How To Choose Hair Straightener That Won’t Damage Your Hair

A good hair straightener is every woman’s beauty companion. It serves as a reliable assistant when it comes to beautifying your hair for all occasions and in every circumstance like when you are in a place or on the go. Flat irons can be used to apply all kinds of styles to your hair thereby effectively expressing the beauty of your hair. It can be used to straighten your hair, apply curls and waves or even flip as the case may be.

Many women can’t do without their flat irons. Some women who are naturally endowed with coarse hair or stubborn curly types find it easy to tame their hair and wear any look they want with the flat iron. The hair straightener is designed with many features that combine efforts to leave users with perfect results all the time.

It uses the plates and its heating element to subdue the worst curly hair you can see on a woman and achieve glossy smooth and shiny results. Some hair straighteners have features like infrared heat technology that is capable of preventing damages to your hair or even help to restore already damaged hair.

However, there are some things you should know before you buy a hair straightener in order to avoid any damage whatsoever on your hair. This is very important because whether we like it or not, a flat iron can be a double-edged sword. It can restore or damage your hair. As you read on, you will see some important things you need to know to avoid regrets after buying and using a hair straightener on your hair.

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Hair Texture and Types

In order to play it safe with the best hair straightener, you need to know the kind of hair texture you are endowed with. There are different kinds of hair seen in women. There are Fine hair, coarse hair, and curly hair, fine hair, long, short and thick. All these characterize the woman’s hair. You have to know the type of hair you have before going to buy a flat iron.

Plate Technology or Material

There are several technologies found on the plate of a hair straightener. Some plates are Ceramics, Tourmaline, Titanium, etc. Apart from checking these plates technology, you need to look out for these good features on the plates.

It is recommended that any plate that uses infrared heat is always mild on the hair thereby preventing damages. These irons make use of the gentle heating method to reach down to the hair shaft and give you a good result without damaging your hair.

Another thing on plates is the ionic technology which is often seen on some flat iron plates. If you have a dry or damaged hair, it is recommended that you choose any hair straightener that has ionic plates because the negative ions produced by these plates neutralize the positive ion charge of stubborn hairs.

One other good feature that prevents damages is choosing a flat iron with Titanium plates. These types of hair straighteners are capable of reducing damages to your hair. This is because of the consistency in heat level while you work with it and it doesn’t affect the results whatsoever. After using, you will still be left with the perfect results and also finish on time too.

Apart from the Titanium plates, the Tourmaline plates are also a good feature on a hair straightener that will help to reduce hair damages on your hair. If you also get an iron with a Tourmaline plate, it will also be added advantage as well.

Heat settings

When it comes to buying a hair straightener that won’t damage your hair, you have to also look out for the heat settings on a flat iron before you make a choice. Some temperature settings are as low as 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees. Depending on the hair type you have, you must choose appropriately on the setting that wouldn’t cause untold damages. There are 2 types of settings: fixed and variable settings. Some hair straighteners are already fixed on a high heat level of 450 degrees and you are not allowed to adjust it. Some come with a variable setting which can be adjusted to the heat level that will suit your hair.

If you are endowed with fine hair thin hair, you don’t need a fixed temperature setting of 450 degrees or else, you will cause more damages. You must go for a hair straightener that has a variable set so that you can be adjusting the heat level from the lowest to the highest if you require it.

A woman endowed with coarse hair or a stubborn curly hair can preferably go for fixed temperature hair straighteners so that immediately it is powered, the heat can climb up to 450 degrees within few seconds thereby saving time and energy for users.

One pass technology

Some hair straighteners are designed to serve your styling needs with just a single pass on your hair. It is advisable to search for flat irons that offer a single pass technology if you have damaged hair or thin hair. If a hair straightener can give you the perfect result in just a single pass, the possibility of damages will be very low. You don’t need to pass the iron several times on your hair thereby exposing your hair to heat all the time.

Like I said in the beginning, hair straighteners are part of the important beauty tools which every woman should own. It keeps our hair smooth, healthy, shiny and sexy. Given all these great things which a hair straightener can do on the hair, many women are always afraid to use it because of the damages it can cause as well. Yes! This is right but I hope that with the information provided above, it is safe to encourage every woman to get their own hair straightener by following the few details above.

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