Top 3 Troubleshooting Tips For Flat Irons

Flat Iron is a very creative and helpful hair styling tool that helps you to have frizz-free smooth hair. It contains two plates that get heat up when you switch it on and transforms your curly hair into sleek and straight as soon as hair goes through between these heated plates.

Although there are many famous hair straightener brands promising manufacture reliable flat irons that won’t get damaged easily.

But as everything has to be expired one day so any brand’s flat iron can also be damaged so before throwing it out, you should apply these top 5 troubleshooting tips for flat irons on your device to check if it can back to work.


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  • Go through Flat Iron Manual Guide

Before starting your inspection to diagnose the issue and troubleshoot, you should read your flat iron manual to understand design and overall components, etc. that can be helpful to repair diagnosed issues.

  • Ensure Flat Iron switches are fully engaged

Excessive use of switches can loosen its grip and in result sometimes you can experience no power or not working flat iron. In this case, ensure flat iron switches are fully engaged in the proper position, this won’t take anything extra expect your attention to put it properly to overcome this problem.

  • Ensure Flat Iron cable isn’t damaged

Due to exposed wires, cord separation and different types of cuts power intermittently lost from flat irons. Unplug your device properly and ensure it is completed off before repairing cord. By using electrical tape, you can easily secure and wrap wires together in case of minor cord damages. If damaged is advanced level then you can cut cord properly and strip off the ends with the help of utility knife or a wire cutter. Naked wires ends should be solder together then fill up the gap.

Tips To avoid possible flat irons damages:

Learn all about possible problems and common tips to avoid them to prevent permanent damage.

  • Water: Keep your flat iron away from water such as don’t straighten your hair near a bathtub, sink or toilet to avoid any accidental flat iron damage due to water.
  • Cord: Always properly twist and tie after use of flat iron to secure it from accidental cord cuts.
  • Power: Don’t hold your flat iron by a cord to avoid any strain on the wire.