Best ghd Flat Iron Reviews Beginners Guide To Buy 2016

What’s The Top Rated ghd Hair Straightener on The Market now?

You must check the ghd Flat Iron Reviews if you are seeking award winning hair styling hair straightening products. Although, you may find several brands presenting various types of flat irons. Few of them successfully won the awards. ghd is of them. The ghd products are super popular among users that let them won the awards. It is very fortunate of any brand to win some title.

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say ghd hair straightener has the list of top flat irons on the market. Here, we will make you familiar with ghd hair straightener Reviews of top notch products. These products have won extreme reputation and fame because of incredible features and specifications.

Things Should Be Considering Before Buying A ghd Flat Iron:

Before, we look forward to ghd hair straightener Reviews. Let’s quickly have a look at the distinctive features of ghd Products. These features make the core foundation of ghd product line.

Temperature Settings:

One thing you should be clear about ghd products is that it is a professional product line. It means products have been developed to cope with stubborn and thick hair types. ghd Flat Irons temperature setting has fixed feature. While picking ghd product, always confirm that it is from the original vendor. Otherwise, you will have to face fried up hair. If your hair texture is thick and coarse hair and struggling to style them up. In that case, must use ghd products. Because of the efficient heating system, you can style up hair with ease. Fortunately, it comes with universal voltage system. Whether you live in America or Thailand, ghd product is going to work for you.

Plates Material:

For ensuring the effortless styling, ghd products come with ceramic heaters. ghd Flat Iron Reviews show that ceramic is the core material used in the heating system. No doubt, ceramic provides quick and efficient heating. Some versions own gold plated paddles. As said earlier, ceramic is the base material. For make a surface shinier and smooth, gold material coated upon them. So, now no need to face snagging or pinching anymore.

Other Features:

You will find plates in ghd products with a precise finish. These paddles move amazingly through the hair. You can save a lot of time using ghd hair straighteners, as it provides results in a single stroke. Don’t worry, if you accidentally left the iron on. It will shut down automatically after 30 minutes of idle use. There is tangle free swivel cord attached for 360 degrees rotation.

Best ghd Flat Iron Reviews To Buy Right Buy Right Now

Our Top Rated Best ghd Hair Straighteners Features, Specification and Consumers Reports 2016

1: – ghd Classic 1 inch Styler Ceramic Hair straightener

First on the list of ghd Flat Iron Reviews, we have ghd Classic Styler. When we say award-winning flat iron, it comes first in the mind. Over the past few years, this flat iron has won the hearts of thousands of users.GHD-Flat-Iron-Reviews

The ghd Classic Styler Ceramic Hair Straightener – 1 Inch flat iron is a perfect appliance for effortless and painless styling. It gives ease to create curls, flips and waves without any snagging or pinching. It is suitable for almost every hair texture and length.

The heating system relies on strong ceramic heaters. Ceramic is the first choice to build straightening plates. As it produces intense and sufficient heat to flatten the follicles to transform into different styles.

ghd classic styler ceramic hair straightener supports universal voltage. It acts as the best traveling companion. You won’t face any difficulty while using it around the world.

The heating plates are round on the edges. That’s why you can try various styling techniques. 9 ft Swivel cord which can rotate in 360 degrees is attached. For the safety of tool and the user, it has auto sleep mode feature.

ghd classic styler ceramic hair straightener Features:

  • Advanced ceramic technology to maintain consistent heat
  • Infrared technology to protect hair from heat damage
  • Negative ions lock the natural moisture on the hair
  • Rounded edges for flexible styling
  • Universal voltage
  • Insulated outer case
  • Built-in microprocessor for quick heat conduction
  • Sleep mode
  • 9 ft swivel cord

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2: – GHD Eclipse Professional Performance Styler


You will be thrilled to read this ghd Flat Iron Reviews. ghd Eclipse is the best and top end product developed by the brand. Allure magazine named it as “Best Flat Iron”. ghd eclipse styler has the reputation in the market due to its unprecedented performance. It delivers gorgeous and shiny hair that can last for straight 12 hours.

ghd hair straightener has set the new benchmarks with Eclipse. It is the groundbreaking product with awesome features. To tackle every hair texture, it has an innovative and patented Tri-zone technology. This technology radically transfers heat from the plates to the follicles for incredible results.

Because of new and unique technology, it reduces the styling time to a great degree, and it acts as one pass flat iron.Don’t forget about ghd Eclipse Professional Flat Iron universal voltage which gives freedom to use tool worldwide.

Additional features include swivel cord with professional length and sleep mode for safety.

ghd Eclipse Professional Flat Iron Features:

  • Revolutionary technology
  • Patented Tri-Zone Heating technology
  • Optimum heat of 365 degrees
  • Single stroke styling
  • Cool body to protect hands from heat
  • Universal voltage
  • Swivel cord
  • Sleep mode

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3: – ghd professional gold 1 Inch Hair Styler


Here we have another ghd Flat Iron Reviews about the award winning product. We can say this is the most respected flat iron from the brand. ghd Professional flat iron has a classic theme with a trendy touch to develop a professional masterpiece!

Latest heating technology is the best part of the ghd professional hair straightener. The system counts on ceramic heaters for producing heat. It eliminates heat consistently over the surface of hair for efficient styling. The plates have an aluminum coating which makes the surface super smooth. This way, it glides painless through the hair.

Because of aluminum coating, it supplies ionic technology to finish frizz effect from the hair. Hence, you receive gorgeous and stupendous hairstyles.

ghd gold professional 1-Inch Styler is the good news for users who forget to shut down tool. It can cut the power automatically, if not used. For ensuring safety, it has an auto sleep mode.

ghd gold professional 1 Inch hair Styler Features:

  • Advanced heating technology
  • Powerful ceramic heater for intense heating
  • Consistent heating
  • Quick heat up
  • Advanced aluminum coating for smooth surface and frizz free hair
  • Sleep mode
  • Swivel cord

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4: – ghd Gold Hair Styler Flat Iron


After checking ghd Flat Iron Reviews about Gold styler, you will get luxe feel. Glimmering gold plates with the improved design is the specialty of ghd Gold Styler.

ghd already possess a strong ceramic heating system. Ceramic heater releases boosting heat for flattening of hair follicles quickly. The ghd Gold Styler Iron, gold coated on the plates for effortless styling. Smoother gold plates move through the hair without facing any resistance.

It owns enhanced design of the plates with contoured edges. The contoured edges assist you to fabricate incredible and extraordinary curls and waves. As an outcome, you get salon finish hair styles.

For the safety of the tool, there is a protective plate guard and sleep mode. In case you are not using the iron, it will shut down automatically.

Wherever you go, ghd Gold Styler Iron ensures the same styling because of universal voltage.

ghd Gold Styler Iron Features:

  • Professional tool and Ceramic heaters
  • Gold plated finish for a smoother surface
  • Contoured edges for flexible styling
  • Sleep mode
  • Protective plate guard
  • Lighter body with insulated material
  • Swivel cord

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5:- GHD Gold Professional Styler Flat Iron


The Last in the list of ghd hair straightener Reviews, we have ghd Gold Professional Styler. The brand developed it to make styling easier for thick and curly hair. Sometimes, people have long and coarse thick hair, which are difficult to straighten. To deal with such textures, ghd Gold Professional is at your service.

With strong heating and styling capability, ghd professional flat iron has become the best hair straightener. As it possesses the optimum size of heating plates. 2 inch wider plates can flatten the hair of stubborn textures.

Beneath the gold-plated surface, we have ceramic heaters. Together, it releases efficient heating.Contoured edges of plates make different styling techniques possible. It is easier to create curls, waves and flips easily.

ghd Gold Professional Styler Iron Features:

  • Maximum styling and heating capabilities
  • Gold plates ceramic heaters
  • Perfect for thick and coarse hair
  • Effortless styling
  • Contoured edges for fabricating curls and waves
  • Protective plate guard
  • Swivel cord
  • Sleep mode

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Why ghd Flat Iron Is The Best Flat Iron?

ghd hair straightener reviews are enough to show ghd hair straightener is an awesome choice. Because of powerful styling features, it has won several styling awards. Beauty magazines have titles of “Best flat iron” to ghd products. Furthermore, four plus star rating justifies the importance of ghd brand.

After years of research, it has composed the best heating system. Mainly we have ceramic heaters for releasing consistent heat.Additional features include swivel cord, sleeping mode.

ghd Flat Iron Reviews: Final Verdict and Recommendation

The bottom line of ghd Flat Iron Reviews is that ghd is an award-winning flat iron brand. Very few flat iron with fixed temperature has earned reputation in the market. User adores this brand due to high-end functionality and best quality. Simply, you can count on this iron for your styling needs!

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  1. I can say that GHD flat iron is the best I ever had in my life. I love how this iron heats up very fast and its temperature can be adjusted depending on your hair type. It works for my hair very well despite it being wavy, thick, and frizzy. Thank you very much for awesome GHD Flat Iron Reviews. i Love it

  2. My platinum ghd stylers stopped working and started flashing red. After numerous non-informative emails I called and was told this is fine as its a safely switch.

    By this time I could have bought another brand but I believed the advise was correct and now it’s happened again, and again.. With weeks when they work and then stop outright.

    I have been told it would take 14 days to send them to ghd and my same pair will be returned back to me if they work. This is not customer service.

    These items cost £165 and they have only lasted a year? It’s not worth it.

    Can anyone advise a suitable solution whereby I can get a straightforward replacement without delay?