FHI Flat Iron Reviews And Beginners Buying Guide 2020

Fhi hair straighteners Reviews For Serious Hairstylist

FHI Flat Iron Reviews

Fhi Flat Iron Reviews show that fhi brand known for salon-quality flat irons. The time is gone when girls had to visit a salon or consult stylists for transforming their hair. Today, the flat iron is prevailing everywhere. The hair straightening iron is the most important tool for any girl. And it should be important, as getting new hairstyles has become so much easier with flat irons.

In this article, we are going to discuss Fhi Flat Iron Reviews about top models of FHI brand. At the end of the article, you must fall in love with this hair tools.


The Best FHI Flat Irons

What is Fhi Hair Iron Brand?

Before checking Fhi Flat Iron Reviews, Let’s roll onto this brand. FHI is the topmost provider of the cutting edge flat irons in the market and it’s believed that a flat iron has become a primal part of girl’s toolkit. With a rapidly changing world, girls need the latest and advanced flat iron to cope with their styling cravings.

For girls, it’s impossible not to try new hairdos. So, Fhi focused on making products that girls needed at home. As no girl can’t afford to visit the salon every single day. So why not bring salon at home for daily use! It means getting high-end flat iron.

With this vision, this brand built products that are smashing. Whether you want to transform your hair into curls or waves or fine strands, Fhi flat irons are at your service. In a versatile range of FHI flat irons, you can find beginner, medium and professional level flat irons. The best part, no matter what is your budget, but you may get the flat iron you needed when you are shopping from FHI.


1: – FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron

FHI HEAT Platform Pro Styling Tourmaline Hair Straightener...
  • Ceramic heater offers even heat distribution and high speed heat recovery
  • Adjustable professional temperature from 140 Degree to 450 Degree
  • Three layers of baked Ceramic infused with tourmaline
  • Seals moisture, eliminates frizz, produces high shine
  • Even, consistent heat for one time smoothing

FHI Flat Iron Reviews

First in the list of Fhi Flat Iron Reviews, is Fhi ceramic tourmaline flat iron. It is the most popular product in the company. When we are talking about salon-quality flat irons, the first name comes in mind is Fhi ceramic flat iron. It has been serving toolkits of professional stylists for years. This flat iron got some awesome features to love about it.

It’s black and red signature color theme can be noticed from miles away. No doubt, with just being red color plates, girls unintentionally get attracted to Fhi ceramic iron. It works as good as it looks. Sleek, professional and classic style with great functionality!

Most ceramic irons do not contain 100% solid ceramic. But Fhi hair iron has solid ceramic plates for faster heating. For finishing, ceramic plates have been covered by a layer of tourmaline. The fine crystal mixture that gives a smooth and polished finish to the plates. That’s why when you use this flat iron, you will feel its smoothness as it easily glides through the hair. In the end, this merger of elements is responsible for even heating on the surface of the hair.

Adjustable temperature is essential for being a versatile flat iron because, if the Flat Irons temperature control is fixed, it could use only for one hair type. But Fhi hair straightening iron has adjustable temperature control with a wide range of 140 – 450 degrees. So from fine to thick, coarse hair, it can handle every hair type.

Frizz is the problem every girl hates while straightening the hair. Fhi heat flat iron equipped with negative ions technology. With a beam of negative ions, the hair will be free from any frizz. This ionic technology also brings natural shine to the hair by sealing the natural moisture on the follicles.

Hair damage is the risk involved with flat irons. FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron infrared technology prevents the hair and scalp damage due to hair. The Plates have beveled ends for producing tight curls or waves. Fhi Heat Platform hair straightener has a 360-degree angle moving Swivel cord gives more access while straightening the hair.

Fhi Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Features:

  • Ceramic Tourmaline plates for faster and even heating
  • Glides easily through the hair
  • Negative Ions makes hair shinier and frizz-free
  • No hair damage because of infrared technology
  • three layers of ceramic plates infused with tourmaline  for multiple styling
  • Swivel cord


2: – FHI Brands GO Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch Hair Styling Iron

FHI Brands GO Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch Hair Styling Iron,...
  • Flip, twist, straighten and curl
  • Automatic sense control system for superior heat recovery rate
  • Ultra rapid heat-up time
  • True PTFC ceramic heater producing consistent high temperatures and far-infrared heat across entire surface of ceramic panel.
  • Seals in moisture, eliminates frizz

FHI Flat Iron Reviews

Fhi flat iron reviews show that Fhi cares about beginners and entry-level stylists. No doubt, flat iron or hair straightener is not like an ordinary product. You have to spend some extra bucks to get this tool. But really what if you don’t have such fortune! Don’t worry, the satisfaction of customers is the sole purpose of the FHI. That’s why after years of research and advanced technology the company built a low-cost product. If you gave the limited budget, then fhi tourmaline ceramic flat iron is the perfect example of a low budget hair straightening machine.

Like other FHI products, the design of this hair styling tool is sleek and stylish. To attract entry-level styling enthusiasts, it is coming in four different colors. Choose which suits your personality best!

Regarding functionality, at this low price, this is the top-rated flat iron in the market. No other tool is providing such awesome features at such a low cost.

FHI Brands GO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styling Iron Plate made by tourmaline ceramic design as other fhi irons have. The Tourmaline Ceramic plates technology easily flatten your hair without any pulling or tugging on hair. It runs smoothly in your hair. That’s why tourmaline material placed at the outer layer. This perfect ceramic and tourmaline combo is the brain behind faster heating.

You will be surprised to know the versatile temperature range. It starts from 140 to 410 degrees. Whether you have fine strands of hair or tight curls, with FHI GO, transform your personality into something more stylish. Ionic technology is the prime part of every Fhi heat flat iron. Negative ions ensure that your hair will be frizz-free and full of shine for longer hours.

The dual voltage is an extra feature. What is its use? Dual voltage makes it the perfect companion when you are traveling. The Round edges are going to help you in styling differently with waves or curls. The Plates are 1 inch, so no matter which is hair type of length, this hair straightener is awesome in itself.

FHI Brands GO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styling Iron Features:

  • Ceramic tourmaline plates
  • Efficient and faster heating
  • Moves smoothly in hair
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Instant Heat Recovery
  • Ionic technology ensures shiny frizz-free hair
  • Dual voltage flat iron
  • Extra-long professional Swivel cord for better access
  • Beveled edges for making curls or waves

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3:- FHI Brands EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic 1-Inch Professional Hair Styling Iron

FHI Brands EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic 1-Inch...
  • Green, fine or normal hair(266 degree-338 degree F)
  • Produces up to 25% more moisture locking ions
  • Auto shut off after 1 hour

If you are looking for best, then check Fhi Flat Iron Reviews of Fhi Diamond flat iron. As the name depicts, Diamond means something is high end than others. Diamond types flat iron known for providing maximum control and accuracy during the flattening process. But obviously, it is going to be more expensive than other models of Fhi. But if you have a habit of choosing best, then don’t rest upon everything else other than a Diamond flat iron.

Let’s start at the top of the line features offered by Fhi diamond flat iron. The design is sleek and stylish like other models with black and white color schemes.

The diamond flat iron is an essential part of a luxurious salon’s toolkit and made for professionals who like to play with precision. That’s why the temperature is adjustable between 266F – 450F. The range is versatile, but little up than other models because Fhi Heat EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic Flat Iron not made for an amateur. Only professionals can handle its latest technology. Don’t forget; control is digital.

Fhi Heat EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic flat Iron heat-saving feature is newest and surprising. When you are not using a flat iron for straight three minutes, it will cool down to half automatically. But as soon as you touch it, it goes back to maximum instantly. Isn’t fascinating!

Traditionally, the plates are made of ceramic black diamond for better quality and polished finish. As FHI Diamond releases a 25% stronger beam of ions to eliminate frizz to the absolute limit. In the end, you have full luster hair. Both infrared and EMF technologies are barriers to hair damage. Heating technology is so advanced that plates get heated up to a maximum within second and instant recovery even in the sleep mode.

Fhi Heat EPS Black Diamond Digital Ceramic Flat Iron features:

  • Advanced ceramic infused tourmaline plates
  • Extremely efficient and precise
  • Digital adjustable temperature control between 266 – 450 degrees
  • Touch technology for saving heat iron is not in use
  • 25% more moisture locks ions
  • Best Flat Iron for African American Hair
  • Infrared and EMF prevents hair damage
  • Extra-long Professional Swivel Cord

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4:- FHI Brands Nano Titanium 1-Inch Professional Hair Straightener

Next in the list of FHI Flat Iron Reviews, is titanium flat iron presented by FHI. Titanium material flat iron known for instant heat and more sleek design. So does FHI titanium flat iron!

Let’s start with the design. No doubt it is like its siblings as it has a sleek and straight design. Concise and straight design are the specialties of FHI. The black color scheme perfectly gives a metallic look.

As the name depicts, FHI Heat Nano Titanium 1 Inch Professional Hair Straightener has titanium plates. These titanium plates are the amalgamation of titanium, copper, nickel, and platinum. This mixture is responsible for the instant heating system and recovery.

FHI hair straightener Digital temperature control features attractive to every girl who wishes to use a flat iron. FHI titanium hair straightener has digital temperature control which can set up between 266F to 450F. This versatile range is a perfect choice for professional hairstylists.

The non-porous design of titanium plates is ideal for removing frizz and retain the natural luster of the hair. The professional length swivel cord that rotates at 360 degrees is the added feature. Auto shut off is an interesting fact about Fhi Heat Nano Titanium 1-Inch Professional Hair Straightener. If you are not using this flat iron for one hour, it will automatically get shut down.

Fhi Heat Nano Titanium 1-Inch Professional Hair Straightener features:

  • Titanium plates for instant heating
  • Ultra sleek and stylish
  • Digital temperature control between 266F – 450F
  • Swivel Cord with the professional length
  • After 1-hour auto shut-off for safety
  • 1 Inch Professional Hair Straightener

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5:- FHI Heat Runway 1-inch Pure Ceramic Digital Hand Touch Hair Styling Iron

FHI HEAT Elite Pro Series Digital Black Ceramic Hair...
  • Each box contains 1 FHI HEAT Elite Pro Series Digital Black Ceramic Hair Straightener for All Hair Types, 1 Inch
  • The universal voltage 1" styler is perfect for all hair types with an adjustable temperature range from 266°F to 450°F. Black diamond ceramic technology produces up to 25% more moisture-locking ions...
  • Edge-to-edge ceramic heater offers even heat distribution and high speed heat recovery.
  • Take the EPS Global Universal Digital Ceramic Hair Styler anywhere around the world with your travel adapter to get the perfectly polished hair anywhere you go
  • 1 hour auto shut-off, professional 12ft swivel cord, and universal voltage to style in any setting.

Last in the list of fhi Flat Iron Reviewscomes fhi Runway flat iron. One of the most advanced and smartest flat iron on the planet. In old times, flat irons have just one objective, and that was heating. But now heating styling, curling, waving, just name anything related to hairstyling, fhi Runway iron is perfect and the design is slim and straight as following the tradition of the fhi brand.

The plates are made up of handmade six layers of ceramic infused with tourmaline. This ceramic structure patented by fhi and reason behind instant heat and recovery.

Fhi Heat Runway 1-Inch Pure Ceramic Iron Digital temperature control makes it a more versatile and unique flat iron. You can choose a precise temperature between 266F to 450F as per your hair requirements.

The best part is the touch technology. It is so smart that it senses when you are using the iron or not by hand touch. When you are away, it will sense there is no hand contact and will move to sleep mode. But as soon as you touch the iron, it gets heated to an optimum level within moments.

Auto shut off feature is safety function. After one hour of no use, it will automatically shut down. Beveled edges and floating plates help you in making multiple styles with ease. fhi hair straightener design is ergonomic for giving better access and grip upon flat iron.

Fhi Heat Runway 1-Inch Pure Ceramic Digital Iron features:

  • Pure Ceramic plates for instant heating
  • Touch technology for saving heat in case of no contact
  • Digital temperature control of 266F to 450F
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Beveled and floating plates
  • the professional length Swivel cord
  • Fine or normal hair: 266°F-338°F.
  • Wavy, curly and permed hair: 356°F-392°F.
  • Coarse, thick hair: 410°F-450°F.

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Features And Specification:

Here are some important facts gathered from FHI Flat Iron Reviews.


  • Most flat irons contain traditional ceramic tourmaline design of plates which is patented by FHI. That is the reason for the fastest heating.
  • Every flat iron has the adjustable and digital temperature control, for this reason, perfect flat iron for all hair types.
  • Auto Shut Off feature gives you more safety
  • professional length Swivel cord gives more access to use the tool.
  • Ionic technology is a basic component of all FHI flat irons.
  • Infrared technology has been added to stop hair damage

Plate Width:

All the above flat irons have a plate width between 1 – 1.5 Inch. So you can try out these tools on all hair types with various lengths.

Heating Speed:

The heating speed is instant. No FHI flat iron takes time more than one minute to heat up to a maximum range of 450 degrees.

Understanding the Best Flat Iron width and temperature setting: 

Hair Types Hair Length Plate Width Temperature Setting
Coarse, Thick, Curly Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ½ Inch 350°F – 400°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 2 Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inch* 380°F – 410°F
Normal, Medium/AverageMedium Thickness or Wavy Above Shoulder ½ – 1 ¼ Inch 300°F – 350°F
Shoulder Length 1 – 1 ½ Inch
Below Shoulder 1 ½ – 2 inch* 360°F – 380°F
Fine, Thin, Damage or Naturally Straight Hair Any Any 250°F – 300°F
Fragile Hair Any ½ – 1 ½ Inch Below 250°F

Why FHI Flat Iron one of the best Flat Iron In the market?

After reading FHI Flat Iron Reviewsit is pretty obvious that FHI irons are the best in the market. You should not have a suspicion while buying FHI hair irons.

There are certain things that make FHI flat irons best in the market. Check some below:

  • Top Quality Ceramic Plates: Most girls prefer working with ceramic plates as they work smoothly and efficiently on the hair. FHI is the leader when it comes to ceramic plates flat irons.
  • Ionic Technology: There is no person on the earth who would like frizz. The ionic technology of FHI flat irons is on the top of the race. That’s why FHI gets positive feedbacks about frizz-free hair with a natural shine.
  • Made For Professionals: FHI has made products for professionals. With accurate digital control and higher temperature range, professionals love having FHI in their toolkits.
  • Entry Models: FHI has cared about stylists who are at entry-level. They can get a flat iron at a lower cost with higher features.
  • Budget-Friendly: It has various models that go with all budgets. No matter you are a professional who is willing to invest or an amateur girl trying out new things, you will get the desired product in the FHI basket.

Final Recommendation

So this was an article specially composed on fhi Flat Iron Reviewsfhi is the premium name in the flat iron industry. In rapidly evolving flat iron technology, fhi has been supplying best quality hair straighteners successfully. With cutting-edge ceramic plates, efficient performance, luster hair, auto shut off feature and professional access, fhi has won the hearts of thousands of professional plus beginners. From budget-friendly to top expensive products, fhi has the most versatile range of the flat irons. Be careful while using the irons.

It is recommended to read the full guide about any product you are buying. So before going getting the Best Hair Straightener must read in detail about available models. The hair straightener is a bit costly product, So make sure what you need and what you want! Otherwise, you will end up purchasing something useless.

That’s why you need to read this guide. Flat irons have been discussed in detail. After reading this post, you should have any doubts about these machines are their features.

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