How to Clean Your Flat Iron Step By Step Beginners Guide

How to Clean Your Flat Iron

How to Clean Your Flat Iron Step By Step Beginners Guide

How to Clean Your Flat Iron is the most frequent question related to flat iron. Every girl at some point has complained about her hair. Whether it is the time when you try to stick your straight, sleek hair with pins or bouncy curly hair. Girls can’t deny asking for a hair type that is their natural type. Girls can’t help trying out new hairstyles adopted by top models. After all, hair is the way to flaunt your personality.

Like so many other girls’ problems, How to Clean a Flat Iron is the most common problem girls face. Because barely they learn about straightening their hair using a flat iron. But unfortunately, girls are unaware of how to clean flat irons.

Luckily, you have landed on the perfect spot if you are looking for a guide on How To Clean Your Flat Iron. So without any further delay, let’s get to know more about cleaning flat irons to make them more durable.

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Why Do I Need To Clean My Flat Iron?

The first thing in the guide on How To Clean Your Flat Iron is why you need to clean your flat iron. Cleaning the flat iron is extremely important for your flat iron. It is necessary to keep your flat iron functioning for a long time. At least the life of the machine.

When you use a flat iron for several times, you notice a residue build up on the plates. While straightening your hair, you use oils and other hair products. As a result, after sometimes, the gooey layer of residue builds up on the plates.

This residue is not good for your hair, and it will affect the efficiency of the flat iron. In the end, you will have improper straighten hair with frizz and dirt. Now you need to know How to Clean a Hair Straightener, as it is a lifesaver for your flat iron.

When Do I Clean My Flat Iron?

Before going to the topic How to Clean Your Flat Iron, first get to know when you need to clean your flat iron. It is always recommended to clean your flat iron after every use. So for next time, you will have a super, clean flat iron for efficient performance.

If you have titanium flat iron, then it is highly advised to clean plates after every use. Because titanium plates have the capacity to make dirt sticks to them.

In the case of other flat irons, clean your flat iron weekly, as you used them once in a week. Otherwise, you will notice plates are not warming up quickly; it ’s time to clean them up. Another thing, if heating you smell the funny odor, that’s because of dirt on the plates.

So in these situations, you need to clean your flat iron.

Before We Go Any Further, Let’s See What We’ll Need:

Before bringing back your flat iron to its former glory, Let’s check what things we need to clean your flat iron:

  • Soft cloth
  • Water
  • Rubbing Alcohol


Step By Step Beginner’s Guide: How To Clean Your Flat Iron?

How To Clean Your Flat Iron

Now coming to the main thing, How To Clean Your Flat IronHere are the necessary steps needed to clean a flat iron.

  1. Begin the process by heating flat iron for a while.
  2. Now unplug the flat iron.
  3. Moisten your soft cloth with water. But make it wet instead of dripping.
  4. While the flat iron is warm, rub the moistened cloth over the plates. The heat will reduce instantly due to wet cloth. So make it fast, keeping your hands safe.
  5. You can use a good iron cleaner spray on surfaces.
  6. Wipe the surfaces with a clean, soft cloth.
  7. In case, you don’t have a spray cleaner. Use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.
  8. With that soft cloth, clean the surfaces of the flat iron.
  9. You can repeat the process as per the amount of dirt on the plates.
  10. Let the flat iron complete dry before you want to use it.


Alternative Method For Clean Your Flat Iron

Use a Hot Tools for Clean your Flat Iron

How to use of hot tool cleaner

How to use of hot tool cleaner?

  • Use towel or cotton to clean plates before spraying a well hot tool cleaner on your hair straightener plates.
  • Take high care that you swiped properly throughout plates even on edges.
  • With the help of a blow dryer or a dried soft towel dry your flat iron or straightener.
  • Note: To maintain effectiveness or increase the life of your hair straightener or flat iron, clean your flat iron or straightener regularly twice a week, especially if you are using it on a daily basis.


Things To Avoid:

Several cautions should be facing while cleaning the flat iron. Things should be Avoid tips and tricks keep you and your flat iron safe. So have a look at them:

  • Don’t use any hard tool or material while cleaning the flat iron. Otherwise, plates will be ruined due to scratches.
  • Avoid using a flat iron after cleaning. Let them dry completely.
  • While cleaning the flat iron, make it sure it is unplugged.
  • Avoid letting too much residue build up on the plates. Otherwise, after cleaning you will leave a scar on the plates. Too much residue is going to ruin the effectiveness of a flat iron.

Additional Tips and Advice:

  • Use a cleaning product which is suitable for plate material.
  • For daily maintenance, remove the residue with the help of the wet cloth.
  • Never submerge your flat iron in water; otherwise, your flat iron will be damaged permanently.


How To Clean Your Flat Iron ( Step By Step Video )

Our Final Verdict and Recommendation:

 The final verdict on the guide How To Clean Your Flat Iron, is that cleaning a flat iron is a basic necessity for its life. Keeping your flat iron clean ensures efficient working for a long-lasting period. We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about How To Clean Your Flat Iron.

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