Best Flat Iron Holder

Iron holders are quite important accessories these days. As an iron holder can increase the lifetime of your flat iron it can be expected to have some variety to chose from on the market; however, it is really important to know how to choose from. Otherwise, you can just end up with a holder that won’t help you that much, or even with a holder that will melt if it is not made from proper heat resistant materials.

The main purpose of a flat iron holder is to keep your flat iron safe, I know that all of us accidentally dropped the flat iron because we just put it on the side of the table and simply forget about it and end up smashing it onto the ground. But by placing it into a holder it will be safe from your negligence.

Best Flat Iron Holder of 2020

ZAXOP Resistant Silicone Mat Pouch

ZAXOP Resistant Silicone Mat Pouch for Flat Iron, Curling...

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This travel pouch is perfect if you are looking for a cheap but resistant holder for your flat iron. It is non-toxic and approved by the FDA, it supports heat up to 460 F degrees.  It is mat & non-slippery, therefore it can be let on any kind of surface and underneath the surface will not even get hot. 

It has a dual-use, it can be used as a cushion and you can use it as a pouch as you can carry it everywhere or you can store your hot tool in it.

As it is made of silicone it is durable, making a good long time investment.  You can choose from 7 colors , therefore it won’t disappoint you 

Benefits and features:

  • Non-toxic, approved by FDA
  • Made of resistant silicone
  • It is affordable
  • You can choose from 7 different colors
  • Easy to care everywhere with you

Holster Brands Hot Styling Tool Storage Holder

Hot Iron Holster Original… (Navy)

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Whether it is a curling iron, a flat iron or a straightener, this holder can hold them all. It is made from resistant silicon, therefore it can resist to up 500 F degrees (usually a flat iron reach up to 450 F degrees).  It fits anywhere, from the tiny bathroom to huge salons, moreover, it won’t ruin the décor as you can choose from 4 different colors. 

It is easy to use, you can stick it to any clean, smooth and dry surface. It is easy to clean as well, you will only need soap and water or you just can simply put it in a dishwasher.  You can carry it easily as it is tiny and lightweight, it is perfect for travelling, salons and home.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Made of resistant silicon, supports up to 500 F degrees
  • Different colors to choose from

mDesign Metal Wire Cabinet

mDesign Metal Wire Cabinet/Wall Mount Hair Care & Styling...

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If you are looking for a wall-mounted flat iron storage this might be a great choice. It has a basket with 4 compartments where you can easily store your hot tools no matter if it’s a flat iron or a hairdryer, this will hold up to 4 hot tools in the same time due to its generous size. It is made of high quality, strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish.

Don’t be scared of the installation. It comes with clear instructions and it is easy to install. It will come with the screws you need for its installation.  It fits even in a small bathroom as you can fix it everywhere and it has a compact size. It is easy to clean!

Features and benefits:

  • It is a basket with 4 divided compartments
  • Has a generous size: 4’’ x 13.4’’ x 8.3’’ high ;  3.75x 13’’ x3’’ height inside the basket
  • The compartments diameters: 3’’ – three compartments; 4’’ one compartment;
  • It comes with clear instructions and screws 
  • Space saver
  • Safe to use with any hot tool as it’s made of high quality materials and it won’t melt

Polder Style Station

Polder Style Station, Organization for Styling Tools: Hair...

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A handy, smart and efficient hot tool storage solution, praised by thousands of people is Polder Style Station. At an affordable price, you can get a heat resistant holder which has multiple openings where you can fit your flat iron, curling iron blow dryers and many more. It does have a heat-resistant mesh and a silicon base which allow the styling tools to cool down quickly.

It is specially designed for the safety cooling down and storage the hot tools, but please don’t leave your styling tools turned on as it can cause a fire hazard. 

 It basically fits everywhere,  you don’t need complicated instructions and tools to install it. You can hang it on a towel bar, you can put in on counter or you can let it sit in a drawer, which can be very handy.

Features and benefits:

  • It has 3 opening with a very good size: 1-1/2’’ height x 9-3/4’’ width x 5-3/4’’ diameter 
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t require an installation
  • Made of high quality and resistant materials
  • It cools down the styling tools safely
  • You can choose from 5 colors

CROC Glamour Stations

CROC Glamour Stations Hair Dryer & Flat Iron Dual Holder,...

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This luxuriously designed storage unit is perfect for any 3 hot tools. It is small and it can easily fit on a table or on the bathroom counter.  It has non-slip feet, therefore you can remove and replace each item when you are in a hurry quick without any problem as it won’t fall down.  

It is ideal for someone who wants a storage stander which doesn’t require installation, being suitable for professional salons and home use.  It is made of high quality materials, therefore it won’t meltdown and it’s safe to use.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to fit
  • It is lightweight
  • Heat and shock resistant 
  • Can store any three styling tools
  • Suitable for professional salons and for home use

BCP Aqua Blue Holder

Aqua Blue Chervon Water-Resistant Neoprene Curling Iron...

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If you are looking for a water resistant case to protect your flat iron or your curling iron this might be the best option for you. It is about 15’’ inches length, therefore it fits standard flat irons (many customers proudly declared it can fit even two straighteners or one flat iron and one curling iron). It is perfect for holidays and even to help your iron staying safe in the bag. 

At an affordable price, you can get a heat protectant holder and at the same time a water resistant pouch. It has two pockets, one for your flat iron and the other one, which is visibly smaller, is great for storing your hairbrush or your hairpin or even the straightener cord. 

It is lightweight and it has a pretty design and it does what it should do, protect your styling tools for water and protects everything from the heat.

Features and benefits:

  •  Waterproof case and heatproof holder
  • It has two pockets perfect for flat iron and accessories
  • Lightweight, travel friendly
  • It has 15’’ inches length


JackCubeDesign Storage Holder

JACKCUBE Design Hair Dryer Holder Hair Styling Product Care...

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With a simple yet amazing design, this product won’t disappoint you especially if you need an organizer for your bathroom, salon or your beauty desk. It is very spacious, it has 3 compartments to store your styling tools such as flat irons, straighteners blow dryers etc.  One large compartment where you can store your beauty products or accessories. 

It’s made of high quality synthetic white leather which makes it look very stylish, the holes are made from metal material therefore heavy beauty tools won’t felt down. You can simply just put it everywhere, even on top of your toilet as it’s quite compact. 

Features and benefits:

  • Size of the product: 11.9 x 7.5x 5.2’’ inches
  • The biggest hole( for the blow dryer): 3.5’’ diameter
  • Can be used to cool off the styling tools
  • Can be used as a beauty products storage 

What should you consider when you are buying an iron holder?


Holder type

Deciding which type of iron holder you need may sound easy but it is not. Before deciding this, you should mind the space that you have available for the holder. If you don’t have enough space to place it on a table, then you can opt for wall mount holders that can be easily attached to the wall or you can even choose a holder that has hooks so you can just hang it on the cabinet door. On the other side, if you have space available you can choose tray mat holders or event stand holders if you have the space needed.

Material used

It is not impossible for the heat emitted by the flat iron to actually meltdown a poor quality holder. Therefore, it is important to check if the desired iron holder is made with heat resistant materials in order to avoid destroying it with the iron’s heat. Also, you should look for holders made from sturdy materials as there still is a low chance of dropping the holder (especially if it is not a holder fixed with screws such as the wall mount holders).

If you are going to mount your holder in the bathroom you should also think about the damage over time caused by the water and water vapors. Therefore, you may need to look for a flat iron holder that presents water-resistant materials.


Consider storage possibilities. Depending on the holder, you can be able to store only one flat iron or even two or three flat irons, sometimes the holder may even have slots for different accessories such as blow dryers or brushes. It is really important to consider the storage possibilities offered by the holder as it may save more space than you ever expected. 

Consider the holder size. Do not ever buy a holder just because you think it may fit. Do proper research on its sizes and then check with a ruler if it fits before buying it especially if you are low on space. 

Consider the looks. We all know that the looks matter, everyone wants to have their personal space to look astonishing but your design can easily be ruined by a little mistake such as getting a holder that won’t match. Therefore, think in advance about how it would look and try to find a holder that will also match your design preferences.

Consider the price. Even if usually the flat iron holders are not that expensive, it does not mean that the price would be paying for them reflects their true value. It is important to know how to create a balance between the price and value and to ask yourself if it is worth it. If your answer is still yes, then you may be found the perfect holder for you. 



In conclusion, I can say that you should not pick the first holder you find online just because you need one. As I mentioned earlier, the process of finding a good flat iron holder is not that easy and it will require some time if you want to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. As you have a lot of things to consider before buying the holder, it is really important to have the patience needed to search for the perfect holder for you.

It is guaranteed that you will find what you actually need as the market offers such a wide variety of flat iron holders, but all you need is the time and the patience to take a look at them and to properly research them as the first impressions may not be true and you shouldn’t decide based on good looking images alone.

Moreover, the most important thing is to consider your needs, the most suitable holder will be the one that is able to match the most of your needs.