Best Flat Iron For Frizzy Hair

Many of us have frizzy hair, meaning that our hair is dry and untamed and by choosing the wrong flat iron, we can bring even more damage to our hair. When it comes to the hair, everyone treats it with extra care, especially the ones that struggled to grow it over a couple of years. After that much time spent to get the hair at the desired length, it would be a shame not to take care of it and to damage it.

Therefore, as frizzy hair is more vulnerable compared to regular hair, it is recommended to take extra care when you are choosing a flat iron as you may end up severely damaging your hair with poor quality flat irons.

Best Flat Iron For Frizzy Hair of 2020

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1-1/2 Inch, Nano...

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If you want to obtain incredible results in a short time, but you have long thick and hard to straighten hair you should take a look at this product. 

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium is one of the most recommended flat iron by the hairdressers, used in many salons, but it’s also safe and easy to use it at home, meaning that you can become your own hairstylist saving time and money. 

Because is made of titanium it is good for fast heat transfer, many costumers saying that it takes about 20 minutes to straighten a long curly hair. It is naturally durable, which is a great long-term investment and it’s lightweight. It is pleasant to use as the ceramic plates won’t pull out your hair. As the product is thinner than other flat irons it’s easier to get closer to your hair root. 

Its ionic technology makes it the best product for frizzy, dry and damaged hair.

Features and Benefits:

  • LED temperature settings up to 450°F
  • Titanium plates
  • Digital ionic technology
  • Ceramic heater 
  • Ionic technology 

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener...

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Budget friendly and with thousands of positives review this flat iron is suitable for all types of hair. Its adjustable temperature range between 170 – 450° F and can be clearly read from the LCD display which is provided by the straightener. For safety reasons, it has an auto shut off feature.  Because the plates are made of titanium, helps in even heat distribution, leaving the hair straight, smooth and silky without any frizz and the burning risk is minimalized.  

Although it is a bit heavier than other straighteners it has an ergonomic design and it is quite durable. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple temperature setting
  • It heats up fast
  • LCD display 
  • It is durable
  • Auto shut off function

xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

xtava Pro Satin Infrared Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic...

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If you have frizzy hair and you want a budget-friendly straightener then you should take a look at this product.  With thousands of positives review,  this flat iron which has 2-inch wide, ceramic tourmaline plates, will leave your frizzy hair shiny and smooth in no time! It heats up fast, which is very handy especially for busy people, and it’s travel friendly due to its dual voltage plug, as a bonus it has an extra long cord and a cool swivel. 

Infrared and tourmaline stimulate negatives ions, helping reducing moisture even on humid weather. 

It does have an auto shut off function after 60 minutes of inactivity, therefore you don’t have to worry about causing a fire. Another great feature it has it’s the lock up feature so no more burnt hair by mistake! All you have to do is to double click the power button, therefore you don’t have to worry about changing its a temperature by mistake as long as you locked it.

 As a bonus, it comes with 2 years warranty and money back guarantee. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Auto lock function
  • 10 temperature setting between 265-445°F degrees
  • 2 inch wide floating plates
  • Dual-plate even heating
  • 360 degrees swivel cord
  •  8 foot extra-long cord
  • It does use infrared and tourmaline heating technology

Remington S8540 Keratin Protect Straightener

Remington S8540 Keratin Protect Straightener

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One of the most loved straightener worldwide is Remington S8540 and it’s easy to see why.  Its ceramic hot plates are infused with keratin.  Nowadays, keratin it’s one of the best remedies against frizzy hair. It smooths the hair, prevent split endings and breakage and gives an extra boost of moisture, leaving the hair easy to manage.

Besides of keratin, the plates are also infused with almond oil, which diminishes friction during hair styling.  Overall, these two ingredients which the plates are infused with, will leave your hair nourished and silky.

It has 9 heat setting from 302- 446 Fahrenheit degrees, which makes the flat iron suitable for all types of hair and it has a universal, dual voltage, making it travel friendly.

The Remington brand including this model is well known for its durability and its fabulous results even on the most untamed and damage hair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ceramic plates coated with keratin and almond oil
  • 9 heat settings, between 302- 446 Fahrenheit degrees
  • Digital display
  • Dual voltage

T3-SinglePass Luxe

T3 - SinglePass Luxe 1 Inch Professional Straightening &...

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With a digital heating system which maintains the heat, and with T3 tourmaline, Ceramic and Ionic technology this flat iron aims to straighten or curl your long, thick and coarse hair in one stroke leaving your hair smooth, without any frizz.

It does have 5 great heat settings, the lowest temperature you can get is 260°F, which is perfect for fine, damaged or dry hair and the hottest temperature you can get is 410°F which is great for thick yet frizzy hair.

It is quick to use, it heats fast and if you forget to turn it off you don’t have to worry. It will automatically turn off after 60 minutes of inactivity. The great thing about this flat iron is that works great even on short hair, comparing to other straighteners which usually are more suitable for long hair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom blend ceramic plates
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Internal microchip which maintains even temperature
  • Five heat setting between 260°F – 410°F
  • It includes two sectioning clips
  • Auto shut off

Remington Wet2Straight

Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron with Ceramic + Titanium...

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 Have you ever dreamt to straight your wet hair with a flat iron without to fry it? If the answer is yes, then check out this flat iron, as a bonus, it is budget friendly too!  

Having ceramic and titanium plates, it heats up in just 30 seconds and can be used on wet or dry hair without any problems. Furthermore, it can be used on all types of hair as it has 30 heat settings, and you can choose between 1 inch( for short hair)  or 1.75 inch plates (for long hair). 

Now you can enjoy a snag-free and quick styling at home at a friendly price!

Features and Benefits: 

  • 30 heat settings
  • Unique steam vents
  • Ceramic and titanium plates
  • Wet/ Dry styling indicator
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Auto shut off

Remington 8510

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Specially created for an all day anti-frizz protection, this flat iron promise to reduce the frizz up to 65% for up to 15 hours.  It will straighten nice and fast as its temperature reaches 450 F degrees and it heats up in only 30 seconds.

It has ceramic plates infused with conditioners which will help your hair to stay smooth longer, reducing the frizz.  The plates are 1” inch which makes the flat iron perfect for short and medium hair. The lowest temperature it can get is 300F, therefore it is not suitable for extra damaged hair, as it will need a temperature below 300 °F degrees.

A great feature this flat iron has it’s the turbo boost button, which will raise the flat iron temperature to 450 F for faster result. The temperature can be seen on its LCD Display.

For the safety reasons, it does an auto shut off function after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides temperature between 300 °F degrees and 450 °F degrees
  • It is infused with anti-frizz micro-conditioner
  • Heats up fast, in 30 seconds
  • It has an auto shut off function
  • Turbo boost button
  • It does have an LCD display


Tips for frizzy hair


Choose the right flat iron with the right plates

It is important to choose an iron made on good quality materials in order to obtain your dream style. Poor quality flat irons will cause frizz, damage or they even burn your hair.  What lead to frizz are the flat irons which don’t heat evenly. Good quality materials anti-frizz are:

Ceramic flat irons with negative ion property which are suitable for medium to thick hair. Ceramic ensures that there are no cold or overheated spots. They make a good budget-friendly choice for reducing the frizz.

Tourmaline flat irons, which are the best choice for frizzy hair. They are perfect for all hair types but are a bit more expensive than ceramic ones.

Titanium flat irons are usually for salons and professional use. They offer the fastest heat transfer. They can be a bit heavy but are very durable, and the most expensive ones. 

Please do consider the size of the plates. It is very important to select the right widths. If you use a flat iron only to reduce the frizz of your hair, flat iron with medium plates should be good enough. But, if you have a long, extra curly or thick hair, then a flat iron with wide plates it’s a must as you can style it easier. If your hair is short then a narrow plates iron is perfect. The thinner the flat iron is the easier you can reach the hair roots.

Consider the value over the price 

Even if you think you are getting a good deal if you find a low priced flat iron, in most of the cases you may be wrong. It does not mean that you won’t be able to get good quality flat irons at affordable prices, but most of the times lower priced flat irons are of lower quality as well.

Higher quality materials that provide better heat distribution will always be more expensive but a better heat distribution will decrease the chances of burning/damaging your hair. You may even notice that some hairstylists are not using really expensive flat irons as they know how to choose a flat iron by its true value. This is why it is important to choose a flat iron by its value not by its price.

Always clean your flat iron 

As it is important to have clean and smooth hair and the flat iron can collect dust and even burnt hair, it is important to clean it every time after you used it. If your flat iron is unplugged, but still a bit warm you can use a damp towel/cloth to wipe it. If your flat iron is cooled off, you should wipe it with alcohol as it will kill almost all bacteria. 

Always use a heat protectant

It is important to use conditioners which moisturize or nourish your hair. And the most important thing: NEVER use a hot tool without a heat protectant. On the market are a lot of good heat protectants which used regularly with heal and tame your hair. Products which contains keratin will give you hair strengths and elasticity and will also help with the fizz. Products which contain essential oils are beneficial too.