Amika hair straightener reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Amika Hair Straightener is one to watch. Amika is emerging as a top gun for bringing flat irons on the market. This whole post is going to cover the best flat irons from Amika.

Women are seeking new ways of hair straightening for ages. Fortunately, we are living in the age of technology and convenience. A world where we can find tools for every kind of work. So does for hair straightening!

Well, decades ago, there were few flat iron brands in the market. But now the market is saturated with flat iron vendors. That’s why buying a flat iron has become frustrating. Because girls have no idea which brands to choose.

That’s why we are here. Here we have reviewed the Amika Best Hair Straightener to buy.

What Is Amika Hair Straightener?

Amika Hair Straightener has one motto that starts loving your hair instead of fighting it. Within a short period, this brand has become a leader in the salon fashion industry. Amika has empowered the girls regarding styling and fashion because it is delivering world-class straightening experience both at home plus salon.

There are several reasons for such popularity. But the prominent fact is the 100%  percent ceramic plates. Unlike other brands, you will find pure ceramic plates as a heating agent. Amika does not stop there. It is determined to find new ways of hair styling. Because of floating plates, it serves as flat iron plus curling iron simultaneously.

Top Rated Amika Hair Straightener To Buy Right Now

Here I have explained its vast range of Amika Flat Irons. So without any delay, let’s check what Amika has to offer.

1. Amika 1.25 Inch Ceramic Styler Flat Iron Peacock

amika Ceramic Styler

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When it comes to attractive flat irons, Amika Hair Straightener Peacock comes on the top. Just look at it! It’s an incredible tool that owns a great and stylish design.

Don’t get fooled by its outlook. It is better in performance than its design. Amika 1.25 Inch Ceramic Styler made with world-class best ceramic plates. Ceramic plates are 100% pure. Unlike other flat irons on the market, these plates are built to bring the best heating system for styling.

Because of its floating heating paddles, it serves as curling plus flat iron. It means straightening, curling and flipping have become so much easier with Amika Hair Straightener.

For keeping the hair protected from hair, it has the far-infrared technology. It preserves the natural moisture of the hair for protection from heat damage.

The temperature is adjustable between 140-450 degrees.


  • 100% ceramic heating plates for instant heating
  • 1.25 inch Floating plates
  • Flat Iron plus curling styler
  • Variable temperature between 140-450 degrees
  • Swivel cord that rotates 360 degrees
  • Heat up in ten seconds

2. Amika Illuminati Diamond Ceramic Styler

amika amika Illuminati Diamond Ceramic Styler, Black & Gold

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Amika Illuminati Diamond Ceramic Styler is a more powerful flat iron from the brand. The model is specially designed for professionals with more powerful hair styling features.

First of all, ceramic heating paddles which are composed of pure ceramic. Amika straightener styling process becomes easy because of 100% Solid Ceramic used on the heating Plate.

The heating plates are floating in nature and have a size of 1.5 inches. Because of this size, it is compatible with every hair texture plus length. Don’t forget about the floating feature, you can make curls or waves or flips easily with this flat iron.

Far infrared technology function includes all Amika hair styling products. It is responsible for heat protection from intense heat.

Because of dual voltage, you can use this flat iron all around the world.


  • Pure ceramic heating paddles for instant heating
  • 1.5 inch floating plates
  • Far infrared technology for hair protection
  • Dual Voltage Flat Iron


3. Amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

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Amika Hair Straightener is the top flat iron when it comes to outlook. The brand has presented the best-looking products with top features in the market.

Amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler flat iron is another fascinating product from the brand. Like its sibling flat iron, the heating system is based upon ceramic plates. Amika Ceramic Hair Straightener 1.25 Inch plates made of pure ceramic. That’s why it delivers an instant heating experience for styling.

The temperature control is variable between 140-450 degrees. It means hair from fine to thick & coarse texture can be served easily with Amika Zebra flat iron.

Unlike other flat irons, this one is equipped with ionic technology. Ionic technology is responsible for preserving the natural moisture on the follicles for a natural luster.

It prevents the hair from heat damage due to intense temperature. For easy handling and working, the swivel cord is there to help as rotates 360 degrees. Dual voltage for making it useful all around the globe.


  • 100% ceramic plates for instant heating
  • 1. 25 inch floating plates
  • Serves as the style and flat iron
  • Make luscious curls or waves or flips easily
  • Far infrared technology protects the hair from damage
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual Voltage hair straightener

General Features And Specifications

In case, you missed the detailed reviews, have a look at the brief summary of Amika Hair Straightener here.

Design And Features

  • It has pure ceramic plates for faster heat and recovery. Because of ceramic, you won’t face any snagging or tugging of hair in between the plates.
  • Far infrared technology ensures hair protection from hair.
  • Because of negative ions, follicles remain the natural luster. As negative ions preserve the natural water molecules on hair.
  • Swivel cord that gives access to stylish to move around easily.
  • Dual voltage makes possible to use Amika Hair Straightener anywhere in the world.
  • Stylish outlook and design.

Plate Material

The core ingredient responsible for heating is ceramic. Not a ceramic coating, plates are composed of pure ceramic for the better heating experience. 100% pure ceramic makes sure the heating is instant and fastest for time-saving.

Plate Width

Plates are wider between 1.25 to 1.5 inches. So it is useful for every hair texture.

Heating Speed

It heats up in ten seconds only.

Temperature Settings

The temperature control is adjustable between 140-450 degrees. That is the most diverse range presented by a flat iron. So it’s useful for fine to thick hair texture.


Editor Review And Score

Amika Peacock, Amika Jaguar Amika Zebra iron Reviews And rating Information Check Product page. The reason for the sudden popularity and fame is the ceramic plates. Because paddles are not coated with ceramic. Instead, as a whole, they are composed of ceramic. So, these paddles provide intense and fastest heating. As the iron heats up in ten seconds.

And don’t forget about special features like infrared technology and swivel cord.

Final Recommendation

The bottom line is that Amika Hair Straightener is a good buy if you are looking for pure ceramic iron. It gains a reputation as the brand who brought the best ceramic product in the market. Premium features like infrared technology and ionic technology make its top gun.

We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about Amika Hair Straightener Best Flat Iron.

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