How To Use A Triple Barrel Waver Step By Step Beginners Guide

How To Use A Triple Barrel Waver

How To Use A Triple Barrel Waver?

I hope you can find the perfect answer After Complete our full review instruction. The curling iron has become the basic styling necessity of every style maniac. Triple barrel waver is a unique type of curling iron.

With this tool, anyone can produce luscious curls in a short amount of time. It is a versatile tool. With different styling techniques and demands, this tool can assist in making various hairstyles. If you want loose curls or tight crimping; triple barrel waver is an absolute choice to do so.

In this post, we are going to know how to use this incredible tool. I have explained in detail how to pick the best Triple Barrel Curling Iron waver and end up styling amazing curls.

The Best Triple Barrel Wavers

How to Choose Triple Barrel Waver Right Tool:

No matter which styling tool you are going to use, just pick it with care. There are certain things that should be kept in mind while purchasing a triple barrel waver. I have listed down some factors below:

  • Barrel Size: Barrel size is the most important thing in any curling iron. Because the type of curls you want depends on the barrel size. You can not have long tight curls with smaller barrel sizes. Certain types of curls required different barrel sizes. For example, for loose and free-flowing curls, 1-2” barrel size is awesome. In case you want retro style tight curls, then pick waver with 3/8 or ½ barrel size.
  • Barrel Material: Like barrel size, barrel material also has extreme importance. As barrel material is an absolute source of heat. There are certain types of materials available in the market. The most popular material is ceramic. Try to buy a waver with 100% ceramic barrels. Avoid using barrels with ceramic coating, as they chip over time. If you own coarse hair types, titanium barrels are best. Tourmaline barrels serve the purpose best if you want to avoid frizz and static from hair.
  • Multiple Heat Settings: Always pick the curling iron with adjustable temperature control. Because different hair types and curls need different temperature settings. You cannot use a fixed high-temperature curling iron on fine hair. Otherwise, you will end with fried hair. Choose low-temperature irons for fine hair. Medium to high-temperature ranges is best for coarse hair.


How To Take Preparation of Hair:

Never use any curling iron directly on your hair. You need to prepare your hair for proper styling. In this section, I have explained the steps needed for perfect styling. Just follow the steps written below and get ready for luscious waves or curls.

  • Wash Your Hair: It is recommended to wash hair night or day before styling. Freshly washed hair is not suitable for perfect styling. Hair with some product is best for styling. So always wash hair day or night before. But before styling, make sure your hair is dry. This way after styling, your hair can stay healthier and charming.
  • Blow Dry: Make sure your hair is dried out after a shower. It is best to blow dry them. This way, there will be no chances of wet hair. Otherwise, styling the wet hair can break the follicles. So avoid using styling iron on wet hair.
  • Use Heat Protectant: After the blow dry, apply some good quality Best Hair Protection Spray. There are plenty of serums and sprays in the market which serves as a heat protectant. With heat protectants, chances of heat damage will lower to a great degree.
  • Use Curl Enhancer: For holding curls and waves for a longer period, use a curl enhancer on the hair.


How To Styling Hair With A Triple Barrel Waver:

Here comes the most important part of this post. After choosing the right tool and preparing the hair, styling is the last part. Well, you can use techniques that suit you. Here I am explaining the general technique that anyone can follow without any difficulty.

  • Sectioning Of Hair: It is advisable to part the hair into different sections. Avoid styling the hair in bulk. It will be a waste of time and energy. First of all, grab half of the hair from the top and secure it to the top with a hair clip. Grab the section of 1 inch and leave the rest. This way, only style the one hair section at a time. While securing the rest with hair clips.
  • Curling: Now with a hot barrel create curls on the I inch section you selected. If you want loose curls, then move away from the roots of the hair. In case you want a vintage look, give curls starting from the roots of the hair.
  • Hold The Waver: While making curls, release the hot barrel from clamp after 4-5 seconds. Avoid holding the barrel for a long time. Otherwise, you will end with fried up hair. Repeat the above-cited process until the last section of hair is having curls.
  • Finishing: In the end, use hair spray or pomade to hold the hairstyle for a longer period.

Final Verdict And Recommendation

So this is the complete guide to using the triple barrel waver and a great tool for making various curly hairstyles. Hopefully, this article proves to be helpful for you.

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