Flat Iron Buying Guide 101

Flat Iron Buying Guide

Flat Iron Buying Guide 101


Purchasing a flat iron is not such a hard task that you should fear to embark on. There are certain questions you should ask that will help you to make the best choice. This is because some people will mistakenly buy the type of flat iron the saw that their friends bought without taking into consideration that their hair texture and yours are not the same and that the iron which styled their hair might not be good for your hair.

I always answer to anybody that asked me “what flat iron is the best to use? What is the texture of your hair? This is because you will have to have an experience with that particular flat iron so as to know how it works on your hair. Sometimes the iron you may have in mind to purchase might not be the best option for your hair.

To help you make the correct choice when selecting the best flat iron for your hair, you should consider these key questions.

Best Flat Irons On The Market Right Now

Which is the best plate size?

You should find out the width of the plate that will be suitable for your hair. Like 1-inch plate size is good, but it is not suitable for all hair lengths. Just bear in mind that flat irons come in different plate widths or sizes. Therefore check the article on how to choose the best plate size for your hair length to help you make the correct choice.

Does it have a Variable or Fixed Heat Setting?

The temperature setting on flat irons is categorized into fixed and variable heat settings respectively. Just make sure that you select the one that will be the best for your hair type and styling needs.

Do you have a thin, soft, damaged or fine hair?

If your hair texture falls into any of this category, buying a flat iron with variable temperature settings will be more suitable for you so that you can control the heat of the iron to suit your hair.

Do You Have a Thick hair that is Difficult to Straighten?

The best flat iron for you to use is the one that has a fixed temperature setting. You can heat up the iron, and those disturbing flyaway will have no other choice than to straighten.

Is your hair in between both of them?

Then you can use any of these heat settings, but I prefer to use the flat iron with a variable set so that I can control the heat by myself.

Can It Produce Curls?

The flat irons can create curls depending on the styling technique of the stylist. You need to improve your techniques.

What Technology is used?

You will have to be careful to choose the flat iron with the best technology build-up because there are similarities in the styling technologies of most of the flat irons in the market.

Is it built with Ceramic or with Ionic?

It is a well-known fact that the majority of the professional standard flat irons these days are designed with the ceramic and ionic technology. The combination of this duo is for a better product because it has been found out by researchers that ceramic works better when it is combined with other materials. If not, the 100% pure ceramic will make the plates extremely soft, and this will not get the work done. That is the reason there is always a combination of a stronger material to the ceramic.


This is the material that was used in producing the older version flat irons that are referred to as “drug store species.

There are other materials that are also used to upgrade flat ironworking techniques like Tourmaline, Nano-Titanium, Nano-Silver, and others which are infused into the mechanism of flat irons to enhance its working smoothness and snag-free movement.


This is a situation where the material with the Nano is broken down into tiny pieces so as to infuse it in the mechanism of the plate of said flat iron.

Ceramic and Nano-Ceramic:

This is where little pieces of Ceramic is added to enhance the smoothing process. It is the Ceramic technology that provides the silky straight end results to the flat iron although there are varieties in their prices. That is why it advisable to purchase the Ghd, HAI, Paul Brown or CHI.


This material is added to the mechanism of a flat iron to produce an ultra-smooth surface; it conducts high heat that will straighten hair 40% faster. It is the best straightening material for hard to straighten hairs. The best to buy is the one from Babyliss or Hot Tools.

BaBylissPRO Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1-3/4 Inch Nano...


This material serves dual purposes. It works as a bacteria eliminator and a smooth surface enhancer. If you are a germ-a-phobic or a stylist, this is best for you. You should buy from FHI Platform or CHI Nano Silver.

FHI HEAT Platform Pro Styling Tourmaline Hair Straightener...


This material is the best one that can emit negative ions that can produce the smoothing properties needed. It is amongst the earliest technologies than Nano-titanium and Nano-silver, but it still works nicely on many hair types. You can purchase FHI, Bedhead, HAI Elite or T3.

Bed Head Attention Grabber Flat Iron for Smooth Sleek...

Another question is, did it come with a warranty provision?

It is advisable to purchase a flat iron that has a provision for warranty for at least one year and above so that the company will be liable to any problem that may arise. You should consider HAI, Babyliss. Bed Head or ghd.

Take into consideration these simple questions whenever you want to purchase a flat iron so that you will not make a mistake and purchase the one that will not be suitable for your hair. Carefully choose the flat iron that will not disappoint your styling needs but will have a guarantee of excellent performance with a long life span. Also take note of your styling habits if you are a sporadic stylist, you should buy the one that can accommodate you.

Best Flat Irons On The Market Right Now