Argan Heat Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review and Guide

Top Rated Argan Heat Flat Iron To Buy Right Now

Babyliss Pro Argan Heat Flat Iron is the revolutionized and unique hair straightener from the brand. Babyliss is the premium and leading brand for bringing top quality flat irons on the market. Since day one, people adore its flat irons and hair care products.

Babyliss Argan oil flat iron is responsible for instant styling with care. There are rare flat irons on the market, which enhance the quality of the hair. Babyliss Pro Argan straightener is the top gun.

If you are seeking for smooth and shinier hair, Babyliss Pro Argan Heat Flat Iron is a great buy. Just Check our Top rated Argan Heat Flat Iron Reviews and step by step beginners Buying Guide

Argan Heat Flat Iron Features And Specifications

Design And Features:

Argan Heat Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Babyliss Pro One n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron, 1 1/2 Inches

Babyliss has a tradition of producing the best quality hair products. The brand has one motive of giving the best straightening experience to style enthusiasts. Babyliss Pro Argan Heat Flat Iron is one of the king’s straighteners that nourishes the hair. Most flat irons straight the hair, but with hair damage. Instead, this flat iron has the best hair care features which improve the quality of hair to a great extent.

Like other Babyliss pro titanium flat iron, it has incredible outlook and design. I am mad about its black compact design. Regarding compactness, you can’t find a better hair care product than Babyliss Argan Heat Flat Iron.

For flattening the follicles, the heating system is backed up by ceramic plates. Ceramic is a famous ingredient for producing intense heat. Because of ceramic, the heat dissipates evenly.

Now come to the main point. For hair care, the ceramic plates are infused with Argan oil. Argan Oil is collect from the Moroccan tree that is a perfect element for the nourishment of hair. With Argan oil, hair becomes wholesome with a great shine. Argan oil also removes the frizz from the follicles of hair. It means gentle, and intense heating with hair care is possible using Babyliss Argan Heat Flat Iron hair straightener.

The plates have a Sol-gel finish which makes them stronger and smoother. Because of Sol-gel, paddles glide through the hair easily with fewer passes.


  • Argan flat iron heating paddles are 1 ½ inches plates. This size works for almost every hair texture. Whether you have fine hair or African American hair, styling is no problem with Babyliss Pro flat iron.
  • The efficiency of any flat iron is evident from its temperature settings. For a diverse range of styling, it offers variable temperature control that has 30 settings up to 450 degrees. Now you get it, why professionals and amateurs love this flat iron.
  • You should not buy any flat iron which does not have a swivel cord. Without a swivel cord, no flat iron can perform better. But Babyliss Argan Heat Flat Iron has an 8-foot long swivel cord.
  • For hair care, you get a free bottle of One n Only Argan oil.

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Plate Material:

The heating paddles of Babyliss Pro one n only argan heat ceramic straightening iron composed of ceramic. Ceramic is a very popular material and mainly used by top brands. The main reason for such immense use is instant heating capability and even distribution. These paddles made with Argan oil, which is the prime ingredient for hair care.

Plate Width:

Babyliss Argan oil flat iron plates are 1 ½ inch. So it is useful for every hair texture, whether it is fine or coarse.

Heating Speed:

Babyliss has a reputation for heating up instantly. Within one minute, it can be processed up to the maximum.

Temperature Settings:

The temperature control is variable between 30 settings. The maximum heating up to 450 degrees.

Babyliss Pro Argan Heat Hair Straightener Pros And Cons:


  • Anyone can instantly style up hair into various hairstyles like curls, flips or waves. Obviously, don’t forget about the sleek strands.
  • Because of ceramic plates, heat will be distributed on the hair evenly. Each and every follicle will get flat for molding into a different style.
  • It heats up instantly and perfects for all hair types and texture
  • 30 heat setting, maximum 450F
  • Free bottle of n Only Argan Oil
  • The best hair care product. It comes with Argan oil, which makes the hair shinier and voluminous.
  • 8 feet swivel power cord, it revolves in 360 degrees.


Technically, there is no flaw, For The reason, it will become a market leader in the hair care flat iron Industry.

Argan Heat Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Babyliss Pro One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron, 1 1/2 Inches

Editor Reviews And Scores

For Babyliss Pro One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron Reviews And rating, please Check Product page. It had several features for such fame as ceramic plates and revolutionized the technology of Argan oil. Because of the infusion of Argan oil, it captured the attention of people.

Don’t forget about Babyliss Pro One n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron swivel cord and instant heating performance.

Final Recommendation

Regarding hair care products, Babyliss Pro Argan Heat Flat Iron hair straightener is a top choice to consider and also the best flat iron on the market. Unlike other argan oil straightener, instead of damage, it protects the hair from damage because of Argan oil, the outcome is shinier hair, which is free from frizz.

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