Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

3 barrel curling iron is an amazing tool to achieve any curls hair. When model flaunts on the ramp with luscious curly hairstyles. Don’t think that those curls are natural. Most women with straight hair desire to have curly hairstyles. To satisfy such need, women need a triple barrel curling iron.

Well, most women are aware of the Triple Barrel Waver. But three-barrel curling iron is a bit advanced styling tool. Unlike regular curling iron, it has three barrels with clamps. The main motive is saving the styling time. As three barrels can deal with three sections simultaneously. The outcome of using a 3 barrel curling iron is the voluminous curly hairstyle.

People always encounter problems when they decide to buy a triple barrel iron. Already it is a bit different from regular curling irons. The users without prior knowledge will get extremely confused about the purchase. For guiding the users, we have developed a list of 3 barrel Best curling iron in the market. We have discussed large barrel curling iron, triple barrel curling iron, and three-barrel curling iron features and special points in detail. After reading the 3 barrel best curling iron reviews, you will be able to make a better buying decision.

Top Rated Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron To Buy Now


1. Bed Head Makin’ Waves “S” Waver Creates Loose Waves

Bed Head Making Waves Hair Waver | For Vintage to S Loose...

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If you are planning to have incredible waves, then you must check out Bed Head 3 barrel curling iron. This tool assists professionals in creating awesome looking and shinier loose waves.

If you want such precision, Bed Head large barrel curling iron has a clean design and heating system. The barrels are composed of ceramic tourmaline. Ceramic will transfer intense heat and tourmaline will distribute the heat evenly.

Because of the efficient heating system, it heats up very quickly in 30 seconds. It also recovers instantly. Multiple heat settings make it a more reliable and convenient tool. You can choose heat setting suits to your hair texture.

Bed Head BH330 3 barrel waver curling iron Tourmaline Ceramic three-barrel Waver has a barrel locking system to keep the tool safe. Professionals can move easily while using the tool with a tangle-free swivel cord.


  • Stylish curling iron
  • Ceramic tourmaline barrels
  • Perfect for creating shiny waves
  • Frizz-free hair
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Instant recovery
  • Rheostat dial for multiple heat settings
  • Barrel locking system for safety
  • Swivel cord


2. Prettyqueen 3 Barrel Waver Iron Fast Heating

Curling Iron 3 Barrel 1 Inch Waver Iron Wand Fast Heating...

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Here we have popular 3 barrel curling iron in the shape of PrettyQueen iron. It is known for its low power consumption capability. You get the triple styling option with low power consumption. It saves a lot of time plus power for you. For ensuring this, it has a specialized PTC Heater.

PrettyQueen iron is a versatile tool with adjustable temperature control. You can set up the temperature to 430 degrees. Within 60 seconds, it will be heated up to a maximum.

Pretty queen triple barrel curling iron Fast Heating Long Hair Curler LCD Hair Styler Professional Ceramic big barrel curling iron covering and body is made up of Teflon. Don’t forget; Teflon is resistant to Acid and Alkali.

The handle is an insulator in nature. Your hand will not face any heat damage. It will be your travel companion as it supports dual voltage.


  • Three Barrel best curling irons that won’t damage hair
  • PTC Heater for low consumption
  • Saves time and power
  • Adjustable temperature up to 430 degrees
  • Teflon body
  • Insulated handle
  • Dual voltage
  • Swivel cord



3. Revlon Pro Collection Deep Waver Curling Iron

Revlon Tourmaline + Ceramic Hair Waver Iron | For Long...

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Revlon 3 barrel curling iron is an awesome tool for creating unique and defined waves. For achieving deep and definite curls, it has 3/4 inch deep groove barrels.

Ceramic tourmaline technology delivers the best heating experience for making waves. Ceramic is a very popular material that provides deep heating. Tourmaline makes sure that the surface is smooth for even distribution of heat. Tourmaline also acts as a source of ionic technology. Negative ions repel water molecules and lock the natural luster of the hair.

If you own stubborn hair texture, you should use Revlon RVIR3030 Pro Collection Deep Waver Large Barrel Curling Iron. It has a high temperature of 430 degrees.

There is a locking switch to keep the barrels safe.


  • Designed for creating definite waves
  • 3/4 inch barrels
  • One of the best large barrel curling iron 
  • Lightweight Curling Iron
  • Ceramic tourmaline barrels
  • Intense heating
  • Ionic technology for frizz-free hair
  • Temperature up to 430 degrees
  • Swivel cord


4. Conair You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler

Conair MiiniPRO Deep Wave Ceramic Styler

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Conair curling iron is a renowned brand for bringing top quality products to the users. Here we have Conair 3 barrel curling iron which is a unique curling iron.

This tool has ceramic barrels. Ceramic proves to be the best heating element. Most manufacturers use ceramic in their products. Because of the unique design and ceramic barrels, you can have long-lasting waves within no time.

Conair You Wave Ultra Triple Barrel Iron infused with tourmaline. You must have a brief idea about tourmaline. Tourmaline brings static-free and shinier hair after curling.

Conair triple barrel curling iron is a super-efficient device and can heat up to 356 degrees within 30 seconds.


  • 3 Barrels waver
  • Unique Hairstyler
  • Ceramic barrels for deep heating
  • Tourmaline technology for frizzy hair
  • Smooth surface
  • Instant heating in 30 seconds up to 356 degrees
  • LED indicator
  • Swivel cord


5. Sixriver Five Gears Thermal

Curling Iron Three Barrel Hair Waver Wand Ceramic Hair...

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Last we have on the list is Six River 3 barrel curling iron. Six river curling iron is famous for its jumbo triple barrels.

Softer and shinier curls are the only motive of this curling iron. It has ceramic barrels infused with tourmaline. It gives you the guarantee that you will end with frizz-free hair due to tourmaline.

For providing different heat settings, Six river 19mm Five Gears Thermal Control Screen Display Perfect Heat Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver Iron Long Hair Curler Fast Big barrel curling iron has adjustable temperature settings. You can choose the temperature from 13 heat settings of range 80 – 210 degrees.

You can use this triple barrel curling iron all around the globe because of universal voltage.


  • Perfect for long-lasting waves
  • Ceramic barrels
  • Tourmaline for frizz-free hair
  • Smooth surface
  • Adjustable temperature controls with 13 heat settings
  • Temperature range 80 – 210 degrees
  • Three jumbo barrels
  • Universal voltage
  • Swivel cord


Which Curling Iron should I get?

Following are the features that make any curling iron best one:

  • Heat Settings: Always pick 3 barrel curling iron with multiple heat settings. As various textures demand different temperatures.
  • Types Of Curling Irons: Several types of curling iron are available in the market. The most cost-friendly and effective type is ceramic curling iron. Ceramic emits intense heat. You may choose a metallic iron with titanium or gold plated barrels.
  • Safety Features: You must pick iron with a handful of safety features. For example, auto shut off feature and insulated handles.
  • Barrel Material: Ceramic and Titanium are the best materials for heaters. Ceramic with tourmaline is a top combination for frizz-free hair.
  • Weight: Never choose an iron which is difficult to hold for a longer time.
  • Considering Cost: Obviously, don’t compromise with your budget. Choose cost-friendly iron as per your requirements.
  • Warranty: Product Warranty gives surety that in the case of an accident you can have a new product.

Read this, if you want more information about How To Use A Triple Barrel Waver?

What Should Size Curling Iron I get?

Curly Iron Size and Tips Curling Iron
Super-tight, Small Curls ¼ Inch ¼ Inch Curling Iron
Bouncy, Tight, Well-defined Curls ½ Inch 5/8 Inch Curling Iron
Casual Curls, Well-Defined Waves 1 Inch 1 Inch Curling Iron
Medium, Looser Curls 1 ¼ Inch 1 ¼ Inch Curling Iron
Looser Curls With Loads Of Body 1 ½ Inch 1 ½ Inch Curling Iron
2 Inch Lose, Barely-There Waves That Give Hair a Subtle Lift 1 ¾ Inch Curling Iron

Final Recommendation

In the above list, Revlon Pro Collection Deep Waver and Bed Head Waves Tourmaline Ceramic 3 barrel curling iron is the best recommendations For You. Both products stand out from the crowd due to the unique design and multiple heat settings. Due to the wide temperature range, any hair texture can be mold into the desired hairstyle.

The rest of the decision is up to you!

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