Remington Curling Wand Reviews With Buying Guide 2017

What’s The Best Remington Pearl Curling Wand On The Market Now?

Remington Curling Wand is here to create all sorts of curls. Curling wand considered as the most promising styling tool for stylists. Within a few seconds, they can produce luscious curls effortlessly. Before curling wands, no one has the idea how to create such beautiful curls.

Most people know about curling iron. But the problem occurs when they need to buy the product. Finding top curling wand is bit tedious Because people have no idea about how to pick the best curling iron wand.

Remington is one of the top styling brands. Its products are of top quality. The Remington Curling Wand range is just sensational. You will adore its products. We have dedicated this post solely to Remington Pearl Curling WandHere we will introduce top products of Remington in detail.

Thing should be consider Choosing The Best Remington Curling Wand:

Although, Remington Curling Wand is undeniably Best Curling wand brand in the Market. But still people may not be able to find it because of any possible reason. That’s why we have added this section. It contains all necessary information needed to buy a perfect Remington curling iron .

Barrel Size:

People mostly buy the curling wand of any size without any consideration. While barrel size highly affects the outcome of the curling wand. Such that, small barrel only produce tighter curls with a retro touch. Large barrel size is significant for attaining loose and wavy curls.

Barrel Shape:

Like barrel size, barrel shape is an important factor. Always remember, different shapes create different sorts of curls. You cannot use the same barrel shape for producing all kinds of curls. Most popular shapes are cylindrical, pearl, conical and reverse cone. Cylindrical shape creates super awesome spiral curls. Conical barrel only delivers curls wider near the scalp and tighter at the ends and reverse cone gives the outcome opposite to conical barrel.

Heating Material:

The heating system is the core any styling tool. Without heating material, the styling tool will fail badly. Several types of heating materials are present in the market. But most popular and efficient materials are ceramic and titanium. So whenever you go shopping, always prefer ceramic or titanium. Ceramic material is known for consistent and strong heat distribution. Titanium gained fame due to ultra high conductivity and durability.

Adjustable Temperature:

Honestly, avoid curling wand if it does not contain variable temperature control. Adjustable temperature control is essential for being a professional tool. In this post, we are talking about Remington Curling WandThis collection contains products with wide temperature range up to 410. So, any hair texture can be transformed into curls.

The Top 6 Best Remington Curling Wand To Buy Right Now

Our Top Pick Best Remington Pearl Curling Wand reviews, specification and consumers Report 2017

1: – Remington t studio curling wand – Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington Curling WandFirst Remington Curling Wand we have Remington CI95AC2 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. People just admire its sleek, and ergonomic design and find easy to handle this tool. The outlook of pink and black color scheme is just ravishing.

The heating system is dependent upon the ceramic barrel. Ceramic is fully determined to provide uniform, but strong heat. So, curls can be produced instantly. This curling iron ceramic barrel coated with pearl technology and Pearl technology gives the super smooth finish to avoid snagging. As a result, a user gets shiny and smooth curls.

Remington Pearl Curling Wand temperature control is adjustable as desired. The range offered is up to 410 degrees. Undoubtedly, this is a vast range of heat settings.

It is very dangerous to leave curling wand on power. In this situation, automatic shut down feature comes handy.Bonus features include swivel cord and heat resistant glove.

Remington Pearl Curling Wand Features:

  • A professional curling wand
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Attractive outlook
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Barrel size 1/2 – 1 Inch
  • Pearl technology for salon quality finish
  • Conical shape barrel
  • Adjustable temperature controls up to 410 degrees
  • Automatic shut down feature
  • Swivel cord
  • Heat resistant glove

2: – Remington Silk Ceramic Curl Wand

Remington-Curling-WandRemington Silk Ceramic curling iron is a more traditional version of Remington Curling Wand. When we say traditional, it only means regarding technology basis. We will explain it further below:

First of all, the design is fully ergonomic. That’s why stylists love to have this tool in their kits. A curling iron should be easy to handle and use for effortless working.

Now coming to the main features of Remington CI96W1D T Studio Silk Ceramic Curl Wand. The heating barrel made by ceramic material. Well, nothing surprising! We know top brand prefer ceramic. But the most attractive part is silk protein technology. The Ceramic coated with innovative silk protein technology, and for this reason, this curling iron basic is traditional, and results are outstanding.

Remington Curling Iron temperature control is adjustable up to 410 degrees. Fine to Thick hair can easily do using this Remington iron.

It has a special feature of automatic shut down. After sixty minutes of no use, it will cut the power automatically.Because of the advanced heating system, it heats up in mere sixty seconds.Additional features are swivel cord and conical shape.

Remington Silk Ceramic Curl Wand Features:

  • A professional curling iron
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Attractive outlook
  • Ceramic heating barrel
  • Silk protein technology
  • Instant heat up in 30 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature up to 410 degrees
  • Automatic shut down feature
  • Conical barrel shape
  • Swivel cord

3: – Remington SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand

Remington-Curling-WandHere we have a super awesome version of Remington Curling Wand. Remington CI96W1B SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand, 1/2-1 Inch especially designed for girls. We can say, it is mini curling wand for instant touch ups. But still professional prefer this iron. Well, it has top quality features for such acceptance.

First of all Remington SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand outlook is so amazing to curly hairstyles lover and Girl get mad over it. Just look at it! That outlook and color scheme is so awesome, and the design is obviously ergonomic.

Now coming to the heating barrel, which made of silk ceramic material. So that is can supply intense heat quickly, This ceramic infused with silk protein technology and gave the smooth touch to the ceramic barrel.

The temperature range is salon quality. You have the freedom to pick heat setting up to 410 degrees. No doubt, why professionals love it. As it can deal with every sort of hair texture.

It only takes 30 seconds to heat up to reduce styling time.Additional features include automatic shut down, swivel cord and heat resistant glove.

Remington SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand Features:

  • A professional tool
  • Slim and ergonomic design
  • Ravishing outlook
  • Ceramic heating barrel
  • Silk protein technology
  • Temperature up to 410 degrees
  • Instant heat up
  • Automatic shut down feature
  • Swivel cord

4: – Remington Silk Ceramic Elliptical Waving Wand

Remington-Curling-WandProfessionals love this Remington Curling Wand because of wave production capability. Other curling wands are awesome at making curls. But Remington Elliptical waving wand creates wavy hair styles especially.

Just look at it, the most attractive outlook you will ever find. The design is sleek and ergonomic for a better user experience.

Like other Remington Curling Iron, Remington CI96Z1 Silk Ceramic Elliptical Waving Wand barrel made by ceramic. This barrel rapidly produces heat for flattening of hair follicles. The barrel coated with Silk protein technology and that gives salon quality finish.

The heat settings are adjustable. A user can set the temperature as per hair texture. The maximum limit is 410 degrees. In this way, it is compatible with every hair texture.

Because of the advanced heating system, it heats in mere 30 seconds. This speed is commendable.Additional features are automatic shut down, swivel cord.

Remington Silk Ceramic Elliptical Waving Wand Features:

  • A professional tool
  • Attractive outlook
  • Slim and ergonomic design
  • Specially designed for wavy hairstyles
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Barrel size 1 Inch
  • Silk protein technology
  • Heat settings up to 410 degrees
  • Instant heat up
  • Swivel cord
  • Automatic shut down feature

5: – Remington Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron

Remington-Curling-WandIf you are seeking accurate and precision curling wand for your hair. You must get this Remington Curling Wand. It has specialized curl guides, which support precision styling.

The outlook is impressive. It owns the most amazing ergonomic design with a modern touch. It leaves the impression of professionalism and accuracy.

Remington Ci6219 Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron heating barrel made of ceramic material. This ceramic provides strong heat instantly without damaging the hair. The best part is the curl guide upon the ceramic barrel. Because of this guide, one can put the hair section in the most accurate way to the barrel. As a result, perfectly curly hair!

The temperature is adjustable as per need, and The maximum temporary range is 340 degrees. It is suitable for fine to medium hair textures. The heat up is instant in thirty seconds only.

Remington Curl Perfect Style Solutions Curling Iron Features:

  • A professional curling wand
  • Awesome outlook
  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Curl guide for precision styling
  • Effortless curling process
  • Adjustable temperature up to 340 degrees
  • Swivel cord

6: – Remington Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington-Curling-WandLast Remington Curling Wand we have Remington Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. This version is highly compatible with stubborn hair texture with long length. It can create wider and loose curls easily.

The outlook is pretty decent with the pink color scheme, and the design is totally ergonomic. So, stylist won’t face any pain during styling.

The heating barrel is made up of ceramic. High-quality ceramic is use in flat iron or curling iron for instant heat up. This ceramic coated with pearl technology. So, that we can have a salon quality curling hairstyles finish.

Remington Pearl Curling Wand temperature is variable up to 410 degrees. It can deal with every possible hair kind. No doubt, why professionals buy this product.

It heats up quickly in mere 30 seconds. It lowers the styling time to a great degree.The additional features are automatic shut down and swivel cord.

Remington Pearl Curling Wand Features:

  • A professional tool
  • Decent outlook
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Barrel Size 1 1/2 Inch
  • Pearl technology for salon finish
  • Adjustable temperature up to 410 degrees
  • Automatic shut down feature
  • Swivel cord
  • 30 seconds heat up

Remington Curling Wand: Final Verdict and Recommendation

So, this is the complete guide upon Remington Curling Wand. Here you learned about top products offered by Remington. The variety is pretty wide. Now You can pick the right Remington Curling Iron for your hair texture and demands. Undeniably, every version is highly efficient and capable of salon quality finish.

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