Bio ionic one pass flat iron review 2020

BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron Black, 1.5 Inch

Bio ionic one pass flat iron

Bio Ionic one pass flat iron 1.5-inch hair straightener called as one pass for some reason, Hope after reading the bio ionic one pass reviews, you can find the answer. Why do women need a flat iron? For straightening hair and getting awesome hairstyles. It is not necessary that all women have the same hair types. Some may have curly and some coarse. In normal conditions, making stylish hairstyles is impossible. So what’s the solution here? Adding bio ionic one pass straightener in your hairdo tools.

So let’s talk about one pass. One pass flat iron means, hair is going to be straight in just one pass. You don’t have to go through hair over and over for straight results.

Bio Ionic one pass straightener flat irons are time savers. Different companies offer one pass flat irons. But most of them do not heat up that fast for straightening the hair. Well, Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron 1.5, unlike others, is serving the purpose.

So without any further delay, let’s check what this Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair got.

What is Bio ionic one pass flat iron?

As the name suggests, Bionic one pass hair straightener is a one-pass flat iron. The top-notch technology used while making this product. It is specially designed to style with faster speed.

Time is a great factor when you are getting ready. Just imagine, a one-pass flat iron that can save time than other flat irons. I am sure, bio ionic one pass straightener would be your first choice.

Simply one sentence for Best Flat Iron for Black Hair! Style with speed!

The Best Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron For The Serious Hairstylist

BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron, 1 Inch, Black
  • Improved silicone strip technology lasts 10X longer
  • Rounded edges eliminate creasing and rounded body for flat iron curling
  • Digital temperature control up to 450°F/230°C
  • Temperature memory resets to last set temperature when re-powered

Bio Ionic one pass flat iron Features and Specifications

People want deeper insight on Bio ionic one pass flat iron hair straightener. You will find your answers in its product description. So let’s Check.

Design And Features:

We should start with the design of Bio Ionic One Pass Nano Ceramic Flat Iron hair straightener. It got a sleeker exterior that makes it easy to grip in your hands. As said earlier, the design is another thing that helps to achieve the one-pass straightening. It is like a hair race car.

Because of Ceramic infused design, it runs so smoothly through the hair. Unlike other flat irons, silicone finish does not grab bunches of hair to make the straightening process painful. But This is a delightful feature of this flat iron.

The heating system of Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron 1.5 inch is awesome. Some people have a view of ceramic iron being slow. That’s not true with Bio-One pass! It works instantly. The Bioceramic plates take no longer time for getting heated up. No matter how much one passes you take, it is going to be heating up real fast. This feature is a unique thing about it.

It also radiates negative ions. You must be thinking about what’s the significant role of negative ions? Then you must be aware of the frizz effect. Negative ions are responsible for freeing you from frizz. That features lock natural water off your hair. As a result, straight hair with natural luster and shine. It has a multiple temperature setting that goes up to 400F degrees. Choose the setting best for you.

Plates Width:

Plates width matters a lot for measuring the performance of a flat iron. This Best Flat Iron for African American Hair comes in two versions. One with 1 inch and second with 1.5 inches. 1.5-inch plates Bio Ionic one pass flat iron is suitable for long, thick and curly hair which is a difficult case scenario.

Heating Speed:

Being a ceramic infused iron, it is much faster. You will be surprised to know that it can be heated up in just a few seconds. Think about getting ready in a hurry in the morning! Bio Ionic one pass flat iron 1.5-inch hair straightener is an absolute lifesaver for you.


Bio Ionic Straightener can be heated up in just a few seconds. As per reports and reviews, it takes half time ahead than that of competitors.


  • One Pass Flat Iron
  • Ceramic plates infused with silicone
  • Heat up in five seconds
  • Multiple temperature settings with a maximum limit of 400 degrees
  • Easily glides through hair
  • Bio Ceramic few second heater features
  • Faster hair straightening and increased hair shine
  • Saves time
  • 9 ft Swivel Cord


Well, this is not a technical issue in Bio Ionic one pass flat iron hair straightener. The problem is that people do not find it user-friendly sometimes. The floating plates are an unusual thing for people. It makes them a little hesitate while buying this product. But with usage, they will find it much more appealing and easy to use.


Final Recommendation:

The final verdict on Bio ionic one pass flat iron 1.5-inch hair straightener is that it is fast and efficient and best flat iron. It is the by far best nano ceramic flat iron. The best choice for people who love one pass flat iron. Moreover, it is suitable for any hair type with any length. Hope this guide will help you a lot! When you are going to buy it!