Best Curling Wand of 2020

Welcome To, Best Curling Want step by step beginners Buying Guide. Girls can’t stop complaining about their hair. Girls with straight hair want curly hair. Some girls have complaints about frizzy hair. Other ones could find the right curling iron for their hair. In short, every girl has some issues with their natural hair texture.

That’s why we decided to write a detailed guide upon Best Curling Wand. Here, you find the top 10 curling wands reviews.

After reading this guide, you have a precise idea about the best curling wands on the market. We will teach you how you can find a professional curling wand for yourself!

For what we are waiting for! Let’s dig in Best Curling Wand reviews!

Best Curling Wand of 2020

1. The Beachwaver Beach Waver Pro Curling Iron

The Beachwaver Co. S1.25 Dual Voltage, White

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Do you ever wish to embrace a glamorous look? When you look at model flaunting hairstyles on-ramp, you must have thought about getting those hairstyles. Well, we got the perfect Best Curling Wand for you!

You can find many good curling wands, but only a few of them are award-winning products. Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Professional Curling Wand is the award-winning product, featured in major magazines like Star Magazine, Teen Vogue, US Weekly, and Allure!

Let’s start the review with the ravishing design. Just look at it! Isn’t the most stylish iron you have ever seen. We can’t deny the charm of Whitish outlook. The handle has an ergonomic shape to provide comfortable handling.

This best hair wand has a unique feature of the rotating barrel. The barrel can move in both directions. You can get inward or outward curls as per your choice using the rotating feature!

To create Beachy waves, Beachwaver uses the latest Ceramic Rod Tourmaline Infused heating technology. Within no time, the barrel gets really hot. It is possible just because of the top-notch ceramic barrel. Ceramic produces a strong beam of heat and transfers it quickly. Tourmaline addition lifts up the performance to a higher level. It spreads the heat evenly on the hair surface.

When you are using Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Curling Wand, you won’t ever complain about frizzy hair. Tourmaline offers the perfect heating technology is the only possible way to eliminate static charge from hair. In the end, you will receive shinier and healthier hair!

Every hair kind needs a specific temperature to get flattened. Never use the same temperature for all hair kinds. That’s why Beachwaver curling iron comes with adjustable temperature control and You can set the temperature up to 450ºF degrees.

Due to top-end technology, it heats up in a mere 30 seconds. You can imagine, how quickly you can have the desired hairstyle! The brand has thought about safety measures. So, it offers an auto shut off feature. If the iron does not get used for 30 minutes, it will shut down automatically.


2. NuMe Titan 3

NuMe Magic Curling Wand 32mm 100% Titanium Barrel Curling...

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When we are talking about Best Curling Wand, we will find a titanium curling wand for sure. Titanium is an expensive metal, but got premium features! Please welcome NuMe Titanium 3! It is the most versatile and professional curling wand! Most curling wands come with general barrel size. Here we have three different barrels of unique sizes. You cannot imagine, how many styling options you have with this iron!

First of all, the ergonomic body shape enables the user to have control over handling. The outlook is professional and soothing. Three detachable barrels of sizes 19mm, 25mm and 32mm, are available. You can pick the right size as per your texture and curl type! The Smaller size will provide ringlets and tighter curls. The larger size will produce wavy and loose curls!

The heating technology is dependent upon the titanium barrel. Titanium is a metal known for its supreme conductivity. It generates strong heat quickly. Due to ultra-high conductivity, the heat gets transferred within no time. Titanium owns the super smooth surface. So, each hair follicle will receive optimum heat!

Digital temperature control is the main component of any Best Curling Wand. Here, we got multiple heat settings up to 390F. degrees. It has the best combo of temperature and barrel sizes. There is no curly hairstyle, which cannot be achieved using it!

When you live in America or Europe, you have the freedom to use NuMe Titan 3 curling wand in both places. This iron offers premium features of dual voltage. Of course, it has a tangle-free swivel cord for flexible movement!



3. Herstyler Super Styler

Herstyler Superstyler Ceramic Flat Iron and Curling Wand Set...

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Undeniably, HerStyler is the king when it comes to the best hair wand! You cannot find any product better than HerStyler Super Set! What’s so special about this Best Curling Wand? Simply, it is a versatile tool with different barrel shapes and multiple heat settings. Honestly, it can be the best style friend for any woman!

Everything about HerStyler curling wand is professional, does the design! We have an ergonomic and streamlined body shape. It is the reason why it gets fit perfectly in your hand. Easy handling means a comfortable styling experience!

Herstyler super styler hair straightener and curler set is the big name regarding ceramic Best Curling Iron. It presents a heating barrel consists of innovative ceramic heaters. These heaters provide and maintain high-level heating without any damage. The heaters infused with ionic technology. Due to its heating technology, you will get a shinier, smoother, healthier and softer curly hairstyle!

It is an ideal curling wand for thick and coarse hair texture. No matter, how stubborn is your hair! When you got HerStyler, your hair has to bow down. It offers an ultra-high-temperature range up to 500F degrees. Only a handful of brands offers such a high range. It means, there is no hair texture that cannot be molded using it!

When the temperature is higher, it means more heat exposure. To save your hand from heat, it offers heat resistant glove. We advise wearing the glove during styling! It comes with a swivel cord of professional length. Now move easily while holding the iron!


4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron

BaBylissPRO BABNT100TBN Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron, 1-1 1/2...

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Babyliss is the mighty brand in the styling industry. For a long time, it is bringing the best hair curler wand in the market. The most amazing fact about Babyliss is that every new product is better than the last one! It shows that Babyliss embraces innovation and develops top end hair care products!

Here we have Babyliss Best Curling Wand with a conical barrel shape. The design features are ergonomic like any professional curling wand. The blue and silver color scheme is calm and soothing. You will love to hold this iron every single time!

Due to the conical shape, you can create a variety of curly hairstyles. Creating loose and tighter curls with the same device is so incredible!

Babyliss and titanium have a long-lasting relationship. When you get a Babyliss item, it means another titanium device. The Same case is with Babyliss Pro ConiCurl. Nano-Titanium technology ensures quick heating without any damage. We have seen plenty of curling wands with the metallic barrel. Poor quality metal end with spoiled and burnt hair. Well, this is not the case with titanium. Titanium is the smoothest and most durable heating material. That’s why Babyliss iron costs a little more but worth every penny!

Babyliss pro nano titanium heating technology is remarkable. So does the temperature control! It offers heat settings up to 450°F degrees. Professionals love to work with Babyliss curling wands just because of multiple heat settings. This range makes it compatible for all hair kinds.

Due to premium and smooth performance, the curls last longer. They do not fall that easily, unlike other curling wands! Without a swivel cord, the styling would become so complicated and complex. The swivel cord ensures a tangle-free styling experience! One sentence for Babyliss, you can trust this brand blindly!


5. Curling Iron 5P with Interchangeable Barrel

ISO Beauty 5 in 1 Curling Iron (5P) - Black

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If you love doing hair styling, why don’t you open up the salon with ISO Beauty Best Curling Wand! Whether you want bouncy or Beachy waves or retro hairdo, everything is possible with ISO Curling iron!

ISO ceramic curling iron comes with five different Interchangeable barrel shapes. Each barrel differs in size too. It means you got a variety of styling options with this iron. You will find this iron in most salons just because of several barrel shapes. The professionals prefer this product, as you don’t have to switch between different ions.

You just need to attach the desired barrel, and your hairstyles process was complete!

Quick heat up is the specialty of this ceramic curling wand. Each barrel is composed of top-notch ceramic tourmaline technology. Within no time, you will receive strong heat. The tourmaline is the gemstone, a natural source of negative ions. These ions are the only possible way to deal with frizzy hair. Ionic technology removes the frizz to bring natural health and shine of hair!

It is a versatile hair curler wand. It offers multiple heat settings with maximum heating up to 410 degrees. Honestly, it is useful for every hair texture. Whether you own straight find strands or thick wire like follicles, this iron will help you! Sometimes, iron can be damaged due to accidents. For sure, you don’t want to spend money again. In the end, we have a tangle-free and heavy-duty swivel cord!


6. Hot Tools HTBW1852

HOT TOOLS Pro Artist Nano Ceramic Curling Iron/Wand | For...

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If you are a fan of traditional Best Curling Wand, you must try out Hot Tools Curly Q Curling Wand!

Instead of fancy barrel design, it has a traditional clipless heating barrel. The barrel is traditional but with a modern touch. The shape is a bit conical to provide multiple styling options. You can creatively create loose and tighter curls using this tool. The handle is compact and thin, which gives ease while styling. The black and white color outlook is commendable!

Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Tapered Nanoceramic Curling Iron heats up faster, so does the recovery! The premium performance is only possible because of the nano ceramic heating barrel. Due to quality ceramic, it produces strong heat continuously. The best part, it is an efficient and stronger tool, but without causing any damage to the hair!

Due to the ultra-smooth surface, you will end up with frizz-free and shinier hair. No frizz means healthy hair! The conical shape is the prominent fact about this ceramic curling wand.  You can create Beachy waves with the wider part, and tighter curls with the smaller part. A word of caution, it works great for short hair, but not suitable for long hair!

There is an adjustable temperature control. You have the freedom to set the precise temperatures up to 450F degrees. It is a pretty wide range of temperatures. Wider temperature range brings versatility and compatibility. So, it will work for all hair kinds. But beware of length, it is not useful for long hair regardless of the texture!

When the temperature is so high, it can cause damage to the hand. Now style up your hair without any fear, as it comes with a heat resistant glove! How we can forget about the swivel cord! The swivel cord is the main component that provides flexible styling!


7. Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand

Remington CI9538 Pro 1'-1.5' Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling...

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Remington is the reputed name regarding the curling iron wand. Here we present Remington Best Curling Wand, which provides quality salon experience at home! Now no need to spend hundreds of dollars in salons. Just get this pink best hair wand and leave the rest of the work to this iron!

Let’s start with the design, which is ergonomic for the ultimate user experience. The outlook is pretty attractive with the black and pink color scheme. The shape of the heating barrel is conical. Conical shape ensures different styling options. You can have loose or tighter curls with the same hair curler wand! Isn’t amazing?

Remington Pro 1-1½” Digital Ceramic Curling Wand presented best ceramic curling iron, as we have a ceramic heating barrel. It will produce sufficient heat at a constant rate. The heat will be substantial, but without any damage. It means no hot spots with this iron. Ceramic is also known for maintaining a selected temperature during the styling. In the end, the performance will be seamless and uniform!

It has digital temperature control so you can find the desired temperature and lock it. Due to a digital display, you can set the temperature accurately. It is perfect for medium to thick hair texture, as it offers variable temperature up to  – 410 F degrees. We advise not to use it on fine hair textures!

You don’t have to spend much time on styling because it heats up in a mere 30 seconds! Turned on iron can be harmful to the surroundings and itself. For avoiding such an accident, there is an auto shut-off feature. If iron is being idle for 60 minutes, it will shut down automatically! Remington cares about its precious users. In the end, we have a swivel cord with professional length!


8. Infiniti by Conair YOU CURL

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline 1 1/4-Inch Ceramic Curling...

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If, you are wondering for affordable Best Curling Wand! Then Conair You Curl curling wand is the right product for you!

OMG! The pink color scheme uses in Conair YOU CURL Curling Wand so the outlook is impressive. No doubt, why girls can’t resist buying this item. The body features are ergonomic for flexible styling. Due to the unique shape, it will fit in your palm perfectly!

It owns the Conical barrel shape for making loose and tighter curls with the same iron. When we say conical shape, the length of hair plays an important role. If you have short hair, this barrel shape works awesome. Unfortunately, it is not great for longer hair! You will have difficulty while wrapping the hair, so use it on short hair!

For instant results, it offers a tourmaline ceramic heating barrel. Ceramic is the famous heating material, known for strong heating instantly. Tourmaline transfers and distributes the heat evenly on the hair follicles. Tourmaline also brings ionic technology. Ionic technology deals with a positive charge on the hair. It makes your hair frizz-free and retains natural luster by locking the moisture of hair!

It works efficiently and faster. Within 30 seconds, it heats up to a maximum of 400 degrees. No more guessing! The auto shut-off feature ensures the safety of the product! Yeah, it has a swivel cord, which rotates in 360 degrees!


9. Revlon Salon High Heat Hair Curling Iron

REVLON Salon High Heat Hair Curling Iron Ball Wand, Regular...

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Tighter and ringlet hairstyles are pretty popular among girls. Every girl wants to know how to get such hairstyles! In salons, hair experts do not reveal the secret. Pearl barrel shape is the secret to getting tighter and ringlet curls instantly!

Revlon is the prime brand to bring Pearl Best Curling Wand! The outlook and design are as ravishing as the barrel shape. The pink color is the weakness of the girls. They will instantly get attracted to pink colored styling products. The handle is compact and designed for comfortable styling!

Revlon is the prominent name regarding ceramic curling iron. This pearl-shaped barrel is composed of top-end ceramic. Ceramic is an affordable heating material with efficient performance. You can completely rely upon ceramic professional curling iron. It will generate sufficient heat within no time. The best part, it distributes the heat uniformly on the hair surface. This iron retains the natural luster by locking the natural oils and moisture in the hair!

Revlon Salon High Heat Hair Curling Iron Ball Wand with Ceramic Technology is a powerful and versatile hair styling tool. It offers temperature settings up to 420°F degrees. So, it is viable for every hair kind, especially for medium to coarse hair textures.


10. Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand

Bed Head Curlipops Clamp-Free Curling Wand Iron | For Loose...

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Are you tired of using useless curling wands? By using poor quality irons, the hair will lose health and shine. After that, you may need to spend thousands of dollars to recover healthy hair. Then why not avoid this in the first place by getting a professional curling wand!

Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand is the brand known for bringing affordable curling wands. It is the heavenly product for low budget consumers!

The design of the body is ergonomic like any other professional curling Iron. The major reason why users love to handle and to work with this curler!

Here we have ceramic tourmaline heating barrel. Ceramic ensures substantial heat quicker. Tourmaline makes the surface smooth for uniform heat dissipation. Tourmaline is the natural source of ionic technology so that you can have luscious hair with a natural shine!

Everything about this curling wand is great, except temperature control features are fixed. It heats up to 400° F degrees quickly. But you don’t have the option to set the desired temperature, but if you used on the right hair texture, it would be great! Otherwise, fixed temperature control is not a fascinating thing! Of course, it owns a swivel cord for easy movement during styling!


Meet Best Curling Wand Brands On The Market

  • Remington: It is a popular brand known and offers a wide range of styling products. It is a prime manufacturer of razors, epilators and hair care products for women and men.
  • Babyliss: Regarding styling products, Babyliss is the most reputed name. Originally, it is the brand of Conair Corporation, which is known for its small appliances.
  • HerStyler: As the name suggests, HerStyler is a famous brand for hair care products. Its specialty includes ceramic flat irons, curling irons and much more!
  • Bed Head: Bed Head is a brand of TIGI Linea, which is a division of Unilever. TIGI Linea is famous for hair care and nail products.
  • Sultra: Sultra is a haircare brand, famous for its Bombshell product line including flat irons and curling irons.
  • Revlon: Revlon is a respected brand known for cosmetics, fragrance, and skincare
  • Hot Tools: Hot Tools is a premium brand, which develops hair care products for both professionals and consumers. It has a wide range of flat irons, hairdryers, titanium curling wands, ceramic curling wands and much more!

What About the Products That Define Your Curls?

Girls without curls think that maintaining curly hair is easy. Well, this misconception! Ask girls with curly hair; they have to deal with dry and frizzy hair every single morning. Luckily, we live in an era where we got a variety of great hair care products. In the market, you can find plenty of hair care products essential to define your curls!

In any cosmetic shop, you will find a wide range of hair care products. This range will include shampoos, gels, conditioners, gels, sprays and much more. These types of products divided into pre-shower, during the shower and post-shower products. Each product has a specific way to define your curls and locks.

Here are some tips about hair care products that will improve the quality of your curls

  • Shampoos: The main problem associated with curly hair is the frizziness and dryness. Sulfates are the main source of such dryness. Whenever you choose any shampoos, make sure it is sulfate-free. The shampoo is the most basic product that replenishes the curly hair. You can try out the shampoo from Paul Mitchell. Its products are famous for anti-frizz Gently shampoo your hair to remove all the dryness and frizziness from the hair!
  • Conditioners: Conditioner is the perfect complement of shampoo. If you ever want to enhance the performance of shampoo, you must try out conditioner. Conditioner acts as the soft and gentle hair treatment to define curls. The conditioner will make the hair follicles softer, but won’t harm the integrity of the hair follicles. By using conditioner, your curls will last for a whole day! When you are choosing a conditioner, make sure it has Rice Amino acids and Shea plus Almond oil. These components are needed to hydrate and define the curls.
  • Creams: After the shower, we need gel or cream to keep the curls maintain. When you have limitless choices regarding curl defining cream, getting the best one will be difficult. The cream with jojoba oil, Shea butter and avocado will be great for curly hair. These elements will keep the curls hydrated and make them bounce!
  • Leave-In Treatments: If you want a hair care treatment that will last longer, then leave-in treatment is perfect. Leave-In Treatment works by locking the moisture in the hair. This technique will protect the hair from any damage. For Leave-in treatments, the top suggestion is Paul Mitchell. These treatments should use on the damp hair!
  • Gels: Most girls avoid using gels, due to the crunchy effect. Well, when we say gel for curly hair, it means gel that can hydrate and heal curls gracefully!
  • Serums: If you are looking for boosted and faster hair care treatment, Serums are the best choice. The serum for curly hair will make the curls lively and brightened. Make sure that the serum is enriched with Vitamin E and hydrolyzed silk!
  • Foams: Foams work just like gel, but don’t leave the crunchy state. Along with structure, it provides nourishment for the curly hair. That’s why, when you use foams, you will have a bouncy and softer finish!
  • Smoothies: hair care smoothies are a lightweight formula to define and nourish curls. Its outcome with much softer than gels and foams. Smoothies restore the natural shine amazingly. Coconut and Hibiscus curls enhancing smoothies are perfect for defining curls!

How To Use A Curling Wand Step by Step Guide

Getting a Best Curling Wand is not enough. Getting a tool does not mean that you know the technique to use it. In this section, we will show you how you can use any curling wand without any prior experience:

  • Choice Of Curling Wand: The same curling wand is not useful for every hair texture. Before starting the process, you must have the right iron for your hair. The size of the barrel matters a lot. Smaller barrels produce ringlets and tighter curls. Loose curls are only possible with wider barrels. Next comes the heating material, nothing works better than ceramic or titanium curling wand!
  • Select The Temperature: Once you get the perfect curling wand, the next step is choosing the right temperature. For fine hair, the lower temperature range is perfect. For medium texture, 200 – 350 degrees range is great. Wand Temperatures above 350 degrees needed for coarse hair textures.
  • Preparation Of Hair: After a shower, must blow-dry the hair. You must not use the iron directly on damp hair. Make sure; the hair is in the dried state. Now, comb the hair thoroughly. The hair should be tangle-free!
  • Preheat The Curling Wand: Now, turn on the iron and select the desired temperature. It is advisable to let the iron heat up to the desired temperature!
  • Wear The Glove: For safety measures, put on the heat resistant glove!
  • Sectioning Of Hair: Divide the hair into small sections of 2 – 3 inches.
  • Wrap The Hair Section: Now hold the small section and start wrapping it around the curling barrel.
  • Curling: Now wait for few seconds, don’t let the iron heat the hair for a longer Otherwise, the result will be bad. Heat the hair for just 2 – 5 seconds.
  • Pin-Up the Curl: Now quickly pin up the curl with Bobby pin. Repeat the above process for all sections.
  • Final Touch Up: Once your hairstyle process is done, use some hairspray or foam for long-lasting results!

Final Recommendation

So, this is our sincere effort about Best Curling Wand reviews guide Here, we explained, you must identify your hair texture before doing any styling. We showed a wide range of curling wands that differ as per shape, size, heating material, and temperature range. We talked about every tool and its features in detail. You must choose a ceramic curling wand for styling needs at home.

We introduced top-rated curling irons for professional needs. The above guide includes a variety of irons as per barrel shapes for flexible styling options. We also showed how you can define and give structure to the curly hair! Now, you know everything about Best Curling Wand. In our opinion, you can bring the best product for your hair now!

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