How to choose a best curling iron wand step by step Guide

How To Choose The Right size Best Curling Iron Wand?

Most people find difficulty while choosing a best curling iron wand. The curling iron is a prime tool for styling or creating curls. You can’t just visit the shop and pick up the first iron you see. The curling iron is a personalized tool which closely associated with the hair texture. People make the big mistake of buying a wrong curling iron for hair texture. To avoid such problem, here we have composed this guide. Here we will show how you can buy or choose a best curling iron wand.

The Best Curling Iron Wand (Special Picks for You):

What Type of curls I want:


The first factor that affects the buying process is a type of curls Because every single curling iron creates a different type of curls. Further, this topic has been explained by size and various curls textures. So, without wasting time, let’s dig in!

Barrel Size:

Curling irons have a distinctive range of barrels based on different sizes. The most common range is between 3/8” to 2” width. Every single curling iron of this range produces totally distinctive curls. If you want smaller and tighter curls, small size barrel iron is perfect. You should get large barrel iron for loose curls.

  • If you own thin and flat hair, you must go for small size iron. Because large barrel curling iron will fry up thin hair texture. For a long-lasting effect, use a smaller curling iron for thin hair.
  • Thick hair can retain the shape of curls for a longer time. So loose curls are perfect for thick hair. It means large size curling iron needed here.

Tiny Barrel Curling Iron For Tight Curls:

For creating tight curls, 3/8”,1/2” and 5/8” irons are best. Small size barrels work great for short hair to produce tight curls. If you own naturally curly hair, then tiny & tight curls will last longer than usual. These irons are great for doing last moment touch up. For thin and straight hair, small size barrels are perfect. Well, it will take time for creating tight curls. But the result will be just stunning. These barrels also assist in creating coiled and spiral locks.

Vintage Curls:

You must get ¾” barrel curling iron for vintage curls. Vintage hairstyles include loose curls. If you have medium or short hair, then this size iron will work awesome.

Universal Size Curling iron:

The next time you go to a salon must notice the size of the curling iron. You will see most stylists prefer 1-inch barrel curling iron. Why is that? Because 1 inch curling iron barrel size is great for any curls and length. For newbies, 1 inch curling iron is the good start. Stylists produce awesome short bob and long layered curls using such size. This size is also suitable for creating tight curls.

Curling Iron for Medium To Long Hair:

Stylists face difficulty while curling longer hair. For medium to long hair, 1-1/4 inch curling iron is best. With such size, anyone can produce natural, loose and soft wavy hairstyles. You can use this iron on short hair for getting more volume.

Loose Curls:

One thing is clear, larger the size of barrels, the looser curls. With an increase in width, you will get voluminous loose curls. For large loose curls, 1-1/2” curling iron is the top choice. It works awesome on long hair.

Tousled Look:

2 inch curling iron not used for only creating curls. You can use it on long hair for attaining a tousled look. It only gives rounded texture, but not tight or defined curls.

What Types Of Curling Iron wand is best?

best curling iron wand

Enough with barrels. Now let’s talk about other components related to a curling iron. You must check these items too before buying a best curling iron wand.

Heat Settings:

Every hair texture demands a different temperature range. You must be very careful while picking a curling iron. Always choose an iron with adjustable temperature control. So you can adjust heat according to the hair texture. Don’t use ultra-high-temperature iron like 400 degrees. These irons are best suited to experts. Fro thick hair, 300 – 350 degrees range is perfect. For fine hair, choose iron below 175 degrees.

Curling Wand:

People confuse the curling wand with a curling iron. Curling iron has a barrel with a clamp to hold hair while styling. While in curling wand you to hold hair manually. So always choose curling iron as it has a clamp for convenience.

Shape Of Wands:

Curling iron comes with various wands or barrels which differ in shape. Here are the most popular shapes with their benefits:

  • Cone shaped wand was a versatile curling tool. It has a smaller tip with a thicker base. It assists in creating thicker loose curls and tight curls with the same tool.
  • The straight barrel is common in curling irons. For uniform curls, this is best.
  • Pearl shaped barrel was best for producing natural looking curls.

What Size Curling Iron Wand should I get?

Curly Iron Size and Tips Curling Iron
¼ Inch Super-tight, Small Curls ¼ Inch Curling Iron
½ Inch Bouncy, Tight, Well-defined Curls 5/8 Inch Curling Iron
1 Inch Casual Curls, Well-Defined Waves 1 Inch Curling Iron
1 ¼ Inch Medium, Looser Curls 1 ¼ Inch Curling Iron
1 ½ Inch Looser Curls With Loads Of Body 1 ½ Inch Curling Iron
2 Inch Lose, Barely-There Waves That Give Hair a Subtle Lift 1 ¾ Inch Curling Iron

Heating Material:

Heating material is the core of curling iron. This part produces heat for the flattening of follicles. Here are the most important materials for a curling iron:

  • The Ceramic Tourmaline combination is the best heating material you can find. Ceramic release intense heating while tourmaline spreads heat evenly. Tourmaline also defrizzes the hair.
  • Titanium is another awesome choice. It is popular due to its high conductivity and smooth surface.
  • Cheaper curling irons own chrome or gold barrels. These two provide heat but do not remove the frizz.

So this was the complete guide to buying a Best curling iron wand. I hope, after reading this article, you must have no doubt about curling iron. Now you can pick a right tool for your style cravings!


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