How to Curl Hair With Straightener Beginners Guide

Curl Hair With Straightener will have bouncy curls instead of ringlets. Curling of hair may seem easy, but the right technique is required to do so. Otherwise, you will end with frizzy and unbalanced ringlets. It takes a little practice to master the technique for getting Curl Hair With Straightener.

Read the article written below to learn How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron.

Step By Step Guide How to Curl Hair With Straightener

Curly Hair with Straightener

Preparation Of Hair:

The first step to getting Curl Hair With Straightener is the preparation of hair. Always remember, you can’t curl wet hair. Don’t go for damp hair too. Damp hair is also unable to get curled. The best tip is drying your hair to absolute condition. For best result, blow dry your hair. Blow dry gives extra volume, which results in voluminous curls.

Right Choice Of Flat Iron:


The next step is getting the right tool for making curls. In this post, we are going to use a flat iron. To achieve Curl Hair With Straightener, choose a flat iron with 1 – 2” plates. If plates have beveled edges, it will be easier to have excellent curly results.

Now heat the flat iron to the temperature compatible with hair texture. If you have fine hair, set the temperature to the low range. If you own coarse hair, use ultra high temperature.

Curly Hair with StraightenerUse of Heat Protectant:

Always remember that heat damages the hair. To prevent hair from the heat damage, apply Best Hair Protection Spray on the hair. Hair Heat Protectant will prove to be a barrier between hair and flat iron. If flat iron uses far infrared technology, it will lower the effects of heat damage. Apply heat protectant to each section if you have thick plus coarse hair.

Sectioning Of Hair:

Section the hair is the most important tips. Always section your hair otherwise, it will be hectic for to get Curl Hair With Straightener. Without section of your hair, you won’t get a salon quality finish.

Follow these steps for proper sectioning:

  • The bottom layer should be curly first. From nape, part the hair into two main parts. Let the bottom part sway downward. Clip the upper part which can’t bee curled right now.
  • Repeat the process until all sections have been curled.
  • For the last layer, you should curl the hair from front to backward direction.

Different Techniques Of Curling:

Curly Hair with Straightener

There are several techniques to create Curl Hair With Straightener. You may try each one of them on different occasions. I have listed some of them here.

There is a technique called flicks and curls. To curl hair in flicks, grab a small section of hair. Clamp the iron from half down. Now, turn the straightener on itself in the backward direction. This way you can have U-shaped curls. If you move the iron slowly, you get tighter curls. For having curls, start ironing the hair closer to the scalp. But be careful, you don’t want to hurt your scalp. Again move slowly to have tight and long lasting curls.

With flicks and curls, you get loose curls. You should try turning the hair in full turn, and that is a common technique for creating more pronounced curls. So start from the roots and keep turning the iron on itself for having luscious and ringlet-y curls. You may try both techniques on different events as per your choice.

There are two techniques of turning the hair while straightening. One is under and the other is over. You are curling hair halfway or complete way. In both cases, you may decide how to turn the iron. It’s totally up to you. The key difference is that both techniques move in opposite directions. It means you get Curl Hair With Straightenerwith different styles.

Surprisingly, you can have crimped hair using the flat iron. Start from the smaller section closer to the scalp, clamp the hair and turn the iron to the quarter. Now move to the next bit of section and repeat the step in the opposite direction. Keep doing this until the end and enjoy crimped hair style.

How To Curling The Hair With Flat Iron:

Curly Hair with Straightener

Now moving to the most crucial part, that is a making of Curl Hair With Straightener.

  • First of all, use the hair spray on all sections of hair for better curly results. Sometimes it is very difficult to curl coarse hair. In this case, spray on the section just before the curling. This way getting curls will be easier. But avoid using too much of hair spray. Otherwise, you will end up with crunchy and stiff curls which do not look good.
  • Sectioning is the most effective tip for curling hair. You can do sectioning as per your hair texture and demands. For example, smaller sections can end up in smaller and tighter curls. For getting loose curls, you need to divide the hair into larger sections. For getting a fusion look, try both large and small sectioning.
  • After Completed the section of your hair steps, next is ironing the hair. Heat is the prime part which flattens the hair follicles to mold them into curls. You may use the technique discussed above. But creativity is limited to your imagination. For a generic suggestion, you flicks and curls. It is a nice way to start.
  • After curling the hair, you can leave them waving. But for the salon quality finish, you can use additional products. For example, if you have loose curls, move the fingers through the hair, and This will help to achieve more volume in the hair. You should use mousse or hair spray on the hair for holding curls tighter. Use of hair spray is the best way to get long lasting curls.

Curl Hair With Straightener: Bottom Line

An easy guide to getting Curly Hair With Straightener. Although straightening of hair is not an easy task. But anyone who loves the styling and trying out new hair styles can learn easily. You just need to have Best Hair Straightener and information about the curling process. In this article, you were introduced to some most popular techniques and tips on Curl Hair With Straightener. Hopefully, this post proves to be a great help for you.

Marie Templeton