Hot Tools Straightener Flat Iron Reviews With Beginners Guide

What’s The Best Hot Tools Hair Straightener On The Market Now?

You must go for Hot Tools Straightener if you are seeking top titanium ceramic irons. As we know, ceramic and titanium are the top grade materials to compose heating plates. Even both of them provide salon quality heat operating alone. Just imagine the quality will be super high if they infused with each other. Ceramic titanium straightening plates are the specialty of hot tools hair straightener.

The company focused on safety features and brought devices with auto shut off feature. Every version of Hot Tools Straightener owns an auto shut off feature to deal with forgetfulness.

Plenty of other features included in the products developed by Hot Tools. This whole post is a one-stop guide for Hot Tools Straightener. Here you will come to know about its features and specifications. After reading the Hot Tools Best Hair Straightener reviews guide, you will not have any doubt about it.

Things Should Be Considering Before Buying A Hot Tools Straightener:

Before, we jump to The reviews of Hot Tools Straightener. We must check what are the prime and core features of Best Flat Iron Hot Tool’s products. We have briefly discussed the specifications and features here:

Temperature Setup And Voltage:

Always remember, do not fall for any iron which does not have variable temperature control. Fixed temperature iron just takes away control and flexibility from the user. Luckily, every Hot Tools Straightener owns a variable temperature control up to 450 degrees. This range is awesome to deal with every hair type. Well, all Hot Tools Hair Straighteners do not own dual voltage feature. But one or two comes with dual voltage for universal use.

Hair Types Hair Length Plate Width Temperature Setting
Coarse, Thick, Curly Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ½ Inch 350°F – 400°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 2 Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inch* 380°F – 410°F
Normal, Medium/Average Medium Thickness or Wavy Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ¼ Inch 300°F – 350°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 1 ½ Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inch* 360°F – 380°F
Fine, Thin, Damage or Naturally Straight Hair Any Any 250°F – 300°F
Fragile Hair Any ½ – 1 ½ Inch Below 250°F

Plates Material:

The heating system of Hot Tools Straightener is the attractive part. Titanium and ceramic are the best choices to develop any straightening paddles. When they both get combined, best combination came into being. We have titanium smooth and the hard surface upon strong ceramic heaters. Ceramic produces intense heat while titanium spreads it uniformly on the hair follicles. Some of them have the gold plated surface which makes the outer surface extremely smooth.

Other Features:

The heating system cannot stand alone. Supporting features are needed to make any iron professional. In Hot Tools Straightener, we have floating plates and corrosion resistant to improving the styling process. It has a tangle-free swivel cord which allows you to move iron in 360 degrees.

Plate Size Hair Length Hair Texture
1” to 1.5” All lengths Fine and thin
1” to 1.25” Short Normal
1” to 1.5” Medium Normal
1.25” to 2” Long Normal
1.25” Short Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 2” Medium Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 3” Long Coarse, thick or curly

Warranty: Before Buy Any Hair Straightening Product, Ensure It’s Come With Warranty. Now use it without any fear of getting it’s damaged. In the case of an accident, you can replace it.

Top Rated Best Hot Tools Straightener To Buy Right Now

Our Top Pick Best Hot Tools Hair Straighteners Flat Iron Features, Specification, Consumers Report 2018

1: – Hot Tools Hpk11 Pink Titanium Flat Iron


Welcome, to Hot Tools Hpk11 Pink Titanium Digital Salon Hot Tools Straightener! Durability and super performance are the names associated with it. It is one of the popular flat irons on the market.

The reason for its fame is the unique heating system. As said earlier, it owns heating plates composed of titanium and ceramic. Titanium material coated upon the super strong ceramic heaters. Ceramic has the reputation for powerful release heat. While titanium has the duty to distribute heat evenly. Due to this combo, users always loved the easy straightening process without any pinching or rusting.

It owns an adjustable temperature control up to  450F degrees. The components are super strong that can stand even ultra high temperatures.

Hot tools titanium flat iron heats up quickly to reduce the styling time. Don’t Forget about an auto shut off feature. In case you forget a lot, don’t worry Hot Tools Straightener will watch it!

Hot Tools Titanium Flat Iron Features:

  • Professional flat iron
  • Unique heating system
  • Durable and efficient
  • Titanium-coated ceramic heating plates
  • Corrosion resistant styling plates
  • Prevent snagging and pinching
  • Adjustable temperature up to 450F  degrees
  • Swivel cord

2: – Hot Tools Htbw14 Nanoceramic Salon Flat Iron with Pulse Technology

Hot tools straightener

Htbw14 Nano Ceramic Salon Hot Tools Straightener is an exception to the list. As it only owns Nano ceramic heating plates.

Don’t underestimate the Nano ceramic heating paddles! They are so powerful and quickly produce heat. The heating system supported by Patented Pulse Technology, which ensures instant heat up.

Heat damage is the bad luck associated with every flat iron. But it uses far infrared technology, which prevents hair damage due to heat. Far infrared technology also ensures frizz free hair by sealing moisture on the cuticles. As a result, you get soft and shinier hair.

There is an adjustable temperature control up to 450 F degrees. The on/off switch is separate from the Dial. Hot Tools Htbw14 Nano Ceramic Salon Flat Iron comes with swivel cord of professional length. Swivel cord has the capability to move in 360 degrees.
Hot Tools Ceramic Flat Iron Features:

  • Trendy ceramic flat iron
  • Nano ceramic heating paddles
  • Patented Pulse Technology for high performance
  • Best Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Rheostat dial-up to 450F degrees
  • 9 ft Swivel Cord
  • LED power light indicator
  • Separate on/off switch

3: – Hot Tools PINKTITANIUM Salon Titanium Flat Iron 1 Inch


We kept the best Hot Tools Straightener for the end! Hot Tools Titanium is a prime tool presented by the brand. Its performance is evident from the name itself!

The base material in all hot tools hair straightener is either titanium or ceramic. Titanium works as a strong heater and conductive material to spread the heat. The other side, ultra hard mirror has made the surface super smooth and silkier. So iron can be glided easily through the hair without any snagging.

There is a temperature control up to 450⁰ F degrees. It allows the user to choose between low, medium and high voltages.

Hot Tools HPK12 PINK Titanium Flat Iron Features:

  • Advanced flat iron
  • Titanium heating plates
  • Strong and smooth heating
  • Reduce snagging and pinching
  • Temperature control up to 450F degrees
  • Quick heat up
  • Swivel Cord

Why Is Hot Tools Straightener The Best Straightener?

Well, after reading the whole guide. You should not have any doubts about the hot tools flat iron brand. The main reason for its fame is a unique heating system. The titanium and ceramic materials used as core heating material. Some tools own gold plated paddles for the advanced finish.

Secondly, it owns versatile temperature control with ultra-high range. Additional charms include swivel cord, floating plates.

Final Recommendation

If you are not interested, buy common and classic flat iron! Then must go for Hot Tools Straightener! And our recommendation is to go with Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Salon Flat Iron or HOT TOOLS Gold Titanium Flat Iron. It will refill your styling soul with new power and enthusiasm. For sure, it acts as the premium hair styling tool in any toolkit!

Marie Templeton