Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair of 2020

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair is the perfect tool for satisfying all styling needs of women. Women with kinky or curly hair always think of having natural and straight hair. To be honest, women do anything to achieve silky and glossy straight hair at any cost.

The flat iron has made women or girl’s life easier. Girls can’t help with styling cravings; they have. They would go to extreme limits to get hairdos that models on the ramp have. Trying out new haircuts and hairstyles tells a whole new story about you. Every day choosing a new style shows how bold and flexible you are. You are not a rigid person who can’t let go of his one straight personality.

So I guess, making yourself elegant and radiant with trendy hairstyles is not a bad thing. But we got one problem! Obviously, you can go to the salon daily for updated hairstyles. It will cost a lot. But we got a cheaper alternative! Durable and awesome one! Yes, you have guessed it right. I am talking about getting a Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair.

In this article, we are going to talk about Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair, hair types, and tips on how to buy flat irons. Buying a flat iron is different from other products. One should have read a guide about them. For your convenience, we have composed this guide on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair.

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair of 2020

What Defines Natural Hair Texture?

There are four types of natural hair we defined. Check here:

  • Straight Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Kinky Hair

Although loving your natural hair type is a good thing. But still, girls have this habit of wanting hair type the other girl has, and This is the main problem faced by girls or Women with kinky and curly hair. Most girls with wavy and straight hair love their hair. Making versatile hairstyles with kinky or curly hair is impossible. These hair types are so thick and coarse. Heat is needed to mold them into luscious hairstyles.

That’s where Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair comes in handy. Flat Iron helps to play with curly hair into any stylish hairdo.

Choose the Right Flat Iron For Your Hair Texture : 

Purchase of Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair is not like an ordinary purchase. You can’t simply go to the store and look for a flat iron.  A flat iron is a customized product. It should complement your hair. The flat iron is a bit expensive cosmetic and hair care product. Honestly, you will buy it yearly at maximum. So pick which suits best for your hair type. Otherwise, you will end up frying your hair. Much dangerous situation.

We are very careful about our visitors. For your true guidance, here we pick the top 5 Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair discussed within the detail.


1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BabylissPRO Nano Nano Titanium 1' Mini Straightening Iron...

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Babyliss has impressed women and professionals all over the globe as being Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair. There is no doubt about Babyliss Pro flat iron regarding performance. Babyliss Pro flat iron is a perfect pair of end most technology and design. The designers designed this machine for the best stylists.

Having unique and slim designs is breathtaking for any woman. With such a slim design, girls and women find it extremely easy to use while straightening.

When it comes to Nano titanium flat irons, Babyliss is on top. The best pick for titanium flat iron. As the name says, plates are made up of Nano Titanium material, and that is the latest and most innovative technology used for heating plates. Nano Titanium lets instant and even heating with a smoother finish.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron adjustable temperature that can go to the 430F Degrees degrees makes it a high-end tool for any hair type. Ionic technology eliminates the possible frizz from hair and seals natural moisture on the hair for a glossy look. Infrared technology has removed the chances of hair damage due to heat.

Babyliss Pro Titanium flat iron Ultra slim design makes it ultra-light in weight and easy to use. Best insulator covering has been used to keep your hand safe from heating plates.


  • Nano titanium plates for instant and even heat distribution
  • Temperature goes up to 430F Degrees
  • Dual Voltage Hair straightener for worldwide use
  • Excellent swivel cord and perfect for traveling
  • 1 inch Nano titanium plates
  • Ultra-slim and light in weight


2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Styler

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium 1' Digital Straightener

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BaByliss Nano Titanium C Styler, 1½ inch is by far the Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair for creating cool flips and waves. No other flat iron can achieve such exceptional performance as a straightening device.

Like other Babyliss products, Babyliss C Styler also got a unique design. Blue color has become its signature color. Pure symbol of elegance and style.

The plates obviously comprised of Nano titanium technology. Nano titanium serves as the exceptional conductor of heat. Now making flips or curves is just a matter of few seconds due to Babyliss C Styler. Nano titanium plates provide instant heat and distribute that heat evenly on the hair for a top finish.

Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron Adjustable temperature control with 50 different settings making it usable for any hair type and maximum heating up to 450° F. BaByliss Nano Titanium C Styler, 1½ inch Inch ensure Maximum heat up. Cool tips will keep your hand safe.

BaByliss Nano Titanium C Styler, 1 1/2 Inch features:

  • Nano titanium plates for faster heating
  • Advanced technology to remove frizz and seals moisture
  • 50 different settings and maximum heating up to 450° F
  • ultra-smooth 1½ inch Plate
  • Perfect For smooth curves and waves



3. Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic 1″ Styling Iron

Sedu Revolution 1” Professional Styling Iron, Straightener...

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Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron, 1 Inch has built a reputation as the best flat iron for fine hair over the years. Sedu is the leading brand in the market of flat irons and hair care products. Sedu tourmaline flat iron is one of the Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair. Designers thought of professional stylists while making this amazing tool. Professional stylists only need faster machines with essential working features.

The heating plates are of ceramic plates with the best quality. Ceramic plates were finished off with tourmaline covering. Tourmaline provides ultra-smooth passes while straightening. It just glides through the hair so easily; you don’t have to pull your hair.

Sedu Revolution flat iron plates heat instant, and It heats up within a minute to the maximum. The versatile temperature settings serve the purpose more accurately. The Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron design is more ergonomic for ensuring comfortable styling. Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron long swivel cord with 360 degrees rotation provides better access to your hair without twisting your hand.


  • Ceramic plates infused with tourmaline for smoother heating
  • Tourmaline reduces chances of frizz
  • Instant heating and advanced heat recovery technology
  • Temperature range is adjustable
  • long swivel cord
  • Safe for all hair length type and texture


4. HSI Professional Glider

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener...

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Next in the list of Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair is HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. HSI provides top-end professional and salon-quality straightening experience at home. Girls and stylists keep this great tool as an essential part of their toolkit.

HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener made by the ceramic infused material with tourmaline plates. This combination of ceramic and tourmaline is responsible for faster and even heating for streamlining the straightening process.

The temperature settings are variable from 140-450°F degrees. The best part, control is digital. It means you can accurately set the temperature needed for your hair. So no matter you have fine or coarse hair, HSI flat iron is at your service.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Hair Straightener 1 inch wider plate with beveled edges makes easier to have luscious curves or flips at the courtesy of few passes.

You accidentally forgot to shut off your HSI flat iron, don’t worry, this flat iron got this. Auto shut-off is a great feature to keep you safe when you are not using the flat iron. The floating ceramic plates will make your hairstyle in fewer passes. Ergonomic design for better user experience. Swivel cord will let you make curls without your hand get tired of twisting.


  • 100% True solid tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Faster and efficient
  • adjustable temperature controls with a range of 140-450°F degrees
  • Ergonomic design and smart infrared technology
  • Dual Voltage Flat Iron For worldwide use
  • Tangle-free 360 degrees moved swivel cord


5. Remington S7901 Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate

Remington S7311 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener, 1-Inch,...

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Last in the list of Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair is S7901 Remington flat iron. Well, you know you have to blow dry your hair before flat iron. But what if you are in so much hurry, and want to straight hair right away with wet hair. Do we have any flat iron for this situation?

Luckily we have Remington flat iron. One of the best flat iron for curly hair. Now just take a shower, and make your favorite hairstyle with Remington directly on wet hair.

Plates are made up of ceramic material influence with tourmaline. Ceramic is an absolute material for providing faster heat. The best part of Remington is steam. Yes, Remington has steam vents. That’s why you don’t need to blow dry your hair before using Remington flat iron.

Remington S7901 Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron also works as one pass flat iron. It means curls and waves in just one pass. The temperature control is digital with 30 Digital Heat Settings.


  • Ceramic plates with tourmaline for faster heating
  • No need to blow dry due to steam vents
  • Straight hairs in one pass
  • Digital temperature control
  • Auto shut off features after 60 minutes
  • Tourmaline Wet2Straight Technology
  • within 30 seconds Maximum heat up 425F


How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener For Your Hair

Buying a Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair is tedious work. Girls should pay attention to flat iron and its features before buying that product. Several companies are selling the best products. But that does not mean all products are going to be fine for every hair type.

Keep these factors in mind before choosing a flat iron for yourself:

  • Plates Material: Plates material is the primary thing responsible for the heating. Without heating plates, a flat iron is nothing like iron. Right now, two material types, are famous for heating plates. Nano titanium is an exceptional medium for conductivity. Flat irons with Nano Titanium plates heat up in instants, and ceramic plates do quick heating with smoother hairstyles finish.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: Adjustable Temperature control features are essential for any professional flat iron. Temperature control should be adjustable and wider in range. Because if you had fine hair and got fixed high-temperature flat iron, then you are at a loss and vice versa.
Hair Types Hair Length Plate Width Temperature Setting
Coarse, Thick, Curly Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ½ Inch 350°F – 400°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 2 Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inches* 380°F – 410°F
Normal, Medium/Average Medium Thickness or Wavy Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ¼ Inch 300°F – 350°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 1 ½ Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inches* 360°F – 380°F
Fine, Thin, Damage or Naturally Straight Hair Any Any 250°F – 300°F
Fragile Hair Any ½ – 1 ½ Inch Below 250°F
  • Plates Size: Plates size should be 1 – 1.5 inches for working perfectly for every hair type. 5 inches long plates are suitable for any hair type with any length. So look for wider and longer plates. Beveled edges will work for waves and curls.
Plate Size Hair Length Hair Texture
1” to 1.5” All lengths Fine and thin
1” to 1.25” Short Normal
1” to 1.5” Medium Normal
1.25” to 2” Long Normal
1.25” Short Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 2” Medium Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 3” Long Coarse, thick or curly
  • Auto Shut Off: Auto Shut-off is the new feature in the latest models of the flat iron. These features should be an added feature in every flat iron for ensuring safety. So when you are not using a flat iron, it should be shut off on its own.
  • Accessories: Nowadays, flat irons are coming with various accessories like barrels and brushes. So look for a flat iron with accessories. So, your creativity will lift up to the new level.
  • Digital Temperature Control: Digital temperature control will provide more accurate heating.

How To Straightening Natural Hair?

You got a flat iron,  but don’t know how to straighten your hair. Don’t worry, read the following steps and stylize your hair within a few minutes.

  • It is recommended to shower your hair before straightening. Use good conditioners and shampoos for the silkier finish.
  • Now, dry your hair completely, otherwise after straightening your hair will be full of frizz.
  • After a blow-dry, section your hair in bunches. Set the temperature of a flat iron, which suits best for your hair type. Start straightening from bottom to upwards.
  • Flat Iron assists you to make flips and curls. So be creative and bold!
  • After straightening, apply pomade or wax for a long-lasting effect.
Final Recommendation

So, the bottom line is that you have read the complete guide on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair. Now you can examine yourself and will have an idea about hair types. Choosing and buying flat iron is a lot easier now. So time for getting a new flat iron! We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance on how to buy Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair.

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