Top 10 Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron for Travelling

Dual Voltage Flat Iron Universal Hair Straightener For International Travel

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Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Flat Iron, the iron that can be used anywhere around in the world. Different countries have different power supply range for the whole electrical system in the country. Such that, Europe, Asia, Japan all have different voltage for the electronics. So, what’s the threat here! Your flat iron will face short circuit when running on different voltage supply.

In such advanced tech environment, normal flat irons do not have much attention. It is recommended to get dual voltage hair straightener.This flat iron will have a universal voltage range. So, whether 220v or 110v, your tool is gonna run awesome.

What is dual Voltage Flat Iron?

Dual Voltage Flat Irons is proving to be the best travel accessory. Because now you don’t have to worry about voltage supply in the country you are moving. Most countries either have 220V supply or 110V supply. It is not recommended to get normal flat iron. When you have to switch between two locations of the different voltage supply.Dual Voltage Flat Iron is the ideal solution if you don’t want a flat iron to get burned.

What Type Of Dual Voltage Flat Iron Is Best For You?

Buying a Dual Voltage Best Hair Straightener is not the interesting part. Like many other girls or women, avoid buying a flat iron that your friend has. Trust us; you will end with a headache instead of getting sleek hair.Instead of asking what is best Dual Voltage Flat Iron 2016? You should ask certain important questions that will make up your buying decision.

Check below some factors, which you should work upon before getting a flat iron.

  • Hair Texture: What is the hair texture of your hair? That is the most frequent question. Flat Iron always used in the hairstyle purpose. Performance is related to the type of hair you got. So, get a flat iron that suits to your texture. For example, ceramic or titanium flat iron is best for thick stubborn hair.
  • Plate Width: Next, decide which amount of width is good for you. It is not advisable to get one-inch flat iron every single time. Try to buy 1.5 – 2” inch width flat iron. So, it can be useful for every hair texture with any length.
  • Variable Temperature Control: Avoid buying a flat iron with fixed temperature. Just think, you got fine hair, and flat iron you purchased is about 320 degrees. Your hair will be fried up. So, for better results and styling performance, always choose Dual Voltage Flat Irons with variable temperature control.
  • Curling Iron: Don’t use a flat iron just for straightening. Right now, a flat iron should be multi-tasker with curling and flipping too.
  • Technology: This is an important fact as performance directly depends upon the technology used. Most famous technology includes ceramic tourmaline and nano titanium for high end working. Ionic technology is the new thing in the town. But ionic technology along with infrared is essential for shinier damage free hair.

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The Top 10 Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron To Buy Right Now

If you are seeking for a buying guide on Dual Voltage universal hair straightener, you have landed on the right page. Here we have a great collection of top Dual Voltage Flat Irons. After checking this Dual voltage flat irons Reviews and Buying Guide, you can make up your mind easily.

1:- HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Hair Straightener

HSI ceramic flat iron is an exclusive example of Dual Voltage Flat IronCeramic plates of HSI flat iron are design for even and constant heating. It ensures a quality salon experience at home.

Like any advanced flat iron, ionic technology hydrates the hair and promotes frizz free hair. The infrared heating system is installed to protect your hair from intense heating.

HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener have digital temperature control. You can accurately choose a temperature between 240F-400F degrees as per your hair texture.

With an ergonomic design and comfortable grip, your experience is gonna be just better.

Now no need to twist your hand for making curls Because it has 360 degrees rotating swivel cord.

Last and important thing! Dual Voltage! No matter where you are, this flat iron will work on the power supply of that location.

HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Dual Voltage Hair Straightener
  • 100% solid ceramic tourmaline heating plates
  • Smoother and faster heating
  • Beveled edges for curling and flipping
  • Ergonomic design plus comfortable grip
  • Tangle free swivel cord with 360 degrees movement
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Universal Dual Voltage compatible 110v-220v
  • solid ceramic tourmaline 1 inch Plate
  • Travel size flat iron

Check Here For More Details

2:- BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Straightening dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Hair Straightener

Babyliss has the reputation when it comes to the flat iron. Babyliss Pro flat iron true to its brand name. It is an exceptional Dual Voltage Flat Iron.

For commercial and home use, porcelain ceramic plates are the heating source. This patented heating technology ensures instant flattening of the follicles with a smoother finish. Porcelain on the ceramic plates creates silk, shinier and smooth hair.

There is a removable comb attached to the ceramic plates. How convenient is that to use a comb while straightening of the hair.

Babyliss Pro Titanium flat iron Temperature control is variable with rheostat between 260 – 420 degrees.

BaByliss Pro BAB2590 Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Flat Iron main point it has the dual voltage feature. Move around in any corner of the world; this flat iron is gonna work just fine.

BaByliss Pro  Porcelain Ceramic Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Commercial Grade Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron
  • Shinier and silkier hair due to porcelain
  • Dual voltage for travelling convenience
  • Variable Rheostat temperature dial of 260 – 420 degrees
  • Plate width 1.5 inch
  • Auto shut off feature not available
  • Works great without the comb

3:- Salona Professional 1 Inch Titanium dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Here we have the ravishing Salona titanium flat iron. With the latest technology, now making tousled waves or retro curls, nothing is impossible with Salona.

Unlike ceramic flat irons, Salona Professional 1 Inch Titanium Dual Voltage Flat Iron came up with top quality titanium plates. Titanium is the top quality conductive material responsible for instant heat dissipation. Using a titanium flat iron is much safer ad smoother than a ceramic one.

For versatile hair textures, you can adjust temperature between 255-40o degrees. Temperature control is digital for providing more accuracy

For your safety, it has an auto shut off feature.The performance is so smooth that does not involve any snagging or pulling of hair. Ultra high heat with millions of negative ions, create the exceptional shinier hair without any frizz And don’t forget the dual voltage. 110/220 power supplies support this flat iron.

Salona Professional Titanium Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Titanium coated heating plates for efficient heating
  • Ultra high heat with negative ions ensures shinier frizz free hair
  • LCD digital temperature display
  • Temperature is adjustable between 255-400 degrees
  • Auto Shut Off feature
  • Universal Dual Voltage compatible 110v-220v
  • Heat resistant Traveling Bag Include
  • Used Titanium coated plates, 100% safe and smooth than Ceramic

Check Here For More Details

4:- Jose Eber – Wet To Dry Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Jose Eber flat iron utilizes the updated and latest technology to support wet to dry technique. Coming up with top quality wet to dry flat iron is not an easy thing. But without any doubt, Jose Eber has presented best wet to dry flat iron which also serves as best travel flat iron dual voltage

Now dry your hair and making them sleeker at the same time. Skipping the step of blow dry means less exposure of heat to the hair.

With width floating titanium ceramic heating plates, its usability is limited by your imagination only. You can use it on any hair texture, whether fine or thick or voluminous!

Being versatile flat iron, it offers adjustable temperature control of 180 – 430 degrees.Along with heating, a beam of negative ions is released. It has only one function of providing shinier frizz free hair by hydrating follicles.

Ergonomic design with a professional swivel cord, your experience will be great with this flat iron.In the end, it is a Dual Voltage Hair StraightenerSo it is accessible around the world.If you want to read all Jose Eber hair straightener, product details check Jose Eber Flat Iron Reviews

Jose Eber – Wet & Dry Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Korean titanium ceramic heating plates for smooth heating
  • Floating plates for making curls or flips
  • Variable temperature of 180-430 degrees
  • Negative Ion technology
  • 1.5-inch wide floating plate
  • 360 degree Swivel cord and ergonomic design
  • One button temperature setting features
  • Universal Dual Voltage compatible 110v-220v

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5:- U9 Pro Tourmaline Ceramic dual Voltage Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

U9 professional flat iron is super efficient Dual Voltage Flat Iron. It allows a diverse range of styling with ceramic tourmaline floating plates. You get super smooth heating without any tugging in hair. Because of tourmaline, flat iron glides through the hair without any problem.

Tourmaline is the source of thousands of negative ions. This ionic technology is solely responsible for seal the natural moisture in the hair. What you get is frizz-free silky hair!

U9 1 Inch Ionic Titanium dual Voltage Flat Iron universal hair straightener has beveled edges for curling and flipping.The temperature control is adjustable between a range of 280-450 degrees. It serves hair textures like medium to thick very well.

For enhancing the safety, it comes with an auto shut-off feature. After thirty minutes of no use, it shuts down automatically.Of course, it is a Dual Voltage Flat Iron.

U9 1 Inch Ionic Titanium Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Ceramic tourmaline heating plates
  • Instant heat and smooth outcome
  • Beveled edges and Tangle-free Swivel Cord
  • 30 minute idle Automatic shut off feature
  • Negative Ions technology
  • 1-inch floating plates
  • Universal Dual Voltage 100v-240v
  • Adjustable temperature control of 280-450 degrees

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6:- Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Karmin flat iron is a dual voltage professional flat iron tool that makes the foundation of any styling kit.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Dual Voltage Flat Iron equipped with ceramic floating plates. Plates are composed of 100% high-grade ceramic that serve as a super efficient heating source.

Negative ions emitted from plates ensure you get shinier and static free hair. It locks the natural oils and water on the hair.Infrared technology protects your hair from intense heat exposure.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Flat Iron Temperature is variable between 210-460 degrees to deal with different hair textures.Auto shut off feature for your safety.It is Dual Voltage Flat Iron for world width use.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • 100% high Grade Ceramic floating plates
  • Instant heating
  • Negative ions for static free shinier hair
  • Infrared technology prevents hair from damage
  • Adjustable temperature controls 210-460 degrees
  • Auto shut off features
  • Dual Voltage for worldwide used
  • 1-inch ceramic floating plates

Check Here For More Details

7:- Turboion Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Turbo dual voltage mini flat iron is the perfect travel companion for you. It acts as mini travel flat iron.

Turboion Baby Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat Iron heating source is ceramic heating plates that also release negative ions. Ionic technology is advanced technology for making hair silkier and free from frizz.

Heating plates are floating and have rounded edges and helps in making curls and flips more easily.Within a few moments, It can heat up to 430 degrees.For travelling, it also acts as Dual Voltage Flat Iron.

Turboion Baby Croc Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Ceramic heating plates
  • Ionic technology for removing frizz of hair
  • Heats up to 430 degrees
  • Universal Dual voltage, perfect for travelling
  • 5/8 Inch Plate Size
  •  Tangle Free Swivel Cord
  • Professional Mini Flat iron perfect for travelling

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8:- MHD Tourmaline Ceramic 2 in 1 dual Voltage Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

MHD Tourmaline Ceramic 2 in 1 Dual Voltage Flat Iron Hair Straightener for Curling and Straightening owns the superb and elegant design. The structure provides a strong foundation for making any curls or flips.

It comes with ultra smooth ceramic plates infused with tourmaline. You get instant heat with smooth working by using this device.

MHD Tourmaline Ceramic 2 in 1 dual Voltage Flat Iron Hair Straightener LED digital temperature control provides more accuracy between 275-425 degrees.For the sake of your safety, it has built in auto shut off feature.360 degrees rotating swivel cord for easy handling and use. And obviously, it is supported by dual voltage.

MHD Tourmaline Ceramic 2 in 1 Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • 100% solid Ceramic infused tourmaline heating plates
  • Awesome design for making curls and flips
  • 2 in 1 Curling and Straightening features
  • Within 30 seconds ceramic heater heating up
  • Digital temperature control of 275-425 degrees
  • 32 mm barrel size
  • Cable don’t tangle because it has 360 degrees rotation features
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Dual Voltage flat iron perfect for travelling

Check Here For More Details

9:- BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Babyliss is the leading name for providing world class flat irons for years. With superb materials and sleeker designs, this brand has won hearts of millions. Professionals and amateurs both love working with Babyliss products. No matter which category you pick, you will find a product from Babyliss there.

Here we present another universal hair straightener from Babyliss.

Nano Titanium flat iron is the best kind of iron. Plates are made up of ceramic but coated with Nano titanium. So strong foundation finished by the smoother material. You can also get heat without any snagging is the best feature.

Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron Mini dual Voltage Hair straightener heat up to 430 degrees.For better user experience it has swivel cord and ergonomic design.It is excellent for traveling due to compact design and dual voltage.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Dual Voltage Flat Iron Features:

  • Titanium-coated ceramic heating plates
  • Easy straightening of hair
  • Compact design with nano Titanium and ceramic plates
  • It can heat up to 430 degrees
  • LED temperature Control Heating up to 430 degrees
  • Dual voltage perfect for traveling
  • Swivel cord with professional length
  • Automatic shut off feature not available
  • 1/2 inch plated with Ergonomic design

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10:- Glampalm Classic Ceramic Hair Straightener Hair Styling Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

The last in the guide of Dual Voltage Flat Iron is Glampalm Classic Ceramic Hair Straightener,1-1/2-inch, Hair Styling Flat Iron.

This hair straightener is specially designed and built for the long hair. The heating plates are composed of high quality ceramic. Ceramic is a famous material for producing even and instant heating for flattening of the hair.

This flat iron is a multi-tasker. With rounded edges, you can try out different styling options. For example, curls, flips or waves. Everything is possible with Glampalm flat iron.

Glampalm Classic Ceramic Hair Styling Hair Straightener has digital temperature control, So you can choose as per your hair texture.Auto shut off feature for enhanced safety.Now get rid of tangling hassle with 360-degree swivel cord. Of course, it has universal voltage compatibility.

Glampalm Classic Ceramic Hair Straightener Features:

  • Ceramic heating plates for instant heating
  • Make hair softer and glossier because coated ceramic plate used
  • plates size 1 1/2 inch
  • LED digital temperature control
  • Instant Heat up and Instant Heat Recovery
  • 60 minutes Auto shut off feature
  • 3 meter Tangle Free Swivel Cord
  • Perfect For Long hair
  • Dual voltage hair straightener perfects Hair Tool for The travelling

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Why Dual Voltage Flat Iron Is Better For Travelling?

Every woman on this planet gets worried before going to travelling for styling needs. Styling is the important part of a woman’s lifestyle. A girl at home uses specific conditioners and other hair care products for perfect hairstyles. But when you are on vacation or travelling, your hair can be full of a mess due to unavailability of hair care products.

In this situation, the best option is to get a Dual Voltage Flat Iron. Because a flat iron can serve most of the styling problems. With dual voltage support, you can use the iron in any place.

But before buying a flat iron for travelling consider these factors for sure:

  • Voltage: This is a must-see factor. Before getting a flat iron for travelling must check it is single or dual or universal voltage flat iron because if your iron does not support with the voltage supply of the location, you are going to visit, your iron is not gonna work.
  • Plug Type: Ensure the plug type of iron and visiting the place is matching. For example, most devices used Type B plugs in the US.
  • Size And Design: Always choose a flat iron with sleek and compact design so it can fit in your traveling luggage.

How To Use A Dual Voltage Flat Iron?

Most girls buy Dual Voltage Flat Iron but have no idea how to use it. Don’t worry; we will assist you in using your favourite flat iron.

It is better to buy a flat iron which has a user guide. But every flat iron does have on/off switch. On the flat iron from the switch. There must be a light for showing the iron is working now. If light starts blinking, it is indicating that the iron is overheated now.

Always start with low temperature. It removes the chances of burning your hair. If you have fine hair or chemically treated hair, it is recommended to use a low temperature.

First of all, you need to shower your hair. Make it damp with a towel. After that must use a blow dryer. Once hair is fully dry up, Make small sections of hair and Start straightening from bottom sections to upward sections.

The flat irons we have suggested above are perfect and best flat iron with universal dual voltage feature. You don’t have to apply any extra force to get hair done.

Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron Beginners Buying Guide:

No girl finds the purchase of flat iron intimidating. It is not like going to store and pick up first iron you see. You need to purchase a Flat Iron very carefully.

Certain factors affect the buying decision of dual voltage hair straightenerIt is even different from the purchase of conventional flat iron.

First of all, you need to check heating materials and plate width. These two things must be enough for the hair texture you have. For example, if you have thick and coarse hair, you need ceramic or titanium flat iron with width plates.

Most important thing is if you are buying a flat iron for travelling should be supported by dual voltage. Because voltage supply differs from country to country. If your flat iron is single voltage, it may not work in visiting the country.

Before going to store, it is recommended to check the guides on Dual Voltage Hair StraightenerThis way you will know about customer feedbacks and reviews and assist you in getting the right product for you.

OverAll Reviews of Dual Voltage Hair straightener For Travel

What Is The Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron To Buy?

Above in this buying guide, we have discussed our top picks for Dual Voltage Flat Iron. To be honest, each and every product listed above can deal with your styling problems during travelling.

If you are seeking for our opinion, then we recommended HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline, MHD Tourmaline Ceramic 2 in 1 Hair Straightener for Curling and Straightening, Salona Professional 1 inch Titanium Dual Voltage Flat Iron. Both of these products have the good rating in the customer product reviews. So, if these flat irons are up to your expectations and requirements, must go for it.

Otherwise, it depends on what hair texture you have. What is the length of your hair! You want round edges flat iron! You all these questions must be answered by yourself. For your convenience, we have mentioned top products above. You can pick as per your needs.

Dual Voltage Flat Iron: Final Verdict and Recommendation

After checking out this post on Dual Voltage Flat Iron, No one will have any doubt about getting a flat iron for travelling. From our top picks, you can select the tool that will satisfy your needs. It is better to have universal of dual flat iron. Otherwise conventional flat iron may not work in the place you are going.

We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about Top 10 Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron for Travelling

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