Best Flat Iron for African American Hair of 2020

If you are searching for the best flat iron for African American hair look no further – we have the answers and the best recommendations for you.

Looking for a way to enjoy perfectly straight hair when you have native, African American hair? We have to admit that this might be a challenging task, but finding the best flat iron for African American hair is compulsory no matter how many times you straighten your hair. The need for a best flat iron for curly hair is important for any woman with African American hair types. These hairstylist women lead to the invention of flat irons. African American women have fabulous hair that is thick, coarse and curly, but sometimes hard to straighten which is why finding the best flat iron is essential since straight hair has been, it is and will continue to be a dominant trend.

So, in this regard, owning a flat iron is the best option to achieve the desired hairstyle right in the comfort of your home. Yeah, you can use other alternatives like chemicals and conditioners. But flat iron is the fastest way to straight African Americal hair and make hairstyles.

These days companies are coming up with top-notch quality and high-end technology for satisfying the needs of their customers. But still buying a flat iron is not purchasing any normal day to day product. Purchase of Best Flat Iron For African American Hair is affected by certain things. There is a lot to know about these flat irons.

In this article, we are are going to discuss in detail the structure and nature of hair straightener and on which hair type they work optimally.

The Top 5 Best Flat Iron For African American

What Defines African American Hair Texture?

Every girl and woman thinks African American hair as a nightmare.  African American hair is extremely hard to mold into any hairstyle. This ethnic type of hair is thick and coarse naturally. Kinky and dry Hair texture structure are other facts. Most of the girls have no idea how to deal with their African American hair.

Best Flat Iron for African American Hair is a great tool to flatten and stylize your hair. But right flat iron! Because African American hair is porous and dry, it means upon drying it is going to lose all of its moisture. In order,  achieve healthiest and stylish results with a flat iron, you need to choose the best one!

Choose the Right Flat Iron For Your Hair Texture : 

African American hair types are unusual ones. Type, nature, structure and length, every condition African American hair is odd for styling. As it is thick, coarse, curly, kinky, dry and short. So you can’t use, simply normal flat iron directly on this hair type.

We have great care for our readers. That’s why we have prepared a detailed list of Top 5 Best Flat Iron for African American Hair. So you just need to pick one that suits best for you. Choose the Best Flat Iron That Won’t Damage Hair

1. TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron

Ts-2 Millenium Curling Irons

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TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron is by far Best Flat Iron for African American Hair on the hairstyles world. It is famous for its elegant and extraordinary design. Designers kept certain things in mind while designing this product. For example, it has got a simple and sleek design for providing comfort to the user. This way the user can handle plus control this product easily. People fall in love with this flat iron just by looking at its design. The ergonomic design potentially gives access closer to the scalp without damaging it.

Nano titanium heating plates used in TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron. Nano titanium has a reputation as the best and quicker conductor of heat. These plates allow smoother and soft finish.

Nano titanium plates are so smooth that it can move easily through your hair. The adjustable temperature that reaches up to a maximum of 450 degrees. A common range of temperature for curly and thick hair is 235 – 450 degrees. This way TS-2 is the top choice for Best Flat Iron for African American Hair.

It is lighter in weight and hand will not ache while straightening your hair. Lightweight design enhances the user experience, and you can make a variety of hairstyles with this great flat iron. Auto Shut off is another promising feature. In case you forget your iron-on, after 60 minutes of no usage, this flat iron will shut down automatically.

Plates are 1 inch wider perfect for African American hair type, also for all types of hair texture.TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron hair straightener is Safe and efficient for African American Hair.


  • Nano titanium plates for faster and smoother straightening
  • 1 Nano titanium plates
  • Ergonomic design for closer access to the scalp
  • Heat up in 30 seconds
  • Auto shut down feature
  • 9 feet long  tangle swivel cord for the better experience
  • 60 min auto shut off for safety and long life



2. Izutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron, Black, 1.25 Inch

Izutech Ktx 450 Titanium Digital Flat Iron, Black, 1.25 Inch

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Izutech Flat Iron Ktx450 is the topmost Best Flat Iron for African American Hair in the market. It is a bit expensive than other flat irons but totally worth your money and time.

The design is also Lately unique and sleek with style. The design tells a lot about its efficiency and durability. The reviews show that people love their durability. Once they have bought Izutech, they won’t need any other flat iron.

The optimal choice for African American hair is titanium plates. So Izutech added titanium plates in its flat iron. Smoother finish and the quicker results are the specialties of titanium plates. They provide scratch-free and resistant free straightening within few minutes. Now going to a party or event is easier, as you got Izutech flat iron.

Another reason to use titanium plates is lightweight. This Best Flat Iron for African American Hair is exceptionally lighter in weight and easy to use. Your hand won’t get tired while styling with this flat iron. IZUTECH Flat Iron Ktx450 Nano titanium plates are non-toxic and non-allergic.

So with minimal arm strength, you will get static-free straight hair within a few minutes with an Izutech flat iron.

Temperature is adjustable with a wide range of heating. So you can have the temperature best suited for your hair. Plates are 1.25 inches for giving the awesome experience of straightening for any hair type.


  • Pure titanium plates for efficient and faster heating and Recovery
  • Slim and sleek design with Ultra-light in weight
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Floating plates prevent pulling of hair
  • 9 feet long tangle-free swivel cord


3. FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron

FHI HEAT Platform Pro Styling Tourmaline Hair Straightener...

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FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling flat iron is a symbolic representation of strong efficiency. This Best Flat Iron for African American Hair has made its reputation in the market of Ceramic tourmaline flat irons.

Its signature black and red design can be recognized from miles away. Its signature red heating plates define elegance and performance. There are few flat irons with ceramic plates that give competition to titanium plates flat irons. FHI is one of them!

You will find FHI tourmaline ceramic flat iron hair straightener is a toolkit for every professional stylist. Ceramic plates infused with tourmaline and this tourmaline was in crystal shape that crushed before adding in ceramic. These types of plates made for faster heating and even smooth distribution of hair.

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron temperature is adjustable and can be select between 140 – 450 degrees. That is the wide range offered by any flat iron. It means FHI hair straightener works great for fine to thick hair.

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron known for great heat distribution tools, so the quality remains uniform by this. The use of infrared technology prevents hair damage that usually caused by flat irons. Negative ions avoid frizz in hair. So static-free hair within instants!

Long Swivel cord! Well, this is the biggest number offered in the market. Now you get why professionals keep hands-on FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling flat iron. If you want to know more about all FHI hair straighteners, read  FHI Flat Iron Reviews


  • Ceramic tourmaline plates for the smooth straightening process
  • Negative ions remove frizz and lock moisture on cuticles
  • Adjustable temperature between 140 – 450 degrees
  • High-Speed Heat Recovery
  • long swivel cord for better performance
  • Ceramic Plates Infused with Tourmaline


4. T3 SinglePass Straightening and Styling Iron

T3 Micro SinglePass Straightening and Styling Iron

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T3 SinglePass Straightening and Styling Iron, 1 Inch flat iron is winning the heart of users for many years. This Best Flat Iron for African American Hair is an award-winning product due to its great execution. Its mission was presenting best hair straightening services for all hair types. As an opinion, it has accomplished the mission amazingly.

Black and white sleek, minimal design is a unique thing about T3 flat iron. The heating plates are made up of ceramic infused tourmaline. Tourmaline is a gemstone comprised of aluminum, iron, sodium, magnesium, lithium, and potassium. This integrated material provides a polished and smooth finish after usage. Secondly, even heat distribution.

As the name suggests, it is one pass flat iron. Women and professionals love one pass flat irons. As they save time. You no longer have to straighten your hairs for hours, with T3 straightener done this within minutes. Now easily flip the iron for getting bouncy curls or straight strands. T3 SinglePass Straightening and Styling Iron, 1 Inch Infrared heating technology saves scalp from damage, and ionic technology avoids frizz plus seals natural water on hair.T3 SinglePass Straightening and Styling Iron is the best ceramic flat iron African American hair


  • Ceramic tourmaline plates with the highest quality
  • The infrared heating system protects the scalp from damage
  • Ionic Emission keeps hair frizz-free and retains luster to hair
  • The best choice for professionals!
  • Adjustable Temperature Control up to 450 degrees
  • 9-foot tangle-free swivel cords
  • Dual Voltage For worldwide use
  • Ideal For Normal Hair


5. Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

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Solano Sleek Heat 450 Professional Flat Iron is a professional Best Flat Iron for African American Hair. It is going to cost you more money than other flat irons. But have faith, it is worth each and every penny you will spend on it.

Its design is more user-friendly and ergonomic. Girls find it easier to use. The design makes it more streamline and help to slide through hair without any pinching or pulling.

Ceramic tourmaline plates are responsible for quick heat up and recovery. It works brilliantly from fine to thick, coarse hair. That’s it is considered as the best flat iron for curly hair. It will take one minute to heat fully and recovery the heat instantly.

Variable temperature settings are a major feature. You are allowed to adjust temperature heat up to 450 degrees. So now styling your fine or curly hair is no longer a headache.

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron Ionic technology is the driving force behind removing frizz and retaining the natural shine by locking moisture. The cool tips will help you to use this iron with safety.


  • Ceramic tourmaline plates
  • 1 1/4 professional Flat Iron
  • Rounded edges for enhancing its usability
  • A versatile flat iron with the temperature range of 450 degrees maximum
  • Heat up in 60 second and instant heat recovery
  • Cool touch tips
  • Far Infrared Heat with ceramic beveled plates


How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener For Your Hair

Purchasing a Best Flat Iron for African American Hair is not an easy task. You can’t just go to the store and ask for a flat iron. The flat iron is not the day to day product. Every hair type needs a specific flat iron. So what you should see while getting a flat iron.

Read below and you will find your best answer.

  • Plates Material: Plates material is the main thing responsible for straightening. When plates transfer the heat be sure about your hair type because hair texture and plates temperature have a deep relation with each other. Ceramic Tourmaline and Nano titanium plates are an absolute option for African American hair.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: Girls should not pick flat irons with fixed temperature control. Because if it is the lower limit, it won’t work for thick hair and vice versa.
Hair Types Hair Length Plate Width Temperature Setting
Coarse, Thick, Curly Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ½ Inch 350°F – 400°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 2 Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inches* 380°F – 410°F
Normal, Medium/Average Medium Thickness or Wavy Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ¼ Inch 300°F – 350°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 1 ½ Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inches* 360°F – 380°F
Fine, Thin, Damage or Naturally Straight Hair Any Any 250°F – 300°F
Fragile Hair Any ½ – 1 ½ Inch Below 250°F
  • Automatic Shut-off: This feature is coming in all the latest models. Auto shut off is better for your safety.
  • Plates Size: Larger and wider the plates, the more is the applications.
Plate Size Hair Length Hair Texture
1” to 1.5” All lengths Fine and thin
1” to 1.25” Short Normal
1” to 1.5” Medium Normal
1.25” to 2” Long Normal
1.25” Short Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 2” Medium Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 3” Long Coarse, thick or curly
  • Accessories: Don’t forget to bring a flat iron with accessories like brushes and barrels for giving a new level to your creativity.

How to Straightening African American Hair with a Flat Iron?

The most important tip is getting the best flat iron for black hair or the best flat iron for natural African American hair. After this, you can start the straightening procedure. Follow the steps below:

  • For achieving top end hairstyle, you need to wash your hair properly with high-quality conditioning products. Avoid the use of sulfates and don’t leave a residue. Otherwise, you will get a poor straightening finish.
  • For better straight hair, first, blow-dry your hair. This way, there will be no extra moisture or residue on your hair.
  • Next section your hair. It is a good practice to start at the bottom to the top for great results. Keep the balance between plates size and section size. You can use a fine comb for more tight and clean straight hair.
  • Pay more attention to the hair near the scalp. Avoid leaving roots undone. Because frizzy root hairs will give a bizarre look to your hairstyle.
  • The flat iron is not only straightening. Be creative and flip flat iron for bouncy and wavy curls.
  • Use pomade or wax of high quality after finishing straightening. That will add more shine and value to the hairdo.

Final Recommendation

After reading this article, you are perfectly qualified to buy a  Best Flat Iron for African American Hair. From their nature to the structure to usage and types, you are aware of everything. Now you will make a wise purchase decision as you know which products suit best for your hair. We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about how to Choose The Best Flat Iron for African American Hair


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