Best Proliss Flat Iron Reviews and Guide 2020

The Best Proliss Flat Iron For The Serious Hairstylist

Proliss Flat Iron Reviews
Proliss Flat Iron Reviews

Proliss Flat Iron Reviews, explain why Proliss is popular for the best hair straightening iron brand in the Market. The Flat Iron is a new trend in the life of a girl. The girl always loves to live in full of fun activities, color, and dynamics. Admit it; girls don’t like boring stuff or static things. Without fun, there is no life.

Why girls use a flat iron? For making new hairdos! And why is that so? Because we want to change our lifestyle! Then what’s wrong bringing fun change to the tool we are using?

Please proceed to the topic Proliss Best Flat Iron Reviews to know what we are discussing here.

What is the Proliss Flat Iron Brand?

The hair straightening iron industry has evolved dramatically in the past decade. There was a time when flat iron would be just to straighten the hair. But now time has changed! Flat Iron is one button salon at home. There are plenty of companies that are coming up with hair irons every single day. But what to use? Which is best? The flat iron is a little confusing product that has no idea how to buy a flat iron!

But luckily we got a premium brand that is offering the world best hair iron for style maniacs. We are talking about Proliss brand here. This brand is popular for presenting fun products which are opposite to traditional products at one end while coming up with new technology too. In one sentence, Proliss is a stylish, funky, innovative and efficient brand!

Proliss Flat Iron Reviews show that this brand is coming up with the hottest products and flat irons to make people happy. The straightening or styling process should be interesting and full of enthusiasm. It should not be boring. So why not start with a product which is alone enough to inspire you! Full of colors and amazing design.

So for what we are waiting for! Let’s check what secrets this brand is hiding!

The Best Proliss Flat Iron On The Market Today

1: – Proliss 1 1/4″ Ceramic Ionic Professional Straightener- Infusion Collection

Proliss 1 1/4" Ceramic Ionic Professional Straightener-...
  • 100% solid ceramic plates, 1-1/4" floating plates
  • 720% more negative ions for silky, shiny hair
  • On/Off switch, LED indicator, 110-240v
  • PTC heater for safer operation, Adjustable temperature, 140-450 F
  • 8" swivel cord

Proliss Ionic Ceramic Professional Straightener Infusion Collection is the best hairstylist tool in the Market. Yes, this is right, and you will know after reading Proliss Flat Iron Reviews. Seriously print on the flat iron, no one has ever thought about it. And we are not talking about straight or flat print; it is a hot pink zebra print. People are already mad about its sleeker design, and you have no idea how they reacted upon pink zebra print! Girls just absolutely love that.

Proliss works as great as it looks. The flat iron fully made with the latest technology. Plates are 100% solid ceramic and no doubt about its instant even heating.

The heating plates are 1 to  ¼ inch, so you can use it on any length of hair with any type. You got thick or fine strands of hair when you own Proliss; you don’t have to worry about the flattening of hair.

Let’s talk about a little more advanced thing. Do you have any idea about Ionic technology? Ionic technology means flat iron release a beam of negative ions towards the hair. Ionic technology eliminates frizz and locks the natural moisture on the hair to make them shinier. Can you believe, Proliss iron has 720% stronger ionic technology than any other flat iron in the market! That number can’t ignore!

The temperature is adjustable with a range of 140 – 450F with PTC heater for safe use. It got 8 feet long professional 360 degrees swivel cord for better user experience.

Proliss Ionic ceramic hair straightener features:

  • 100% solid ceramic heating plate for instant heating
  • 1 ¼ inch floating heating plates
  • 720% stronger ionic technology
  • LED indicator On/Off Switch
  • Adjustable temperature control between 140 – 450 F
  • 8 feet long swivel cord



2:- Proliss Infusion Pink Leopard Ceramic Styler 1.25 Inch 100% Solid Ceramic

Proliss Infusion Limited Edition Hair Straightening Irons,...
  • 100% Solid Ceramic Plates
  • 700% More Negative Ions
  • Far Infrared Technology

Zebra pink print! Now think about the pink leopard print! We have surety that you must compel to at least try these amazing products by Proliss. Proliss Infusion Pink Leopard Ceramic Styler 1.25 Inch with 100% Solid Ceramic is cutting edge flat iron with innovative style and design. Like other Proliss models, this version is also sleeker and compact in design. Leopard print gives a whole new level to its design and look.

Performance is the real thing in this part of Proliss Flat Iron Reviews. The heating plates are 100% ceramic; the best part is the multiple layers of ceramic which baked onto each layer. This feature gives the instant heating boost to the plates. Within a few moments, the flat iron fully heats up to make you more elegant and attractive.

Proliss leopard flat iron offers the lowest and highest temperature range. Temperature is adjustable between 140 – 450 degrees. You got fine hair, heat up to 140 or curly thick hair set it up to 450 degrees. So it is effective for all hair types. Floating plates are the charm of this flat iron. Now no need to pull or tug your hair. Floating plates give more access and glide easily through the hair.

For quicker flips, 8 feet long swivel cord is awesome.

Proliss Infusion Flat Iron features:

  • 100% Solid ceramic plates with advanced technology
  • Instant heating up
  • 1.25 inch floating plates
  • Adjustable temperature between 140 – 450 degrees
  • 8 feet long swivel cord
  • Far Infrared wave with 625% negative ions

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3: – Proliss Infusion Peacock Ceramic Styler 1.12 Inch 100% Solid Ceramic

Proliss Infusion Peacock Ceramic Styler 1.12 Inch 100% Solid...
  • proliss
  • infusion
  • proliss infusion
  • ceramic styler
  • ceramic straightener

You loved zebra print and leopard print, think about anything more interesting than these prints! What about a peacock! The most beautiful creature on the planet. Proliss Flat Iron Reviews show that Proliss made great leaps with Proliss Peacock Styler! What amazing design of the peacock print.

As great as its exterior looks, the same way its functionality works. Proliss Infusion Peacock Ceramic Styler 1.12 Inch with 100% Solid Best Ceramic flat iron is great for girls who are looking for more fun and funky products. The heating plates like other models made of 100% solid ceramic technology with extreme advancement. This ceramic structure is responsible for smooth and even heating on the hair.

The temperature is adjustable with the On/Off switch and LED indicator. You can choose from the lower range to the highest temperature range. The range starts from 140 – 450 degrees.

The plates are 1.25 inch which is of medium range. With versatile temperature range and this plate width, it works great for all-natural hair types. For the safety of the flat iron, it comes with a silk pouch.

You must be aware of negative ion technology now. Proliss peacock flat iron release beam of negative ions 625% stronger than other hair straighteners in the market. This way you get frizz-free hairdo with natural shine and luster.

Proliss Infusion Peacock Ceramic Styler:

  • 100% solid ceramic plates for faster and smoother heating
  • 1.12-inch floating plates
  • Unique and funky design
  • Adjustable temperature between 140 – 450 degrees
  • Far Infrared wave and 625% negative ions

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Features And Specification :

From Proliss Best Hair straighteners review we have gathered this summary. In this way, you have all the information in one spot.


Following are the most common and important features of Proliss flat iron range.

  1. Proliss Flat Iron Heating plates made of 100% solid ceramic. Due to cutting edge technology, layers of ceramic have been placed on one another. In the end, the finish is smooth. These ceramic plates are responsible for the smoother experience of straightening hair.
  2. The temperature control is variable. You can set from the lowest to the highest temperature range. The average temperature range is 140 – 450 degrees and makes it perfect for all hair types.
  3. The swivel cord is essential for the quicker experience of straightening. Because when swivel cord rotates in 360 degrees, you get to make flips and curls easily.
  4. Ionic technology is at the top of the game. 720% stronger! That number is significant. This technology ensures there will be no bit of frizz in your hair and seals every bit of the water on the hair to make hair shinier.

Plate Width:

Plate width is between 1 1/4 and 1.25 inches. So it works great for almost all hair types with all lengths.

Heating Speed:

Proliss Ceramic Flat Iron With advanced heating technology gives you instant heating performance.

Why Proliss One Of the Best Flat Iron Brand?

Well, Proliss Flat Iron Reviews are enough to justify why Proliss is a leading brand when it comes to ceramic-based flat irons. The most interesting fact about the Proliss is its coolest design. No other product has such great and fun looks. People especially young girls easily compelled by its design. Not only its design, but the ceramic plates also works efficiently. Unlike other flat irons, ceramic plates are the latest in design. As multiple layers have been baked on one another.

Adjustable temperature control makes it primal in the market. You get to choose between 140 – 450 degrees. Whether you got fine strands or stubborn curls, Proliss is at your service.

Nonetheless, Swivel cord is an awesome addition.

Final Recommendation:

After reading Proliss Flat Iron Reviews in detail, you totally agree upon its coolest range of products. To be honest, these are the hottest flat irons on the market. Regarding functionality, it is not behind. From entry to pro-level, this brand serves all. When are you going to get one for you? We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of Proliss Flat Iron Reviews.

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