Best Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews – Which is Best?

Top Rated Titanium Vs Ceramic Hair Straightener – Which is Better For Me?

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat IronTitanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron is the most crucial comparative discussion related to flat iron. Ceramic and titanium are the most popular elements used in flat irons. Both materials have the capacity to provide a professional quality finish. But both materials are different in their features and nature. So before buying any flat iron, you must have sufficient information about ceramic vs. titanium flat iron hair straightener.

None of them is better than another. The difference came to their needs. In this post, we have explained the nature of both types. For your further help, we have pin point best suggestions you can buy for your hair.

What is The Difference Between Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

What Is Titanium  Flat Iron?

Before going to discussion Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron, let’s have a look upon titanium flat iron. Titanium is the most popular metal when it comes to flat iron. Due to its high conductivity and minimum temperature variation, it maintains consistent heat production. It can heat up fast and also supports ionic technology. It means Titanium ensures frizz free hair instantly. No doubt titanium is the superior material for composing heating plates. The best part is its conductivity. It heats up fast and transfer heat super quickly. Because of high-quality functioning, fewer passes are required to complete styling process.

Titanium plates heat up faster and transfer heat faster than Ceramic.If you use them properly, There’s less potential for heat damage. But, leaving the plates on your hair too long can actually cause more damage

Here we have collected best recommendations for Best titanium flat iron hair straightener.

Best Titanium Flat Iron reviews and Beginners Buying Guide

our Top Rated Best Titanium Hair Straightener Features, Specification and Consumer Reports 2016

1: – Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron

You must own Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron if you want to flaunt hairstyles like a super model. For making professional styles, the argument of Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron gets tough. Babyliss is a respected brand in the flat iron industry. It produces the best outcome with less effort.

It features Nano titanium heating plates to produce remarkable outcomes. These heating paddles consistently maintain high temperatures. You get even heat distribution on the hair.

It has multiple temperature settings. You can choose temperature up to 450 degrees. It allows multiple styling options for you.

Babyliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium plated ultra thin straightening iron heating plates are super smooth that glide easily through the hair.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron Features:

  • Nano titanium heating paddles
  • Extra sleek heating plates
  • Smooth surface
  • Ionic technology for frizz free hair
  • Infrared technology to stop heat damage
  • LED temperature control up to 450 degrees
  • Ultra thin and Ultra lightweight
  • Swivel Cord
  • Compact design

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2: – Izutech KTX 450 Titanium Flat Iron

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron

Izutech KTX 450 is another famous titanium flat iron. For having a long lasting hairstyle, it has titanium heating plates. Titanium heating plates ensure smooth flattening of hair without crimping.

Along with titanium heating plates, it has adjustable temperature control. You can heat up the iron up to ultra high 450 degrees. This figure is very significant Because it can deal with stubborn hair types like African American hair or coarse hair.

Izutech ensures no more hot spots. So you get a long-lasting straightening. Secondly, it heats up very quickly.

Izunami Flat Iron Floating plates give ease to style in curls, flips or waves.

Izutech KTX 450 Titanium Flat Iron Features:

  • Titanium flat iron
  • Super efficient tool
  • Consistent heating and distribution
  • Temperature control up to 450 degrees
  • Heats up instantly
  • Floating plates
  • Swivel cord

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3: – TS-2 Millennium Titanium Flat Iron


When it comes to Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron, best products for best money are required. TS-2 is famous metallic flat iron, which has titanium as the main component.

The titanium plates are 2 inches in width. It means there is no stubborn type which cannot be deal with a TS-2 flat iron hair straightener.

The most appealing fact about TS-2 is the programmable temperature control. You can precisely choose the desired temperature according to your hair texture. No other flat iron offers such feature.

It heats up to high temperatures in just 30 seconds. It also comes with swivel cord.

If you are one who occasionally forgets shut off the iron. Then it is best to you as it has an auto shut off feature.

TS-2 Millennium Titanium Flat Iron Features:

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What Is Ceramic Flat Iron?

In comparison Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron, the most important part is about ceramic. Undoubtedly, ceramic is the most favorable and popular material for flat irons. The main reason for its fame is intense heating plus even distribution. There are lower chances of hair getting burned with a ceramic flat iron. Ceramic also infuses with tourmaline to produce advanced combination. Tourmaline provides a smooth surface on plates plus ionic source. What you get in the end is static free shinier hair!

Ceramic Plates allow for an even distribution of heat and have a lower potential to burn your hair. Ceramic coating on plates can chip off and cause snagging. So it’s Best to use plates made fully out of Ceramic

Now let’s check best ceramic flat iron hair straightener in the market.

Best Ceramic Flat Iron reviews and Beginner’s Buying Guide

Our Top Rated Best Ceramic Hair Straightener Features, Specification, Consumer Reports 2016

1: – Bio Ionic One Pass Ceramic Flat Iron

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron

If you are looking for one pass flat iron in ceramic vase titanium flat iron hair straightener, Bio Ionic is the top choice. As the name showing, it is specially designed to make one pass styling possible.

Of course, the heating plates are composed of high-quality Nano ceramic. Ceramic is responsible for ultra high temperature plus consistent distribution, and this features ensuring the no hot spots left on the hair. Ceramic material infused with ionic technology and Ionic technology repels water molecules and locks them on hair for luster.

The most attractive part is one pass technology. You will reduce the styling time to a great degree.

The temperature is adjustable up to 400 degrees and 360-degree easy movement for smart swivel cord features at the Bio Ionic One Pass Ceramic Flat Iron.

Bio Ionic One Pass Ceramic Flat Iron Features:

  • Nano Ceramic heating plates
  • One pass flat iron
  • Intense heat distribution
  • No hot spots
  • Daul Voltage Flat Iron
  • Temperature up to 400 degrees
  • Ionic technology
  • 9 ft Swivel cord
  • 1 inch plates size

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2: – Remington S9500 Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron

Remington S9500 has the best and most advanced blueprint. The ceramic technology infused with pearl for the salon quality outcome. It works 15 times better than other ceramic rivals.

You can heat the iron up to ultra high temperate of 450 degrees. With such high outcome, professionals prefer this tool.

Pearl technology makes it eight times smoother than the competitors. Additional features include auto shut-off feature.

Remington S9500 Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron Features:

  • Pearl Ceramic flat iron
  • Pearl technology for smooth finish
  • Salon quality tool
  • Heats up to 450 degrees
  • 15 times better than other ceramic irons
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Swivel cord
  • Heats up in 15 seconds

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3: – Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth Ceramic Flat Iron

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron

The premium features of Paul Mitchell ProTools make it the best one in Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron.

It has cushioned ceramic heating plates for smooth and intense heat production. The plates are 1.25 inch in width for professional styling needs.

The temperature control is digital and can be set up to 410 degrees. It is super efficient and heats up in just 60 seconds. It also instantly recovers in 5 seconds.Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth Ceramic hair straightener is  Dual voltage flat iron for international traveling

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth Features:

  • Ceramic heating plates
  • Digital temperature controls up to 410 degrees
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Recovery in 5 seconds
  • Ionic technology
  • Far Infrared technology
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual voltage Flat Iron

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Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron Summary:

Well, the final verdict about Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron is a bit difficult. Both materials are great in respective features and requirements. If you want ultra-high-temperature flat iron, titanium flat iron hair straightener is the top choice. Titanium can provide strong and intense heating. But sometimes it may damage the hair if not used properly. On the other hand, ceramic provides a smooth and less damaging finish. We can say, titanium is preferable for professionals. Ceramic Material Flat Iron works great for amateurs at home.

How To Choose A Best Flat Iron:

The Hairstyling Product market saturated with hundreds of Flat Iron brands. You must not buy a flat iron without proper homework. Before going to market must check the points written below:

  • Material: You must buy a flat iron with titanium or ceramic heating plates and both elements are the most popular and qualified materials for flat irons.
  • Size: It’s depend on the hair texture. For coarse texture, choose a flat ring with wider plus longer plates. For fine hair, smaller plates are sufficient.
  • Temperature Control: Temperature control must be adjustable. It is preferable to choose the iron with the widest temperature range.
  • Weight: Lightweight iron is easy to use and handle.
  • Price: You will find iron compatible with your budget if you look around closely.
  • Warranty: It is recommended to get Hair iron with warranty. So in the case of the accident, you can have the new one.

Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron: Our Final Verdict and Recommendation

The bottom line of discussion Titanium Vs Ceramic Flat Iron is that the buying decision is up to you. Both materials are amazing it their performance. At one hand, the titanium makes sure the user gets professional salon quality finish. The ceramic is a great choice for style maniacs at home. So the buying decision is completely dependent upon the buyers requirements. Our recommendation for Titanium Flat Iron is Buy Babyliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium plated ultra thin straightening iron and for Ceramic Flat Iron Buy Bio Ionic One Pass Ceramic Flat Iron

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