What is the Best Hair Straightener The Ultimate Buying Guide

What is the best hair straightener hairstyling flat iron in the market is a common question from the women or girls. Buying a flat iron is not an appealing process. Women or girls mostly ignore the buying requirement before getting a flat iron. As a result, they do not receive the desired results.

The majority of the women or girls buy a flat iron, which their best friend owes and This was the extremely wrong notion. A hair straightener is something personal and associated with specific hair texture. One should not buy the iron because someone else is using.

What is the best hair straightener? Or Which Flat Iron Should I buy? This type of question is not correct. First, ask certain questions like What is the hair texture of your hair? What is the type of your hair? What is the thickness of your hair? Like these questions, some important factors have been listed down in this guide.

The factors mentioned below will help you in narrowing down the iron choices you have. This way you can choose what is the best hair straightener for your hair texture and hair care needs.

Best Hair Straightener – Step By Step Beginner’s Guide


What to look for in a flat iron? Which Plate Width or Size is Better For Me?

It is not necessary that every flat iron can go with all hair texture. You must choose a hair straightener with an appropriate width as per your hair texture and length. For example, fine and straight hair needs smaller plates for avoiding intense heat outcome. On the other hand, wider high-quality heating plates are needed for thick and coarse hair. Do not forget to read How To Buying An Affordable Best Hair Straightener

Which Plate Width or Size is Better For Me? Take a look at the Below Chart 

Plate Size Hair Length Hair Texture
1” to 1.5 Inch All lengths Fine and thin
1” to 1.25 Inch Short Normal
1” to 1.5 Inch Medium Normal
1.25” to 2 Inch Long Normal
1.25 Inch Short Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 2 Inch Medium Coarse, thick or curly
1.5” to 3 Inch Long Coarse, thick or curly

Hair Straightener Temperature Control:

Flat Iron either has fixed temperature control or variable temperature control. What is best for you depends upon the hair texture you have

  • Thin, Damaged or Delicate Hair: If you have thin or delicate hair, get a flat iron with variable temperature control. So, you can switch to different temperatures as per your needs.
  • Thick And Stubborn Hair: In case you got thick hair which is hard to flatten. Choose a flat iron with a fixed temperature. So you will get a constant and consistent supply of heat.
  • Medium Hair: If your hair lies between thin and thick hair. It is recommended to grab a flat iron with variable temperature settings.

Hair Straightener As Curling Iron:

Now hair straightener is not used only for flattening of follicles. If a person is creative enough, iron can be used for making luscious curls. In case you are a creative soul, make sure a flat iron is capable of making curls or flips.

Flat Iron Plate Materials and Technology:

Technology is the prime source of creating heat for the straightening of the hair. There are some famous and advanced technologies used in a top hair straightener. We have listed down some below.

  • Ceramic/Ionic: Most of the Flat Iron products available on the market made by ceramic ionic technology. The best part of this technology is the used of negative ions. Negative ions ensure hair will be static free at the end. Secondly, negative ions seal the natural moisture on the hair for shine. One more thing, not every ceramic flat iron has 100% ceramic. Because pure ceramic will be too soft for straightening and always coated with some other conductive material like titanium or aluminium.
  • Aluminium: You will find an older flat iron with aluminium heating plates. Aluminum flat irons are usually at lower prices. That’s why when you switch to ceramic or titanium flat irons, you notice the immense change between the qualities of both materials. Secondly, Aluminum lacks ionic technology. Avoid buying an aluminium flat iron.
  • Nano: When we are talking about nanotechnology, it means coating was first micronized and then infused. For example, nano ceramic tourmaline flat iron. It means tourmaline material first converted into tiny fine particles before the infusion.
  • Nano Ceramic: Hair straightener with nano ceramic technology are best for Hairstyle. Ceramic is infused with tourmaline aim to give smooth and shinier flattening of hair. This tourmaline is the source of negative ions. Natural negative ions mean silky hair without any frizz. Top quality nano ceramic flat irons are bit expensive. But each and every penny you spend, you won’t feel regret.
  • Nano Titanium: Ceramic flat irons with titanium coating are best in performance. Titanium is a high-quality conductive material. It dissipates heat more evenly and instantly due to metallic properties. Nano Titanium the latest technology for hair straighteners. For sure, you end up with smooth and perfectly sleek hair wit titanium flat iron.
  • Nano Silver: Nano Silver materials implemented to the upper layer. Silver is antibacterial substance. Silver ensures germ-free straightening process. But its performance is lower than ceramic or titanium flat iron. We can say, it is a great product for anyone who is a germaphobe.
  • Nano Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a natural gemstone. It is crushed into very fine particles and then coated with conductive material, for example of ceramic or aluminium. Tourmaline helps flat iron to move easily through the hair without any snagging or tugging.

Hair Straightener Warranty:

It is good practice to buy a Best Hair Straightener Flat Iron with warranty Because of in case your hair straightener stops working; you can claim the new one. It is recommended to get a flat iron with at least one year of warranty.

Flat Iron Accessories:

Today a flat iron is not used for straightening purpose only. This tool comes with a variety of accessories to ensure safety and convenience. For example, fixed or detachable brushes for assisting you in styling processes. Hair straightener holders also come with a hair straightener to keep heating plates safe. The famous brands have made special heat resistant mat and bag for customer convenience. With heat resistant bags and gloves, one can keep his/her hands safe from the heat exposure. Manufacturers also thought about maintenance. With cleaning kits and replacement plates, one can keep his/her flat iron in good shape.

Other Features Should Be Consider

  • Wet to Straight flat iron allows direct straightening of damp hair. You can skip the blow drying for saving time.
  • Automatic shut-off feature makes sure flat iron will shut down on its own when no one is using it.
  • Ionic straightening is essential for eliminating frizz and bring shine to the hair.
  • The infrared technology prevents the hair damage due to heat.
  • Swivel cord which can rotate in 360 degrees let you use an iron with ease.


What is the best hair straightener – Final Verdict and Recommendation:

So, these are essential factors which should be considered before buying a new Best hair straightener. After reading what is the best hair straightener – buying the guide, you can make a better decision about buying a flat iron.

Avoid a flat iron that is unable to survive your styling needs. As an honest opinion, buy a little expensive flat iron with ceramic or titanium technology.

We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about what is the best hair straightener