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron: Final Verdict  And Recommendation

Finally, you have completed the guide on Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron. Now you must have been convinced of its products and importance. Well, you can choose the product as per your needs. But in our opinion, all of them work amazingly at lower prices.

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