Original Farouk CHI Curling Iron Reviews With Buying Guide

What’s The Best Original Farouk Chi Curling Irons On The Market?

Chi Curling Iron offers high-quality curling experience. Chi is not a stranger brand to the world. For years, it has brought top-notch styling products on the market. We can say, Chi is one of the premium manufacturers of curling wands.

Chi Curling Iron serves both professionals and amateurs. In salons, this brand provides outstanding performance instantly. While at home, style lovers can satisfy style cravings easily. In either case, Original Farouk Chi Curling Iron is the winner.

Here, we have detailed original Farouk Chi Curling Iron reviews. You will find every information related to Chi best products in this guide.

Best Chi Curling Iron To Buy Right Now 

Thing Should Be Consider Choosing The Best Chi Curling Iron:

If you are reading this guide, it means you want help in getting the best Chi Curling Iron. Shopping for a curling iron is a little bit difficult. Especially for people with no prior knowledge. Don’t worry, here are the important factors that the best curling iron should own:

Barrel Size:

People ignore the Barrel size while buying a curling iron. The whole outcome is dependent upon Barrel size. Each size produces unique types of curls. Such that, smaller Barrels can create tighter and retro curls only. For loose curls, you need a wider Barrel.

Barrel Shape:

The market has become so versatile and advanced. We get to see several types of Barrel as per shapes. Every shape produces an excellent outcome. Some popular shapes include pearl, conical, reverse cone and cylindrical. The cylindrical shape creates spiral shapes curls. The conical shape creates curls that are tighter at the ends, but wider near the head.

Heating Material:

The heating material is the base component of any curling iron. If a heating material is not up to the mark, you will lose. Ceramic and titanium are the most efficient heating material. Both are known to be the best heating components. Ceramic is popular due to intense heating quickly. It distributes the heat evenly, without causing any damage, while titanium is a super metal with ultra-high conductivity. It heats instantly to lower styling time.

Adjustable Temperature Control:

It is highly recommended to get a curling wand with variable temperature control. Well, you can use fixed temperature curling iron from top brands. Just like original Farouk Chi! But variable temperature control provides more freedom towards styling. Fixed temperature settings limit the styling options, but suitable for use at home.

1: – CHI ARC 1″ Curling Iron

CHI Arc 1" Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron With Infra...
  • 1” CHI ceramic barrel
  • MCH Heater for quick 30 sec. heat up
  • Digital temperature adjustment prevents unnecessary heat damage to the hair
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

Original Farouk CHI Curling IronYou are going to adore the Rotating Chi Curling Iron. As the name shows, Chi Pro is the professional curling wand. The expert hairstylists commonly use it in their salons.

Chi Pro curling wand gains popularity for several reasons. Ergonomic design is a primary reason for its fan following. A user finds extreme ease while using. Your hand won’t get tired of holding it. The color scheme is pretty vibrant and loud, as made for style maniacs.

It has a unique rotating Barrel composed of top quality Ceramic. It turns automatically, this way you can save your time. Because of Ceramic, you get a high beam of heat instantly without damaging the hair.

Chi Pro Auto Rotating 1 inch Ceramic Curling Iron has a digital temperature control screen that delivers precision styling. You adjust the temperature with heat adjusting buttons. The heating range shows that every hair texture can be styled up using the Chi curling wand.

The Barrel rotates in both directions for versatile curly hairstyles. Because of an advanced heating system, the Barrel heats up in a mere thirty seconds. Additional features are swivel cord.

Chi Pro Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Features:

  • A professional curling wand
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Top-quality Ceramic Barrel
  • LCD Display Temperature Control Features
  • Instant heating
  • No damage to the hair
  • 1 Inch Curling Iron With Ceramic Barrel
  • Rotating Barrel
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Swivel cord
CHI Arc 1' Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron With Infra...



2: – MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 1/4 Inch Spring Curling Iron

MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 1/4 Inch...
  • Lift, curl, flip and style your look into crown worthy curls with this 1 1/4" titanium curling iron
  • Creates luscious, full body curls while protecting hair and locking in moisture.
  • Titanium barrel for smooth glide and shiny finish
  • Dual voltage for international travel
  • Temperatures up to 210C/410F

Original Farouk CHI Curling IronChi Miss Universe curling wand is perfect for African American hair textures. No doubt, it has a prettier outlook with a pink color scheme. Girls can’t ignore the attractive pink outlook!

The design of this Chi Curling Iron is amazingly ergonomic. Both professionals and amateurs love to hold it.

The heating material is the core part of any styling tool. It has to be exceptionally good for a premium outcome. As said above, this curling wand is specially designed for stubborn hair types. That’s why we have a titanium heating Barrel. Titanium has earned the reputation for instant heat up with the smooth finish. Titanium is the most durable heating material in the market.

The temperature control is not present, as it emits the heat at a constant rate. Honestly, this heat is sufficient for any stubborn hair type. But avoid using it on the delicate hair texture. Otherwise, hair will get fried up! The bonus feature is a swivel cord.

Chi Miss Universe Hair Curling Iron Features:

  • A powerful curling wand
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ravishing outlook
  • 1 1/4 Inch Barrel Size
  • Titanium heating Barrel
  • Instant heat up
  • Smooth finish
  • Swivel cord
  • Sufficient heat
MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 1/4 Inch...

3: – CHI Air Texture Tourmaline Ceramic Styler

CHI Textured Ceramic Styler Tapered Wand
  • Smooth Glide Barrel
  • Flash Quick Heating
  • Tapered barrel for various styles
  • Cool tip protects hands from barrel
  • Reduces Frizz

Air Chi Curling Iron symbolizes innovation and perfection CHI Air Texture Tourmaline Ceramic Stylersignificantly. From design to performance, the Chi Air Curling wand is the absolute winner!

The design is ergonomic with a splendid outlook. Undeniably, girls can’t help attracting to it!

The company has utilized the latest technology for developing top curling iron. It delivers world-class heating experience by joining Ceramic with tourmaline. Ceramic has a duty to produce intense heat quickly. Tourmaline is assigned to distribute heat uniformly. Tourmaline is the largest natural source of ionic technology. Negative ions ensure the frizz-free curling of hair.

Chi Air Texture Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron With digital temperature control, you can precisely choose the desired temperature. It offers adjustable temperature control. From fine to thick hair can be changed into luscious curls suing it. An additional feature is a swivel cord.

Chi Air Texture Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Features:

  • A powerful curling wand
  • Premium features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Attractive outlook
  • Ceramic tourmaline Barrel
  • Strong heating instantly
  • Even heat distribution
  • Frizz-free hair
  • Temperature control is adjustable
  • Swivel cord
CHI Textured Ceramic Styler Tapered Wand

Final Recommendation

Chi has earned a reputation as the top-rated curling iron wand supplier. In recent years, its products got accepted and loved by the customers. The main reason for its fame is a broad range of products with superb features. In this guide, you get to learn about top Chi Curling Iron Wand. Hopefully, you are convinced about this brand and its product! Chi Curling Iron is worth to buy!