Best 2 Inch Curling Iron Reviews And Buying Guide 2020

What’s The Best 2 Inch Curling Wand On The Market Today?

Different people own different natural hair textures. The hair texture range starts from fine to tough & stubborn hair types. Dealing with fine or medium hair textures is easy. Because low temperatures can curl fine hair easily. The problem occurs when we want Curling iron for tough and coarse hair types. For coarse hair textures, we need premium Curling iron with larger barrel size. That’s why 2 Curling wand is perfect for tough hair types like African American hair texture!

For the convenience of users, here we have reviewed top rated 2 Inch Curling Iron on the market! Let’s check them out!

The Top 5 Best 2 Inch Curling Iron To Buy Right Now

Thing Should Be Consider Choosing The Best 2 Inch Curling Wand:

Whether you want to buy 2 Inch Curling Iron or any other iron, you do your homework. Certain factors affect the buying process to a great degree. Please check out the following section, so next time you can have best Curling iron!

Barrel Size:

Every curl type is dependent upon barrel size. People think the same barrel size can produce every curly hairstyle. Well, that’s not true! For ringlet and tighter curls, you need 5/8”, ½” and 1/8” barrel sizes. Loose and bouncy curls are the outcome of wider barrel sizes. Like 1 ½”. 1 ¼” and 2”.

  • Take a Note Pick The Right Curling Iron Wand Barrel Size and Curly Hairstyles length
Curly Hairstyles length and Tips Curling Iron Barrel Size
¼ Inch Super-tight, Small Curls ¼ Inch Curling Iron
½ Inch Bouncy, Tight, Well-defined Curls 5/8 Inch Curling Iron
1 Inch Casual Curls, Well-Defined Waves 1 Inch Curling Iron
1 ¼ Inch Medium, Looser Curls 1 ¼ Inch Curling Iron
1 ½ Inch Looser Curls With Loads Of Body 1 ½ Inch Curling Iron
2 Inch Lose, Barely-There Waves That Give Hair a Subtle Lift 1 to  ¾ Inch Curling Iron

Barrel shape:

Barrel size precisely determines the rate of curls outcome. But barrel shape gives an accurate structure to the curls. Right now, various types of shapes are available in the market. Such that, reverse cone, pearl, conical or cylindrical, etc. Each shape produces a distinct type of curls.

Heating Material:

Always prefer a ceramic or titanium Curling iron. You cannot find any other heating material better than ceramic or titanium. Ceramic is an affordable material that provides instant heating with consistency. Titanium is a super metal that transfers heat quickly. It is popular due to ultra-high conductivity.

Adjustable Temperature Range:

If you are looking for a professional Curling wand, you must get it with variable temperature control. Every hair texture needs a specific temperature range. Don’t ever use the wrong temperature range. Otherwise, the loss is permanent!

1: – The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

2 Inch Curling IronBeachwaver is the perfect brand to introduce 1″ Inch Barrel Diameter Curling Iron!

As the name shows, Beachwaver is extremely determined to give bouncy and loose curls. Bouncy or wavy curls are obvious in the case of thicker and long hair!

Let’s start with the design! Here we have a totally ergonomic body with a stylish outlook. Honestly, the outlook is impressive and attractive!

Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron equipped with the premium heating system. We have a larger ceramic rod to deliver the world-class heating experience. You will receive instant heating with even distribution. Each hair follicle will get the proper amount of heat quickly. The heating rod rotates in both directions for versatile styling options.

Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Curling Iron temperature control is adjustable, and 2-inch plates made of stubborn hair types. That’s why it offers a temperature range of  290ºF – 410ºF. You can precisely set the desired temperature as per the hair type! There is a swivel cord with professional length. So, you can move around easily!

The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron Features:

  • A professional Curling iron
  • Ergonomic design
  • Impressive Outlook
  • Wider ceramic rod
  • Instant heating
  • Even heat distribution
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Temperature range of 290ºF – 410ºF  degrees
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual rotating barrel


2: – Hot Tools 2 Inch Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

2 Inch Curling IronApart from ceramic or titanium, a gold plated heating barrel is an incredible heating material!

Here we have Hot Tools 2 Inch Curling Iron with the high-quality gold plated barrel!

First of all, the design is pretty ergonomic. Classic users will adore the black and golden outlook. Honestly, it is attractive!

It ensures the production of bouncy curls. It comes with the 2-inch barrel, composed of the gold plated barrel. Here 24 karat gold plated barrel provides instant heating experience. You will get optimum heat with the smooth finish!

Hot Tools 2 Curling Iron temperature control is variable. You have the freedom to set temperature up to 430 degrees. It is a pretty versatile range to deal with all hair textures. The special part of this iron is Pulse heat technology. It senses the heat loss immediately. That’s why it recovers heat so fast! Extra features include soft-grip, swivel cord.

Hot Tools Supertool 2 Curling Iron Features:

  • A professional Curling Wand
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ravishing outlook with black and golden finish
  • Gold plated barrel
  • Quick heating with the smooth finish
  • Adjustable temperature settings up to 430 degrees
  • Soft grip
  • Heavy-duty swivels cord
  • Perfect for wavy curls

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3: – CeramicTi® 2 Inch Tourmaline Spring Curling Iron

HOT TOOLS Professional Ceramic + Tourmaline Curling...
  • Patented Pulse Technology for gets hot & stays hot performance
  • Rheostat heat control up to 430F
  • Comfortable soft grip handle with Extra-long cool tip
  • 8ft swivel cord for tangle-free operation
  • Includes 2 extra easy-to-replace springs

2 Inch Curling IronHere we have another product from Hot Tools! We are talking about Hot Tools Spring 2 Inch Curling Iron!

At first glance, you will know that Ceramic 2 Inch Tourmaline Spring Iron made for long and thick hair textures. The body owns the ergonomic design, so the user can use it with ease. The outlook is decent and aesthetic!

Now coming to the main point that is the heating system! The heating system consists of a tourmaline ceramic barrel. The barrel is 2” wide; that’s why it is ideal for wavy curls. Ceramic is the super awesome material for instant heating. Tourmaline spreads the heat evenly on the hair surface. Tourmaline gives a smooth finish on the surface and provides ionic technology. Because of ionic technology, you will receive frizz-free and shiny hair!

The temperature control is adjustable up to 430 degrees. In this way, it is perfect for all hair textures! Bonus features are swivel cord and replaceable springs.

Ceramic Tourmaline Spring 2 Curling Iron Features:

  • A professional Curling iron
  • Decent outlook
  • Ergonomic body
  • Ceramic tourmaline barrel
  • Quick heating
  • Ionic technology for frizz-free hair
  • Temperature range up to 430 degrees
  • Swivel cord
  • Soft grip
  • Two replaceable springs

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4: – Hot Tools 2 Inch Professional Spring Curling Wand

2 Inch Curling IronHot Tools understands the significance of 2 Inch Curling Iron! That’s it has a wide collection of 2-inch products. At last, we are going to review another product from Hot Tools!

It contains the traditional design and outlook of Hot Tools products. We have an ergonomic body with a golden & black finish. You will love it!

The real charm is the heating system. It consists of the 2-inch gold plated barrel. Precisely, 24 karat gold plated barrel. This heating rod provides a great heating experience quickly. Due to gold plating, the surface is super smooth and delivers shiny hair.

There is a clamp to hold the hair while styling! Hot Tools Curling Iron Temperature range is up to 430 degrees for ensuring the versatile styling. Don’t forget about the swivel cord!

Hot Tools 2 Inch Professional Spring Curling Iron Features:

  • Heavy-duty Curling iron
  • Ergonomic body
  • Stunning outlook
  • 24 karat gold plated barrel
  • Smooth finish
  • Instant heating
  • Temperature range up to 430 degrees
  • Swivel cord

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Final Recommendation

For bouncy or wavy curls, 2 Inch Curling Iron Wand is an ultimate choice! That’s why we composed an above-cited guide. You must get Hot Tools 2 Inch Curling iron, as the brand specializes in heavy-duty Curling irons!