How To Use A Curling Wand Step By Step Easy Guide

Hello! My Name Is Marie Templeton; I am here to show you How to Use a Curling Wand? A curling wand is an answer to all problems related to curly hairstyles. Sometimes, girls are not satisfied with their straight hair texture. Why not try luscious curly hairstyles? Curls add such spice to life.

Don’t worry, if you have no idea about using the curling wand. In this post, we will learn about utilizing a curling wand from start to end. So, next time you can transform straight strands into beautiful curls easily.

How To Choose a Curling Wand?

How-To-Use-A-Curling-Wand-1Always remember, the same curling wand won’t produce different curly hairstyles. The outcome of curls depends upon your curling wand. Sometimes, people make the wrong choice and end with unwanted curls.

Here are two main factors you have to consider while choosing a Best curling wand:

  • The size of the barrel highly matters in the production of curls. If you want tight and retro curls, choose wand with barrel up to 1”. For loose curls, you need barrel larger than 1”.
  • Now, coming to the heating material off Curling Wand. Titanium and Tourmaline are the best materials for developing heating barrels. It is recommended to choose only titanium or ceramic barrels for the best quality. If you want to know more How to choose the best curling iron wand, read this awesome buying guide.


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Step By Step Guide How To Use A Curling Wand

Heat Preferences:

Honestly, do not prefer curling wand with fixed temperature. As distinctive curls and texture demand different heat settings. So, pay attention to temperature dial or control for accurate styling. Because the wrong temperature can either cause damage or waste your time.

Preparation Of Hair:

Avoid using the curling wand directly on the hair. You need to prepare hair for curling. First of all, comb the hair carefully. You need to make them tangle-free. Brush the hair thoroughly. Then use the high-quality hair spray on the hair to reduce heat damage. Always use large clips for holding different sections of hair.

Separate Hair

Let The Iron Preheat:

Avoid using iron instantly after plugging into the power socket. Once the power is on, let the iron preheat for a few minutes. So, iron can be heated up to the required temperature incorrect intensity.

Heat Resistant Glove:

Seriously, you don’t want o hurt your hand. That’s why put on heat resistant glove. This glove is needed when there is no clamp to hold the hair. That’s why most manufacturers deliver iron with heat resistant gloves in case of no clamp. Otherwise, this step is optional but recommended.

Arm Heat Resistant Glove

Heat Smaller Sections:

A word of caution never heats up the hair section wider than 1”. Because wider hair will wrap and end up in lumpy or saggy curls. That’s why for perfect curls, always heat hair section smaller than 1”.

Wrap The Hair On Wand:

Now, coming to the main point. You need to hold the hair strands from the end and wrap around the wand. Start from the base instead of the center for better contact. Always heat the hair away from the face to avoid heat damage.

If you want loose curls, then wrap hair in a flat manner. For tight curls, wrap the hair by twisting in a perfect manner.

With The Gloved Hand Wrap Hair Around The Wand

Give Few Seconds To Heat Up:

Give at least 2 – 5 seconds to heat up the hair strands. But be careful, don’t leave the hair for more than 10 seconds. Otherwise, you ruin the hair instead of curling.

Let The Curls Cool Down:

For tight curls, after heating the hair section. Let the hair in a curly spiral shape! You can use the Bobby pin to do this step efficiently. For tight and retro curls, you need to follow this step. In the case of casual and loose curls, let the warm curls flaunt over freely.

Let The Curls Cool Down

Repeat The Process Until the Last Section:

Repeat the above steps till the last section of hair get curled. Now place them as you wish. It is recommended to use hair spray so they can be the last longer.

Repeat The Process Till Last Section

Picture Source: Petit Elefant

Summary of the How To Use A Curling Wand

Here are some tips that can make the curling process more efficient:

  • Avoid using the curling wand directly on wet or damp hair. It will ruin the hair without curling them.
  • Pay more attention while wrapping the hair. Otherwise, overlap wrapping will end up in saggy curls.
  • It is recommended not to use a curling wand on a daily basis. It’s prohibited in that case of high temperature, and high temperature causes serious damage to the hair.
  • Avoid straightening of hair before curling the hair.
  • To avoid heat damage to the hand, use a heat-resistant
  • Do not heat hair more than 10 seconds.
  • Keep the curling wand away from water. Otherwise, you may get electrocuted.
  • Always use a heat protectant spray before the curling.
  • Don’t wrap the swivel cord around the wand because if you do this, it will burn the cord.

So, this was the complete guide, How To Use A Curling Wand. After reading it, you must have no doubts about using a curling wand!

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