Best U Smooth Flat Iron Hair Straightener of 2020

U Smooth Flat Iron is the top-rated hair-styling tools for both professional and personal needs. With a great outlook, awesome outcome, you get an exceptional hairstyle with minimum efforts! Today we are going to look at U Smooth Flat Iron full reviews

U Smooth hair straightener came into being after serious research. The designers crafted this tool for satisfying professional styling needs. Being professional flat iron does mean girls can’t use it at home. A bringing salon experience at home is the motive behind this tool.

So this whole guide is dedicated to U Smooth and its top products.

What Is U Smooth Flat Iron Brand?

U Smooth gained fame after delivering world-class flat irons into the market. The developers engineered this tool for coming up with every styling issue. In salons, professional stylists have to deal with different hair texture and hairstyles. U smooth hair straightener is a prime tool with supreme features, giving long-lasting styling experience.

Unlike other professional flat irons, U Smooth Flat Iron comes with the bi-metal thermostat. That is the specialty of this brand. Instead of the thermal fuse, it contains bi-metal thermostat for reducing chances of flat iron being burnt up. Another unique feature is ceramic plates covered in titanium, and that is the rare combination to see. Flat iron either has titanium or ceramic plates. But this one has a combo!

Best U Smooth Flat Iron To Buy Right Now


1. U-Smooth Professional Smoothing Iron

Usmooth Professional Styling Iron, Matte Black, 1.5 Inch

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The first U Smooth Flat Iron we have is U Smooth Professional Flat Iron! Without going into details, we can make a guess it is a professional tool!

Regarding design and outlook, it is splendid! Compact and sleek design with ergonomic touch for better grip and usage and the white color scheme is stunning.

This U Smooth Flat Iron has a rare combination of heating plates. Most professional flat irons come with ceramic-titanium heating paddles. But this one has a hybrid of both. The core ingredient is ceramic as heat-producing the element and titanium covered on heating paddles for smoother running through hair. What you get at the end is tangle-free sleek and shinier hair!

For temperature control, it has a bi-metal thermostat and Most of the irons come with a thermal fuse. For maximum life, bi-metal thermostat comes in handy. As soon, U Smooth Flat Iron hits 450 degrees and it shuts down on its own. The good news is that U Smooth Flat Iron temperature features are variable, you can set up from low to High 450 degrees for dealing all hair types.

U smooth Best hair straightener heating plates are 1 1/2 Inch wide with beveled edges. It helps in quick performance and gives styling ease. More importantly, this size is fine for sleek to thick hair textures.

For the safety of users, it has an auto shut off feature. In case you forget to shut it down, don’t worry, it will shut down on its own.


  • Ceramic paddles coated with titanium for quick heating and maximum slip
  • Tangle-free hairstyling
  • Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair
  • Bi-metal thermostat for maximum life
  • Versatile temperature control from low to 450 degrees
  • Beveled edges for more styling freedom
  • Fastest heating and recovery
  • Professional flat iron
  • Ergonomic design and Lightweight


2. U Smooth 1 Inch Professional Styling Iron

U9 Professional 1 Inch 450F Adjustable Temperature Ionic...

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U Smooth Professional Styling Iron is a more advanced version of U Smooth Flat IronJust look at this tool! What a sleek design with a tough black outlook! It is screaming itself that is made for professional styling needs!

Let’s come to functionality! Like the previous version, its heat generator is ceramic paddles. But paddles are coated with titanium. Titanium is a more superior ingredient as the best conductive material in the world. With less power, this combo generates more heat for the flattening of follicles.

Other flat irons blow themselves if they hit 464 degrees because of the thermal fuse. Instead, U Smooth Hair Straightener has a built-in bi-metal thermostat and it ensures when the iron temperature goes up to 464 degrees, it will shut down automatically.

The heating plates are 1 Inch and It’s most useful when you need to make tight curls or flips. Its performance is super rapid with instant recovery.

It comes with a swivel cord that has the capability to revolve in 360 degrees. It is essential for tangle freestyling. You won’t feel any strain or fatigue while using this one.


  • Ergonomic design for the better experience
  • Titanium-coated ceramic heating plates for supreme performance
  • Fastest recovery for saving time
  • Few passes needed for styling
  • Temperature performance 450 degrees
  • Bi-metal thermostat
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Swivel cord

Features And Specification

Sometimes there is no need to read down long reviews. For those who like brief summaries, here is the part needed for U Smooth Flat Iron.

Design And Features:

  • Titanium-coated ceramic plates for smooth and intense heating
  • It glides easily through the hair
  • Few passes needed for straightening of hair
  • Bi-metal thermostat for max life
  • Best Flat Iron For Thick Hair
  • Swivel cord
  • Light Weight and Designed for Professionals

Plate Material:

The heating paddles owned by U Smooth Flat Iron are ceramic ones. But ceramic is coated with titanium, which is best conductive material ever known. It means at the end; we get the fastest heating with a smooth finish.

Plate Width:

Plates have a width between 1 to 1/2 Inch. Because of the prime heating system, it is going to be great for any hair texture.

Heating Speed:

It as a reputation as the fastest iron with instant recovery. Within thirty seconds, it is ready to use. Because of fewer passes, you save a lot of time while styling.

Temperature Settings:

There is the bi-metal thermostat for a better life. The temperature control is digital which can set temperature up to 450 degrees.

Editor Review And Score

For Check U Smooth 1 To 1/2 inch and U Smooth 1 Inch Professional Styling Iron reviews please check product page. One thing is clear about U smooth hair straighteneris that users are very happy with this one.

The majority of people who use U Smooth Flat Iron hair straightener have the thickest and frizziest hair textures. For example, African American hair or coarse, curly type. Because of intense high-temperature settings, dealing with coarse or thick hair type is not a problem. That is the main reason people love U Smooth  Flat Iron and its products.

Final  Recommendation 

U Smooth Flat Iron is a good buy for anyone with thick hair. Any girl who is looking for a durable tool with high performance and lightweight, this tool is an absolute choice. Don’t forget about the bi-metal thermostat and ceramic titanium heating plates. It will save your time to a great extent. So, considering all the features, it is hard to ignore this one.

We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about U Smooth Flat Iron.